The World Requires a New Human Education

Indeed, today more than ever we have existential motives for a new human education, for new ideals, and completely renewed human values. Humanity and all systems have lost 2500 years of precious human values.

The civilization in the industrialized nations has reached a very high level of technological development. But the collective inner human development is massively lagging behind. Today we have a highly deformed humanity.

A society that does not care for extensive self-education and wide valuable knowledge, leads to collective degeneration, to a delusional and infantile human species, to a poor mind void of all inner potentials.

Poor public and private education make people dependent and facilitate systematic horrible brainwashing. There is never a democracy without highly built-up humans in all fields of inner (mental) development.

An estimated 80-90% of the world population handle all life issues with magic thinking. Apart of that most people do not know that they must become responsible for their inner development, being and growing.

The world population does not know that people have 22 mental functions that need to be nurtured from pre and postnatal, the early childhood, and during the entire life. Humanity has not evolved much since 7,000 years.

The governmental control of all kinds of public education, academic education, psychological education, business education, humanities, tourism, thinking, leadership, etc., suffocate worldwide human evolution.

We assume that the entire world population has no idea why and what they are on this planet for. Therefore, the masses run, driven by fear, for many beliefs that are all nothing but a scam and a nest of lies and deceit.

We must ask if rulers and state presidents are basically only interested in a folk that is poorly educated. Rulers dictate via mass media what people are allowed to know and must believe. Mass media create thoughtlessness.

With 80-90% of a world population, highly infantilized, highly delusional, highly mentally stunted, and highly naïve, governance has all in their iron grip, using all possible constructions of lies. Religion creates delusion.

The Covid-narrative is a scam, proven and documented by many thousand experts. Now, we can understand why most people have fallen in this trap: It is the total lack of holistic education! Governance creates stupidity.

A state with all-encompassing holistic education, for all, creates the collective protection from tyranny, from political lies, cheat, abuse, subjugation, seduction, delusion, and the old-fashioned authoritarian governance.

It must be said that the world population is a thoroughly malformed species. People lie, cheat, are lazy, steal, are submissive, big-headed, ignorant, arrogant, false, greedy, and reject being responsible for their inner life.

Tell your friend: “You need self-knowledge”. Tell your dad: “You need to explore yourself”. “Tell your mum: “You are stupid; you never learned anything”. Tell your friends: “You need to look into your own mirror”.

Tell your friend: “You need to read valuable books.” Tell your sister, brother, or grandfather: “You did not learn anything in your life”. Tell your friend: “You need to find and develop your inner Self”. What happens now?

I assume you will get into trouble if you tell your friends or acquaintances that they should explore their inner life, their biography for a catharsis, meditate every day for ten minutes or more, learn to understand dreams, etc.

Above all, people do not care about contamination, the damaged eco-systems, the danger of big wars at the gate, collective peace, understanding between nations, etc. Most people simply blindly follow their rulers.

There are people on Europe that throw their rubbish out of their car while driving; and nobody cares. Other people are poisoned by corruption, and ignore their constitution, and all put their head into the sand.

With billions of people on earth, we must ask: What are 80% of the people good for that destroy all valuable resources? What for do we need an increase of technology that has destroyed soul and mind of the people?

These are the foundations of life that make a democracy:

1) Systematic and extensive self-discovering and self-knowledge
2) Differentiated self-consciousness (self-image), including inner life
3) Clear, complex, differentiated consciousness about human beings and the world
4) Consciousness about the transcendental reality through inner growth
5) Experiencing existence in the complexity of all inner and external areas of life
6) Strong, dynamic and positive self-experience, and build-up a genuine Self
7) Free from defence and projection, at the same time a flexible delimitation
8) Open, dynamic integration of all life realities with all interconnections
9) Strong, consciously formed and integrated willpower for human aims
10) Distinct self-control in the complex psychical and external world
11) A completely liberated, elaborated, clarified unconscious inner life
12) Differentiated perception of one’s own realities and that of others
13) Creative, constructive thinking with clear language, in a space and time
14) Permanent openness for learning, changing and extension
15) Clearly identified basic, psychological and spiritual needs
16) Manifold balances, used and controllable emotional life
17) Sustainable and operational ability to love in all fields of life
18) Flexible and vital psycho-dynamic, free from cramped opposites
19) Communication with the Spirit through dream interpretation and meditation
20) Daily acting in contemplated interconnection with the psychical organism
21) Development of the psychical organism connected with the Spirit and with love
22) Living, growing in the direction of the highest archetype: circle-cross-mandala
23) Inner buildup of new values, efficient for life and the global state
24) Development of abilities to think and perceive critically
25) Ability to create vanguard visions for a new human society

The most important task politicians should implement today is to promote and support a holistic human education with new personality ideals and skills that integrate love and Spirit through Individuation.

Every single person must be educated, trained, and formed to constructively master life. This is the ultimate way to resolve all global problems. The start to resolving them begins prenatal with the 22 mental functions.

Mandatory elementary school: Great developments have not happened despite ongoing educational research over the past 30 years. However, curriculums do not prepare pupils for their future life in the modern society.

The learning fields are all completely lacking or extremely insufficient: such as health, life risks, internet and scams, self-management, strategies of problem solving, handling one’s own feelings, communication, media.

Globally, a total education failure! What do politicians in the field of education even understand about human beings? Nothing. They offer subjugation, heating up fear, hysteria, lies, and stand for perfidious exploitation.

Will the human species even wake up one day? Will humanity ever explore worldwide their inner potentials given by genes, pre and postnatal resources to be nurtured for inner fulfilment, for collective peace on earth?

Since centuries many millions of people, experts, pioneers, researcher, artists, wise people, and countless common people were fighting against the capitalist greed at all costs, for appropriate education, but in vain.

How many times do I have to repeat that the billions of people are creating their own Armageddon?

You decide! And 8 billion people will have to decide and take actions. 200 and many more Head of States must decide if they want to give up this planet and their beloved for archetypal human development.

Dr Eduard Schellhammer, Swiss