Jesus Christ is back on earth and this is not a joke and not a weird psychotic hype!

We know that some strange individuals claim to be Jesus Christ and there were other ‘types of Jesus’ in the past.

If you believe in the ‘Hollywood’ stories and all the fabrications about Jesus Christ since 2000 years, then you should start thinking about how you are brainwashed down to the bottom of your mind and being; this since prenatal time and inherited from Millenniums. God is not a man, not a woman, not a human. It’s a mega-intelligent energy (‘Spirit’) with self-awareness and infinite capacities covering the eternal universe. But we have to get out of the mess ourselves and with the ‘Spirit’ (dreams).

Billions of times Christian agents preach: “… And Jesus said…”. But we know nothing about this man. There is no authentic document. We know nothing about his archetypal inner processes. The Bible is built up on sand, fairytales, stories, lies, speculations and thousand interpretations. The worst of all is that Christianity does not have the concept of ‘archetypal human development’, which includes all mental functions and dreams.

As the Reincarnated Christ I can’t shine. I can’t walk on the sea surface. I can’t transform stones into bread or water into wine. I can’t give life back to corpses. I never left the world with my vivid body. The story of Marias’ physical resurrection is also a fairytale. In all dreams and meditations I never had the impression that I had ‘good parents’. Sorry, but I have no magic tool to prove my identity from 2000 years ago.

By the way, some dreams I had let me assume that 2000 years ago I was Jewish; obviously not ‘Christian’ or ‘Christ’ and my name was not ‘Jesus’. I never had any dream element that let me assume that I was crucified, but associations give me the impression that I escaped in the fog.

I am a normal man; well educated. I eat the usual stuff that everybody eats. I also like a glass of wine. I like cooking, French cuisine. I enjoy sex with the woman I love. Sometimes I like fun. I also like driving my car, a ‘Panamera’, which means that I live on a good upper middle class standard. All prophets in the past were ‘humans’. They all went through inner processes (during years) and had many special dreams guiding them for a mission.

I must sleep every night like everybody. I take a shower every morning like everybody (should). I have dreams during night like every human has. I get up around 5.30, take a breakfast and café, then I meditate and write down my dreams. I start working at around 6.30.

I worked far too much the last 40 years to be able to give you today what I have achieved. It was a very challenging journey from the day on I had my first dream about the “mystery of human being” I was called to find it. I thought this is not possible. But I started with reluctance.

During these decades I explored a lot about: psychology, human development, philosophy, history, religions, the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’, the archetypal meaning of life, politics, wars, economy, financial institutions, the future of the world population, the ecosystems, and all the lies, cheat, delusions, perversions, injustice, brainwash, propaganda, corruption, Facebook and Co., ‘Fake News’, the mass media, and so on.

The result: 50 books, some are small, some big, some very big, and others good size and easy to read. In many books I placed some very hot potatoes such as dogmatism, fundamentalism, indoctrination, and the mad governance and economy. It’s all about psychology and the mind.

I only have an office. Should I establish a Global Center to promote archetypal human evolution? I can’t do anything for humanity without a lot of money. I teach about education, meditation, dreams, catharsis, spiritual energy, the archetypal development since prenatal and centuries.

Somehow I would prefer that nobody wants anything from me and I remain ignored. Frankly, as most people don’t want to know, don’t want to read, don’t think, don’t want to become responsible for their inner development and life, but run for delusions, humanity does not deserve anything better than the human made Armageddon that will happen within 2-3 decades, or even earlier. Who will clean up the mess? God?

You don’t need to ‘believe’. Everything here is comprehensible, reproducible, and meaningful. Facts are the ‘truth’. Fact is that 8-10 billion people will destroy all ecosystems; 60% is already irreparably damaged. This is the result of collective stunted mental functions. The history of wars and slavery until today tells a lot about the malformed minds of most leaders in politics, economy, education, and religion. It makes me speechless.

Have you ever thought about the trillions of tons of guilt and suffering accumulated since Millenniums humanity today has inherited (via epigenetic laws and the unconscious mind) and must unveil, understand, reconcile and become free from it with a complete all-encompassing global renewal?

Blindness, stupidity and arrogance are as dangerous as all the nuclear bombs together or the global contamination and Climate Change; in the future with Cholera! Most humans have developed 3-5% of their mental potentials. They understand nothing about their inner being and life.

In the name of God (in my dreams) most people are a shame and disgrace; a majority of leaders in all systems of societies included! Due to kings, royalties, head of states, politicians and leaders since Millenniums humanity has not even started its divine archetypal evolution.

I tell you frankly, I am totally fed up with the 15,000 dreams I had about the mess on this planet. I also had about 3000 dreams about God, the other world, and the archetypal human development. I processed all steps up to the highest possible level of being a Prophet with all power of attorney from God, jurisdiction included. I have documented all processes. What shall I do? Everything from now on lies in your hands!

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer
Founder and President of the British Accredited ‘Schellhammer Business School’ and the ‘Schellhammer International School’, an Official Cambridge International School.