Dr Eduard Schellhammer

As a young Swiss Student, 1972, inspired from the ‘Club of Rome’ about the future, since then the Swiss Institute is fully dedicated to humanity’s future. Today, after 48 years of research, study, and explorations about politics, economy, education, psychology, religions, and the potentials of human’s inner development, the crucial point of no return is collectively given: A complete reconstruction of humanity or the human made Armageddon will bring darkness and eliminate 60% up to 80% of humanity.

The Swiss Schellhammer Institute Dedicated to Archetypal
Human Development for a Free Humanity!

After 2000 years, this is the New Modern Seat of the Holy Grail.
The Highest Authority for the entire Humanity.

As the sole holder of the Holy Grail for 2000 years,
endowed with the highest divine powers, I call on you
the political, economic, academic, and media world:

Cancel the fabricated, lying, never objectively justified measures
such as Lockdown, Pandemics, muzzle, 2m distance, the social
restrictions, and all other nonsensical measures associated with it.
Forced vaccination in the current Corona-19 case is a serious crime.
Governance must find back their genuine duties for the people.

If you do not do this, you, and your fellow people,
I will banish your soul into a dark hole for 100,000 years.
Talk to me before it is too late for thousands of years!
We must build up a new world for inner fulfilment!

Each human today must decide about his future.
There are global threats that are far more life threatening than the Corona Virus Scam.

“Die in Darkness and Shame”
Or get involved in creating a new world for inner fulfilment!

SI brings more blessing than all Religions combined in the last 10,000 Years.

For decades, our Swiss Institute works for peace, justice, truth, human values, and fulfilment.
Since then, humanity has completely ignored the fact that every human has a journey to live and develop.
Demonstrations, protests, violence, radicalism, lies, and brainwashing can never solve anything.
There is a high price to pay from each human during 20-30 years to get a ‘Free Humanity’.

The history of humanity for 5,000-10,000 years shows us endless tragic human meanders.
Since then and up to today, the entire world population has been and is mentally malformed.
A history of unimaginable suffering, misery, atrocities, subjugations, slavery, and perversions.
It was always and is still today the government that creates authoritarianism and pure insanity.
People are destroying the ecosystems we depend on. A bleak future is to be expected for millenniums.
All systems of governance, education, economy, technology, religion, and spirituality failed.

Now, Governance has been blackmailed by an “invisible hand”: “Subordinate yourself, rule with a
magic virus, decompose and enslave all human potentials, or we will immediately trigger World War III.”
The “game” is easy to win as since ever most people have lowest mental capacity void of inner values.

We offer the world the archetypal path for a free and fulfilled humanity.
Choose the menu that addresses your interests and needs for a new world.
The power is questioning, critical thinking, self-knowledge, catharsis, nurturing.
Changes require life-long learning, inner development, and a new mind-setting.

During the last 40 years, millions of people around the world have been informed about the greatest Prophet of all times.
They didn’t want the greatest Prophet ever. A new era with worldwide suffering starts today.

A New Way of Thinking. A New Way of Living.

You are either curious or like most intelligent people you feel confused, astonished, depressed, frustrated and even angry at a world that has gone mad and is hell bent on self-destruction. Either way, welcome to the Schellhammer Institute website.

I have devoted 40 years of my life to discovering the true meaning of being human, culminating in the creation of this Institute dedicated to a lifelong journey of education for the renewal and development not just of you but humanity as a whole.

You are not alone in seeing a bleak future for yourself, your family, your friends and neighbours, your city, your country, as all around you a multitude of disasters will converge over the next decade – climate change, economic upheaval, acutely contaminated air, pollution, food and water shortages, conflicts, wars depleted resources, vast migration, dogmatic and ineffectual political and religious leaders – delivering a man-made Armageddon.

None of this is surprising if we consider that for the last 2000 years the very concept of what defines as humans – our soul – has been exploited, twisted, distorted and abused so much so that our evolutionary development has been at best stunted and at worst stopped.

There is however hope and for some the shining light of renewal of cleansing the soul, simplifying and re balancing their life. The first step is here with the range of courses, seminars, retreat weeks, and series of books. You have questions, you want the right answers. Here you get genuine answers.

Schellhammer Institute Brings You Hope, Peace & Justice


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