Archetypal Evolution
Schellhammer Institute offers to individuals the archetypal (genuine) path of personal and collective human evolution, which could never be established during the history of humanity.

Thorough Insight
Schellhammer Institute provides a thorough insight into the critical state and development of humanity, the world and the planet with all fundamental parameters in a perspective of 50 years.

Advanced Concepts
Schellhammer Institute offers unrivaled advanced concepts and strategies for global changes and renewal that are indispensable in social, political, economic, religious and educational institutions.

Future Perspectives
Schellhammer Institute offers solutions for a social, spiritual, political and economic world that has lost reliable leaders for the people, for sustainable structures and an evolutionary future.

People have learnt nothing from history: from all the wars and dictators up to today, from all the mad politics and exploitative economy, from all the suffering, the propaganda and brainwashing everywhere. Who benefits? History teaches: Everything will repeat itself until people learn and change.

Humanity is terribly brainwashed, malformed, mentally stunted, misled and lost in a dark labyrinth of lies, cheat, fabrications, psychosis, and hubris without exit. Who benefits? Contamination is rapidly getting worse and destroying everything needed for human life. Who benefits? Who is responsible for all the wars and genocides? Who benefits? Who are the culprits of the irreversible destruction of all ecosystems and natural resources? Who benefits?

The Archetypal Human Development is the Solution!

Holistic and permanent all-embracing psychical-spiritual (mental) development (of all mental functions) aiming for a proper life management, for inner satisfaction and fulfillment must become core value of human life for the entire world population.

There is an eternal valid genuine meaning of life
People can live a relationship man-woman for fulfillment
Genuine human evolution is founded on Archetypes
Soul and mind consist in a complex energetic organism
Humans can get free from their biographical burden
The right way of meditation and contemplation is easy
Education must be founded on a new concept of man
The body is congruent with an eternal energetic body

There are human values that everybody should live
Spiritual intelligence is the highest authority on earth
Being a human is an all-embracing mental process
Dreams are messages we can learn to understand
Genuine ways of living give satisfaction and happiness
Humans can manage their psychical-spiritual growth
Love is evolutionary and much more than emotion
The archetypal path must be established on earth

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