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A New Way of Thinking. A New Way of Living.

You are either curious or like most intelligent people you feel confused, astonished, depressed, frustrated and even angry at a world that has gone mad and is hell bent on self-destruction. Either way, welcome to the Schellhammer Institute website.

I have devoted 40 years of my life to discovering the true meaning of being human, culminating in the creation of this Institute dedicated to a lifelong journey of education for the renewal and development not just of you but humanity as a whole.

You are not alone in seeing a bleak future for yourself, your family, your friends and neighbours, your city, your country, as all around you a multitude of disasters will converge over the next decade – climate change, economic upheaval, acutely contaminated air, pollution, food and water shortages, conflicts, wars depleted resources, vast migration, dogmatic and ineffectual political and religious leaders – delivering a man-made Armageddon.

None of this is surprising if we consider that for the last 2000 years the very concept of what defines as humans – our soul – has been exploited, twisted, distorted and abused so much so that our evolutionary development has been at best stunted and at worst stopped.

There is however hope and for some the shining light of renewal of cleansing the soul, simplifying and re balancing their life. The first step is here with the range of courses, seminars, retreat weeks, and series of books. You have questions, you want the right answers. Here you get genuine answers.

Schellhammer Institute Brings You Hope, Peace & Justice

Humanity, the World and the Planet is at Stake

The Archetypal Prophecy authentically documents in short words the inner development of the new Prophet for humanity, the Reincarnated Christ, alive today on earth. Ignore him and his messages and humanity will never again get a Prophet on this planet.

40 years to be able to give you today what I have achieved.
3,000 dreams about God, the Creation, the other world, and the archetypal human development.
15,000 dreams about the state of humanity, the world, the planet and the people’s future.
50 books, some small, some big, some very big, and others a good size and easy to read.

You have questions. You want the right answers. Here you find a genuine understanding.