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INDIVIDUATION – Concept Dr Eduard Schellhammer

You want a new world. Create your own new world and you will change the world!

The irreversible breaking point for humanity and the earth is extremely near! Everybody sees the huge problems of mankind and wants a new world! Evolutionary human life includes collective self-knowledge and self-fulfilment! Spirituality and religions must integrate the vivid archetypes of the soul! The collective nightmares about humanity and the world are horrifying! A new global Spirit for peace in the world is necessary for human evolution! Dreams and the inner Spirit are the most valuable source of life for everybody! The ultimate solution for humanity and the world is Global Individuation:

  1. Individuation means: Transformation and all-sided balanced growth of the psychical organism (the psyche as a holistic system) towards a new, harmonically functioning wholeness. Transformation means: to change, to correct, to balance, to develop, to unfold, to shape, to strengthen, to differentiate, to become richer, and to result in something new. Self-fulfilment without this transformation is not possible.
  2. The subsystems (parts) of the psyche are: the consciousness, the “I”-functions (intelligence, will, defence), the super-ego (norms, patterns of punishment, ideals), love, psychical needs, the feelings (emotions), the unconscious (the ignored, the suppressed, the complexes, and life experiences), the inner psychical pole of the opposite gender, dreams with the inner Spirit, the shadows (hidden traits of character), and also the activities in the personal and collective life areas.
  3. Self-knowledge is the beginning of self-fulfilment. This leads to a complex process of growth with transformations in all psychical subsystems. In that sense Individuation is the holistic educational process towards the evolutionary psychical-spiritual human being. Individuation as a process of self-becoming and self-realization is guided by the inner Spirit through dreams and meditations. Objective knowledge and life knowledge are indispensable.
  4. “Balanced wholeness” means: Each psychical force and each psychical subsystem lives and acts many-sided in a balanced way with all other psychical subsystems and their singular forces. The “I” is the centre of this balanced unity and must manage the wholeness and its development. Individuation reaches the person in his whole being. Imbalance and “no limits” destroy individual and collective being and life.
  5. The Spirit is not a human creation, but a spiritual psychical function in the psyche of each person. The Spirit is an informative, ordering and guiding supra-personal force. The Spirit is the principle of acting of the soul. The Spirit is stimulating, inspiring, and benevolent. “Spirit” is the force that creates the dreams and composes meditations intelligently. The soul is a spiritual energetic body with identical structure as the “biological” psyche (brain).
  6. Archetypes are eternal patterns of the soul: 1) Turning to the whole inner life; 2) Discovering and forming all inner forces; 3) Developing the true Self by conscious forming; 4) Integrating the inner Spirit as guidance; 5) Proceedings of dying and becoming new; 6) Unification with the inner opposite gender pole; 7) Integration of the spiritual principles; 8) Balancing external and internal life; 9) Fulfilment of the completeness and wholeness.
  7. The archetypes of the soul are the markers and active forces in the process of Individuation. These archetypes are those general symbols which give orientation in the psychical life and the inner growth. They cover the whole spectrum from the beginning until the aim of human being. Individuation clarifies and resolves the most decisive questions about the meaning of human being and human life. Therefore, Individuation creates an integrated person (and not individualism).
  8. Individuation is embedded in the personal and collective environment. Individuation creates the dynamic psychical foundation of creating life and environment. Individuation can find expressions in all areas of life. Individuation does not lead away from the terrestrial life, even if an orientation towards inside in certain activities sporadically has priority. Individuation integrates responsibility for humanity and the creation. Individuation forms community.
  9. The psychical energy: There is an energy that is not biological in the human body: the psychical energy. The psychical energy is formed by thinking, feeling, and sensing, etc. The psychical energy is also influenced (formed) by men as well by the environment. The psychical energy influences behaviour and can make one ill. Physical states form and influence the state of the psychical energetic body. Individuation integrates these realities as a part of education.
  10. Individuation creates the key qualifications for personal life and the competences for constructive relationships. Individuation dynamically forms and stabilizes the self-identity. Individuation reduces many risks in the personal course of life by preconceived acting in daily matters. Individuation qualifies to an optimal managing of lifetime and resources. Individuation creates a balanced psychical-spiritual being and life.
  11. Society and Individuation: The archetypes of the soul are descriptive and normative (giving norms) as well. Either man recognizes the person that he is and must become and to live genuinely – or he ignores himself, lives life lies, and contributes to the apocalypse. Politics, economy, culture, human education, and religion that do not integrate Individuation, cause the collective destruction of humanity and the earth.
  12. Global Individuation means: Each person worldwide has this psychical organism with the inner Spirit. Each person is predominantly a human being through his inner being. The inner being and the process of Individuation have highest value. A human being without Individuation is archaic and collectively destructive. Global Individuation is the ultimate mandate to each soul incarnated on this earth. Therefore, Individuation is the global psychical-spiritual road of salvation.

Individuation is the Path to Humanity for Individual and Collective Fulfilment.

Archetypal Human Development

Phase 1: Outstanding Genuine Aims
Phase 2: Catharsis and Free Human
Phase 3: Completeness and Fulfilment

Personal Biographical Elaboration
Understanding and Reconstruction
Guidance from Dreams and Symbols
Exploring the World with Retreat

Go the path of your Individuation guided by Dr Edward Schellhammer!


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