Religious Feelings

Criticizing religion has got nothing to do with “hurting religious feelings”. It does not question God, Spirituality, or the other world. The truth is that behind ‘hurt feelings’ is the shame and shock about having fallen in the religious trap, which a narcissistic Ego can rarely accept and therefore accuses the criticizing person as a “godless” creature!

That’s perfidious and debunks the falseness of the believer and his belief! ‘True religion’ becomes comprehensible and reproducible through inner archetypal processes.

Mechanisms to Believe

  • Fulfillment is displaced to the other world instead of realizing them as psychical-spiritual values in this world.
  • Deviance of beliefs is punished as against God in order to sustain a system of beliefs and the religious institution.
  • The immature tie in the infant age to the parents is transferred to the church and the religious teachings.
  • Believing in salvation through God together with real and suggested guilt produce an act of slave-like obedience.
  • Expectation of salvation is displaced to the founder of a religion and the church and its representatives.

Mental Reasons to Believe

  • Humans are lazy, lazy-minded, false, deceitful, superficial, stubborn, arrogant, and don’t want to learn.
  • Humans want easy, fast, simple and direct solutions for their salvation, but reject taking responsibility.
  • Humans are psychically on the stage of development of a child, teenager or adolescent.
  • Humans don’t have substantial knowledge to question themselves (Self-Knowledge), others and institutions.
  • Humans believe in “holy lies” because they themselves lie, live in lies; much of it inherited from the history.
  • Humans believe in archaic nonsense because they themselves are archaic (live much nonsense).

Compensatory Reasons to Believe

  • Humans have such a small ego, so low and such a bad self-value that they refurbish it with belief.
  • Humans think they are better with their belief, than non-believers and heat up increased feelings of triumph.
  • Humans choose illusions over facts of life and human being; strengthen with projection their imperiousness.
  • Humans hope for redemption of their unconscious complexes with belief instead of elaborating biography.
  • Humans compensate with belief their weak, unstable self-confidence and absence of inner development.
  • Humans think that with belief they can control their “unworthy” desire; suppress or deviate sexual desire.
  • Humans see their life as unworthy; create balance with belief.

Rejection of Responsibility for Life

  • Humans are submissive to authority, deceivable and enslaved.
  • Humans are like blind sheep, driven herd animals and followers.
  • Human are cowardly and fearfully paralyzed by social pressure.
  • Humans need the belief, in order to live their quarrelsomeness.
  • Humans live their sick cantankerousness with their belief.
  • Humans fear the shock that the truth can release.
  • Humans have concealed guilt, real and self-suggested.
  • Humans are masochistically bonded in their drive to religion.
  • Humans are orally unsaved and nurture themselves through fixation on belief.
  • Humans expect help from God instead of helping themselves with learning and development.