Meditation for You

Meditation is The Tool to Elaborate the inner World

Meditation is visualization and an aim-oriented operating with inner pictorial ideas. First you must always determine:

  1. What do we want to achieve? Determination of aims. Reasoning.
  2. With which images (symbols) do we want to work with? Determine instruments.
  3. How do we actively create the visualization? Operations. Procedure.
  4. How do we proceed with the interpretation? Interpretation.
  5. How do we apply the result in our daily life? Conclusions for life.

Imagination is the way of meditation (visualization) with the purpose to explore, to understand and to renew (form, shape) the complete psychical and real life. With imagination one can relax, find new strength, prepare solutions for problems, free the mind from thoughts, understand other people, find the meaning of life, explore dreams, discover reasons for suffering and difficulties, explore the subconscious and much more.

Contemplation operates with archetypal symbols

  • Archetypes are related to general patterns of psychical forces, to processes of psychical transformation.
  • Archetypes reflect the fundamental life themes, the meaning and essential values, and the transcendental reality.
  • Archetypes are for example: pyramid, mandalas, sun, figures such as the old wise man (woman), and more.
  • General symbols reflect the concrete basic themes of human existence, which concern all humans.
  • General symbols are images from the real world: house, car, marriage, child, old man, dog, mother, father, etc.
  • Symbols (images) can express the essential real-life issues of everybody.
  • Contemplation with Archetypes gives us a symbolical access to the “mystery” of mankind.

Examples to apply meditation

1)      Relaxation, balance and centering the energy

2)      Self-strengthening, renewing the energies

3)      Being conscious of one’s daily lifestyle

4)      To understand relationships

5)      To developing solutions for new challenges

6)      To clarify difficulties and conflicts

7)      To understand psycho-somatic suffering

8)      To get rid of painful past experiences

9)      To understand dreams

10)   To explore all inner elements of the conscience

11)   A conscious dealing with emotions (feelings)

12)   To deal with one’s own needs

13)   To strengthen will and ego-control

14)   To recognize projections and identifications

15)   To use intelligence consciously

16)   To broaden the perception

17)   To understand the mystery of mankind

18)   To recognize the planet from a spiritual view

19)   To identify and understanding one’s own destiny

20)   To plan and realize the path of Individuation

A human that does not meditate (correctly) as a part of the way of living can never reach inner fulfillment.