Divine Punishment

After all, I am the prophet chosen by God, and I have documented that in depth, like no prophet ever did. I have had several dreams in recent years that have prompted me to resort to very harsh means of punishment. These are the “nuclear bombs of God” that I can use according to my dreams and that I should finally have to. These are extremely painful.

It is about the future of the planet and therefore about humanity. It’s about your future and the future of your children. Not finally using my God-given “power” (in dreams) means that humanity will irrevocably fall into the abyss. Humanity is already on barely breakable “descent”. That’s the way it goes from now and these are the “nuclear bombs of God”, which I have received in many dreams as the “highest judge of all souls in the here and beyond” (so my dreams, not fabricated from me!):

A worldwide majority of all politicians, all warmongers, elite criminal bank managers, media magnates and billionaires worldwide deserve nothing better than 30,000 to 50,000 years of “being far from God and his light”.

And to the people around the world today, I have to say today: 200,000 years of “being far from God and his light” is an appropriate punishment for people with their blind greed, blind production of new human lives and blind obedience to politics, economics and religion, together with destroying the ecosystems and the mental functions, wiping out the entire divine evolution of humanity.

I will banish the elites and those with the ‘invisible hand’ as well and send them where no light from God shines. Alternatively, I can also include them in the project of creating a new world with the Archetypes of the Soul.

My recommendation is: first learn from all my books and you will surely draw the right conclusions. If you do not want to learn anything, do not want to get to the bottom of it (e.g. by reading my books, meditating about everything, and also asking about your own dreams), then you deserve nothing better than a dark hole in the other world – far away from God and his light – and this for a long time!

All of you, soon 8 billion people (and another 2 + 2 billion will follow in this century), you can destroy the planet within 10, 20 , 30 years and totally eradicate the divine project of human development. How powerful you are, all of you with your big ugly words, with your pompous narcissistic ego, with your ignoring and looking away, with your better knowledge, when you know nothing or almost nothing. On the other hand, I am powerless, and God is powerless too.

It remains to say: you must cleanse all the filth and filth of your ancestors and humanity today; first with an internal catharsis. God does not help you there. But I can help you there.

I can emphasize again: I do not shine. I cannot work miracles and am a normal man. However, I have a lot of acquired knowledge and a lot of worked experience. I have performed all internal psychical and spiritual (archetypal) processes that no prophet in the whole history of humanity has ever been able to produce and document.

With over 15,000 dreams about the state of humanity and 3,000 dreams about the archetypal human development, about God and the true religion (during nearly 40 years), I have a lot to give humanity. In that sense, I simply have a job to do. And you should simply learn everything about yourself and your development since before birth. You must learn to become fully responsible about your inner development with the 22 mental functions that needs to be nurtured, trained and used according to their immanent codes.

With that you should finally respect and live the ‘Archetypal Principles’ of love, justice, balance, development, and governance. Additionally, you can ‘celebrate God’ in countless ways you feel it is supportive and adaptable to your culture and the everyday life. This is the archetypal meaning of life for every human.

The day you die you take with you the developed qualities and / or the mess in your mind, which is an expression of the way you made your journey on this planet.