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Archetypal Principles

Archetypal Principles

You and 1000 million people must trigger a global movement:
“We all must become responsible for our inner development rooted in archetypal principles.”

The Principles of the Archetypal Religion

The development of the mental functions since prenatal time and during the entire life span is founded on certain fundamental learning processes. There are many spiritual values and, in that sense, spiritual principles such as love, care, hope, justice, and more: indispensable for completeness and fulfillment. There are society-oriented values, which express principles of governance and leadership for a well-functioning society.

The Principles of Human Development

We need to bind with the genuine archetypal principles that refer to human development, human mental functions and human life since prenatal time and during the entire life span. Humans have many mental functions that need to be shaped according to archetypal principles. One function is the inner Spirit that creates the dreams. We also need to bind with this divine source of life. With that the new sickening gender concept will be obsolete.

The Principles of Love, Justice, Balance

Fundamental is to bind with the archetypal principles that refer to human values: love, care, hope, justice, balance, protection, truth, and others are spiritual principles. There are fundamental moral values, understood as ethical principles, which the world community needs for a secure co-existence and balanced development. Humans always inherit malformed patterns from previous generations, prenatal and postnatal experiences.

The Principles of Governance

We need to bind with the genuine archetypal principles that refer to governance, economy, public education, social systems, environment, and the exploitation of the world’s resources. Genuine human life is a lifelong process of learning and development, also for leaders. All what we can take with us when we die is the acquired quality of our soul that we built up during a lifetime with the archetypal principles.

The world population collectively respects and implements the archetypal principles for global peace, justice, protection, balance, human values, the truth, and the archetypal individual and collective development or humanity will end in a human made Armageddon within 10-20-30 years.

Conclusions of collective interest

Politics, the economy, public education and religion that do not care for the satisfaction of the genuine needs destroy the archetypal human evolution (development). A distorted and imbalanced, undeveloped and malformed, neurotic and psychopathic mind creates a religion and ideology that can never be better in teaching, practice and effects than the way of the shaped mind of the incumbents. People that participate in such a constructed community (teaching system) fundamentally become distorted and imbalanced, undeveloped and malformed, neurotic, and with obliterated mental capacities. These people cannot become aware of their mental incapacities. Logically, their perception can only encompass a narrow and highly distorted field of realities. That’s why these people compensate with archaic religion.