Economics III: Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Roadmap


The “Trilogy on Economics” unveiling the biggest scam in history!
A critical analysis to the deepest core of the established economic theories as preached by most business schools, colleges and universities around the globe.

From the neo-classical economics to the underlying deeper dimensions of life and business realities, Dr. Schellhammer delves into the economic principles, formulas and scientific theories with Nano-precision and unbarred diagnosis.

Whether you are a student, professor, business owner, unemployed or climbing the career ladder, a self made entrepeneur or corporate CEO of a multinational, the insights into the world of Economics in the “Trilogy of Economics” are priceless.

This is a must read for any business school student, university professor, or global citizen that wants to understand the world we live in today and where our planet is heading tomorrow if a new understanding of economics is not urgently integrated into politics, education and ultimately the business of the world.

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