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We offer a one-of-a-kind centre for like-minded people to meet and discuss topics that will change the world from the grassroots. We offer seminars, and workshops, on a variety of topics. 

The Inspiration

We believe the world is at a crossroads. Either we choose to change the course of humanity and find solutions to the very real problems that we all know the world will be facing in the near future, or the only other alternative is to face the end of society as we know it now. Current lifestyles are unsustainable and action that leaders are taking is not sufficient.

Our founder has dedicated his life to studying these problems. He is many things, humanitarian, educator, psychologist, anthropologist, mentor, spiritual guide, and computing engineer.

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer is the founder of both Schellhammer Business School and the independent Schellhammer Institute. Find out more about his extraordinary life and how the Schellhammer Institute was born.

New Direction, New Leadership, New Education - New Humanity

How can we achieve world peace if politics, religion, education, and economics have failed?

What is the solution?

We need a new breed of young leaders to bring about a systemic change.

So we have created, Schellhammer Institute, a place where we challenge conventional wisdom, and explore profound questions to stimulate and ignite changes in society, education, and business. We delve into the 18 most critical threats facing humanity, stimulate discussion toward providing actionable solutions, and emphasize the need for authentic values.

Our aim is to equip leaders from various fields with essential skills, nurturing inner strength, fostering self-identity, and promoting holistic balance between the inner and outer worlds. In a dynamic world, creative and critical thinking skills are indispensable. Be part of the change and the project from the messenger. Find meaning in life while serving humanity.




A New World is Emerging Now!

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, Founder of the Schellhammer Business School, which holds British Accreditation can boast an astonishing academic dedication spanning 50 years, He has embarked on a remarkable journey to explore 7000 years of lost education for humanity and peace and uncovered the alarming fact that the world has discarded the values crucial for humanity’s well-being.


Now, Dr. Schellhammer is unveiling an ambitious project that aims to revolutionize education. To bring this vision to life, he is seeking a dedicated team of individuals aged 28-34. The project necessitates an estimated investment of 3-5 million Euros and a decade of meticulous elaboration.

Join us in this transformative endeavour to shape the future of education and humanity.


The following workshops are also offered for small groups.

Thousands say they have the answer but read further and decide for yourselves if you are ready for real change, because the time is now!

We offer a range of programs to answer humanity’s fundamental questions.

A Call for Personal Development

Discover the importance of balance between the inner and outer self. Aspire to higher life objectives.

The Hidden Code Within

Our development is more than nature vs nurture. We are the culmination of events that happened generations ago.

the depths of meditation

Advanced techniques and practices for modern meditation & dream interpretation.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal Coaching sessions seem to be a buzzword. Find out how ours are one step ahead of the rest.

Programs for 2024-2025

Perilous Future

Global Degeneration

Our Chaotic Planet

How to Use the Mind

The dying Planet

Nurturing the Billions

Strategies for Action

Future Global Education

Free Nations and Peace on Earth

Why choose us?

Discuss, Grow, Impact

In our capitalism-free, bureaucracy-free space, ignite deep discussions and drive global change, fostering personal and collective transformation.

Inner Guidence

Our founder, passionate about leadership, education, and psychology, established this institute for global awareness and positive change.

Holistic Transformation

A journey of self-discovery, inner growth, and global awareness with essential skills for a changing world.

Empowered Guidance

We value your unique journey. Our personalized programs empower you to make a lasting impact.

Client Testimonials

To be honest I had my doubts. But having met Dr. Schellhammer all was clear. The Leadership program I undertook not only made me a better leader but also a better man. Thank you Eduard.
Edwin Grapos
A life changing experience. Hard to think of and find someone as caring and concerned about humanity as Dr Eduard Schellhammer.
Paul Andrew Lucas
Joining Schellhammer Institute was life-changing, They empowered me to embrace deeper connections with the world and have enriched my life, personally and professionally.
Emma Taylor
I met Dr Edward giving a lecture on his concept of a good future for humanity. He impressed me with his all-round cross-linked knowledge, including psychology, philosophy, education, economics, ecology, politics, and his authenticity
regula Lüscher


Dr. Schellhammer is a prolific writer and apart from his many books on sale you will find many articles of interest here. We try to include a new one every month according to global issues and current events.

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