Modern Dream Theory


Dreams are the path to Truth and indicate the root cause of problems. They explain difficulties in life and in relationships, and can tell you whether you have chosen the right partner, they advise when it’s time to part ways and can even reveal the subconscious cause of sexual problems.

Dreams reveal your talents and potentials, especially on how to realize them. Dreams tell you what you need to know if you want to try out something new, and they show people’s true nature and reveal a liar, and how to improve your business.

Dreams warn you if you do not correct unhealthy lifestyles. They warn you if something is dangerous and explain what makes you sick and they point to the repressed causes of psychological or psychosomatic disorders.

Dreams help you to live and develop yourself. Dreams lead people through the internal processes of psycho-spiritual growth up to the highest possible performance. Dreams lead you to the truth, the life source for the power of the inner spirit in dreams.

This theory of dreams is the ethical, psychological, spiritual, and religious foundation of life. The modern theory of dreams illuminates all the principles of psychological and spiritual growth for all.

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