Pandora: Part 1

Echoes of Conflict: Unveiling the Cycle of Violence and Greed

In an age where echoes of the past resonate in the present and reverberate down the channels of time for three thousand years, it sadly seems that we are still killing for nothing, no one and without reason. Society is still acting on only the most basic of instincts and the most primal mental functions.

In a patriarchal world warmongering, bombings, executions, murder, and other violent atrocities still provoke some kind of twisted excitement within society and are driven by primitive thought processes. Meanwhile, empty cries of halleluiah intensify these negative forces with the echelons of government and the elite are driven by nothing but economic greed and power wars. They still operate on a mental capacity and level like that of those living three millennia ago.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation or a one-off incident. We are surrounded by these stories wherever we turn. Social media spreads word of these acts like wildfire.  World rulers are still incapacitated by primitive thoughts, and they still act mindlessly. Not even NATO stands blameless for its role in the subjugation of the masses.

Most global leaders seem to be trapped in some kind of collective delusion in which they believe weapons of mass destruction bring peace and enlightenment. This problem is extenuated by the billions of cowards in society who foster and nurture the lies spread by these rulers. Society and humanity are trapped and a deicide conflict that has lasted over three millennia. How can planetary disarmament be a realistic possibility if all of humanity has been deformed and rotten to the core by its historical self-destructive crimes? The planet has never truly learned or even discovered the tip of its spiritual iceberg where two-thirds of this world lies below the surface. If we live in a superficially driven world, how could we?

The cycle of destructive forces never seems to end as history has regurgitated characters such as Hitler, Khan, and Stalin to name but a few for tens of thousands of years. Political and religious propaganda have the same interests. We urgently need to recognize all political crimes. But I insist, who among us dares to stand up and cry “Stop!”? No one, so we are also the causes of this global chaos we are immersed in.