When the birds fly the nest enjoy maturity with wisdom and vitality

You can truly live life to it’s fullest, As you enter the prime of your life enhance your spiritual growth, intellectual engagement, and environmental consciousness. The moment when you really can enjoy life to the full.

In our “Silver Linings” Group discuss ethical living, enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning habits, personality development, and community engagement. Learn to present your acquired wisdom with vitality, and give meaning to your legacy.

Week 1: Foundations of Spiritual and Personal Growth

Day 1: Ethical Living and Your Responsibility

  • Introduction to the program and participants
  • Explore how ethical decisions impact personal, family and communal well-being.
  • Role-playing scenarios to practice ethical responses in complex situations.

Day 2: Balancing Inner and Outer Worlds

  • Discussion on maintaining a connection between inner ethical values, spirituality and everyday life.
  • Workshop on practical tools to enhance this balance.

Day 3: The Power of Spirituality After 50

    • Interactive lecture on how spirituality and ethics nurture well-being in later life
  • Meditation session to connect with the inner self.

Week 2: Lifelong Learning and Intellectual Engagement

Day 1: Lifelong Learning as a Path to Wisdom

  • Presentation on the benefits of continued intellectual activity
  • Group discussion on overcoming barriers to lifelong learning.

Day 2: Creativity and Curiosity

  • Interactive lecture on staying curious and creative.
  • Engage in creative workshops (art, writing, problem-solving)

Day 3: Rethinking and Keeping Mentally Active

    • Share strategies for maintaining enthusiasm for learning.
  • Guest speaker: A lifelong learner’s journey

Week 3: Psychological Growth and Environmental Consciousness

Day 1: Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques

  • Workshop on advanced meditation techniques suitable for seniors
  • Integration of mindfulness into daily routines

Day 2: Nurturing for the Environment

  • Talk about the interconnectedness of global ecosystems and our roles after 50.
  • Developing a personal sustainability action plan

Day 3: Archetypes and Individuation

    • Lecture on Jungian psychology: Understanding our unconscious collective being.
  • Creating a personal archetype gallery reflecting individual growth

Week 4: Community Engagement and Legacy Building

Day 1: The Role of Energetic Rituals

  • Understanding how energy rituals can maintain physical and mental health.
  • Practical session on establishing personal energy rituals.

Day 2: Retreats and Renewal

  • Benefits of yearly retreats for rejuvenation and reflection
  • Planning your retreat: Logistics, goals, and activities

Day 3: Preparing for the Future

  • Course wrap-up: Reflecting on lessons learned and personal growth.
  • Participant presentations on future aspirations and commitments



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