Navigating Relationships, Careers, and your Family

Program Overview

This course is designed to equip participants with the tools and insights necessary to successfully manage the complexities of personal and professional life transitions. Through a blend of psychological theory, practical skills, and personal development, participants will gain a holistic understanding of how to thrive in relationships, careers, and potential family life.

Week 1: Foundations of Personal Mastery

Day 1: Understanding Your Inner and Outer Worlds

    • Introduction to personal life management
    • Exploring the inner world: values, beliefs, and emotions
    • Managing the outer world: social relationships and environmental interactions

Day 2: Energy and Mental Functions

    • Managing physical energy in daily life
    • Introduction to the 22 mental functions and their impact on personal decisions

Day 3: Defensive Mechanisms and Self-Protection

    • Identifying and managing defence mechanisms
    • Strategies for self-protection in neurotic and stressful environments

Week 2: Building Healthy Relationships

Day 1: Dynamics of Long-term Relationships

    • Understanding the foundations of a long-term relationship
    • Communication and conflict resolution strategies

Day 2: Dealing with Complex Personalities

    • How to recognize and deal with narcissistic behaviours
    • Protecting emotional health in challenging relationships

Day 3: Family Planning and Preparation

    • Discussing the implications of starting a family
    • Balancing personal and family goals

Week 3: Professional Growth and Communication

Day 1: Career Preparation and Development

    • Preparing for and navigating career transitions
    • Understanding the relationship between career choices and personal life

Day 2: Professional Communication and Management

    • Effective communication in the workplace
    • Techniques for dealing with complicated managers and workplace dynamics.

Day 3: Financial Management

    • Basics of monthly and yearly monetary organization
    • Planning for financial sustainability in personal and family life

Week 4: Social Responsibility and Global Awareness

Day 1: Sustainable Living and Environmental Care

    • Understanding global ecosystems and our impact on them
    • Practical steps for sustainable living

Day 2: Social Responsibility and Ethics

    • The role of social responsibility in personal and professional life
    • Exploring ethical dilemmas in contemporary society

Day 3: Reality and Perception

    • Learning to discern the façade of presented realities.
    • Critical thinking and media literacy skills

Additional Features

  • Weekly Workshops: Each week includes a workshop where participants apply what they’ve learned in practical settings, such as role-playing, planning sessions, and group discussions.
  • Guest Speakers: Industry experts in psychology, career development, and family counselling are invited to provide real-world insights and strategies.
  • Ongoing Support: Post-course, participants have access to a monthly follow-up webinar to discuss progress and address new challenges.



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