Warmongering Insanity

Looking back 70 years, we find everywhere rulers that gave order to kill from the comfort of a desk. It became a pleasure to kill, here 500,000 people, then another 150,000 people, and again another 200,000 people and finally more leaders must disappear, simply to dictate a state policy here, a state policy there, and, to feel excited: “let us start another war for some years ahead.”

Whilst this might answer the megalomania of rulers those who profit are those behind the rulers. The stark reality of human conflict is nearly always greed for profit and power. The Elites have made all these wars. Politicians are merely the bullets that trigger wars and ordinary people the receivers of these bullets. Also, religions have triggered wars in the past and continue to do so. Interesting how all religious authorities have been silent about the Covid scam and the recent Ukraine conflict and going further back about the dirty Nazi Pestilence.

In simple words: Always people with immense financial power, strong relations, highly familiar with networks for decades, with specific technology (e.g., The Covid virus) create wars.

Who benefits from all wars? Not humanity that is for sure. Millions died on battlefields; Millions of civilians died from bombings from starvation; Millions have lost family, Friends, many innocents, children have died and continue to die. We had the First World war, quickly followed by the Second and since then endless wars: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict still on going, Korean war, Vietnam lasting twenty years, Northern Ireland, Falklands,  Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo, followed by Afghanistan and Iraq, the on-going Libya, Syria, Yemen conflicts and ISIS war on terror to the now very current Ukraine. And historians like to call the past fifty years the most peaceful in human history…what a big fat lie!

Now we have an interesting set of facts to interpret all the warmongers and false players in all matters of wars, of killing, also State Presidents, and others; and not to forget: Kennedy in 1963 or Allende in 1973! Some psychological interpretations: These people operate with only 2 mental functions which always end in disasters. These rulers are incapacitated for their position, trapped in greed! They all behave as if they were Gods or enjoying killing God. They are uneducated, disconnected from the people, absence of knowing the ordinary life of the people, thoroughly psychopathic, not able to act rationally, with psychotic tendencies, and gamblers in their absolute soulless power.

I spent decades to understand the “mess”; searched for answers in books. As an academic teacher, and expert in many fields of responsibility, such as leadership, humanity, the conclusion is: These kind of authorities will destroy the Planet and Humanity. The Western powers have lost their mind, are psychologically bonded to the psychosis of “exceptional humans”. They have a pseudo-religious concept (Abraham-like) to reign over the entire world. These believers are blinded and cannot see how they are nothing but slaves abused in all matters. Hitler and Selensky have something in common: Soulless and subordinate they follow the orders from their master and just like the German Third Reich the West plans a 1,000-Year war to eliminate all other people and religions on this planet. Led by the US, a dangerous child that did not get enough ice cream but has the means and the power to destroy the planet. Epigenetics gives us a much deeper understanding about our prenatal past.

Conclusion: All people must finally become responsible adults in their own country, in their personal life, in their inner development for fulfilment. People must adopt lifelong learning, always asking questions, always examine and questioning their appointed authority. The people around the globe must say “NO” to warmongering machines like NATO, and not to try and resolve conflicts through insane wars. All people must understand their true history, the past and the present, for the sake of a “tomorrow”.

A new Age is required where soul destroying institutions like the EU are dissolved, and each country resets and gains its own history. All Titans and Governments are robbers, stealers, cheaters, liars, pirates for profit and power with no regard for humanity or what it means to be human.

To all so called “Leaders” of all kinds, I invite you all to learn what it means to be human and build a humanity fit for a New Genuinely Peaceful Age in the Future.