Transforming Leadership:

Secrets to Unleashing a World-Changing Legacy

We need leaders who are connected to and aware of inner spirituality, who value inner growth and who strive to create a world where true inner human needs are fulfilled. Leaders who reject superficial purpose but teach a deeper understanding of our purpose and meaning of existence in the world. Because we know this is necessary we see a surge in leadership programs and short seminars claiming to offer the skills to lead! What can executives, state presidents, and rulers of all kinds learn from training programs that last a week or a month? What did those who led a country learn from academics, and in general from leadership schools or seminars in the past? This question troubled me as for years I searched for honest answers. I tried to find common outstanding qualities in business leaders, especially presidents and prime ministers. I found it difficult, and the answer is probably not exactly what you would expect.

Beyond the Boardroom: How True Leadership Encompasses Human Values

The truth is that most leadership programs are for technical or economic profit. The human factors relating to people’s everyday life and needs are ignored. The fact that the well-being of our mind, emotions, body and soul should form an integral part of our life everyday of our lives seems to be obvious. However, this concept is ignored in most leadership courses and this is reflected at the very foundation of society, within the education system. At the moment the education system has been bent to the advantage of elites and the government’s requirements. It creates controllable batteries that perfectly suit the workings of the whole unit. Leaders need to create an education system that does not control the population or uses the system as a factory to produce a functioning workforce, but as an enriching lifelong process that focuses on the holistic well-being of the populace. One that turns every child into a leader and one that fosters a sentiment of individuality and connectedness simultaneously.

Short-Sighted Success: The Ill-advised Priorities of Modern Leadership

The current system increases efficiency but at the expense of our inner self. Most people in positions of power lack inner fortitude and are overabound in obtaining the maximum profits and results. It seems leaders do not question the value of the human condition. How many leaders give importance to the legacy their existence will leave for future generations, and how many focus all their attention on short-term victories and ensuring success in the next elections? It would appear that these leaders do not know the true meaning of leadership or the difference between knowledge and wisdom. A world in the hands of leaders like this is a dangerous place as they have the capability to destroy humanity. It is for this reason a change needs to be made. Leaders must unify humanity and foster a fulfilled life. Evidence of this need is seen all around us as true leaders have a tremendous on those around them.

A World of Illusions: Challenging the Integrity of Today’s Leaders

With 50 years of academic tenure and experience as a psychotherapist, I must say in my opinion about 90% of the world are pathological liars. We see this every day in social media, filters, fake news, profile exaggerations, scams, and phishing are only but a few. Now even leaders join this flock and folly. I find this a tremendous waste of innate potential. We have dominated a small blue dot within the expanse of a possibly infinite universe and yet we are not able to reach this potential at the moment. We have the power within us to connect with our inner world, and with the collective unconscious. We have the potential to understand and learn from our dreams about the path our lives should take. We possess the wisdom to enrich and nurture intelligent life. We have the capacity to discover the mysteries of the universe at a subatomic level. We can share the love we have with others and learn how to receive love in return. Psychologically we are able to deal with the many crises that we will face in our lives and we have the memory to learn from our past. We have the capacity to make projections and estimations of what life will be like for our grandchildren’s grandchildren so why do we focus on the short now, only the time we will be on the planet? How can we be so egotistical and naïve? Why do we waste all this intelligence and these gifts we possess for ill gain?

Unlocking Human Potential: The Power of Inner and universal Connection

In our short existence we have achieved so much and come so far but today are you proud to be part of humanity? Humanity has almost become a dirty word. Perhaps we have lost connection with our true potential because today we call ourselves the cancer of the world. When we only focus on our negative impacts we can see that we pollute, contaminate, and kill whole ecosystems and species every day. By our existence and our way of life we are killing the planet we depend on for life and the only place we can call home. The world population has reached an estimated 8.1 billion and we are only surpassed by cockroaches in prolific breeding, adaptability, and resilience. Why have we created a society that is destroying itself instead of realising our true capacities to truly nurture and care for our collective well-being?

Reassessing Our Role: From Humanity’s Plight to Its Potential

The purpose of our existence is a fundamental question that we all wrestle with and one of the basic questions of philosophy if you ask your friends and family the question, I am sure you will receive a host of varied answers. Which of them is correct? Or are all of them correct? Many may refer to a specific faith or religious doctrine that gives meaning to their life and existence, others may express ethical reasoning. It could be argued that life is simply our right, as is the right to happiness, and that all our particular delusions are perfectly normal and are what make us unique. However, the fact remains that all of humanity both collectively and individually from the moment of conception to the day we leave this Earth are walking the same path. When we understand this truth. When we realise our reason for existence, our “why” and our purpose for walking that path the journey will be worth the energy expended in reaching our final destination. In this way, we can discover and explore our inner selves, create a balance between our inner, and outer selves and enjoy holistic well-being. When enough people discover this then we will witness a paradigm shift and humanity will achieve its true potential!

A Better Tomorrow: From Authority to Authenticity

Finally, this writing may seem to be a critique of leaders and their capacity to lead. However, the following definition of a leader may cause you to reconsider:

“A leader guides others toward a common goal, inspiring and motivating them to achieve shared objectives through effective communication, integrity, and decisiveness.”

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (4) [Large language model].

The fact is that we all can be leaders because we have the opportunity for the improvement of our inner self and to improve the world, the thoughts and the actions of people around us. Our thoughts and actions of today will determine the true well-being of mind body and soul for generations to come. When this occurs, we will enter a cycle of development and holistic inner growth. One in which every leader, individual, teacher, business owner, and parent is all in the service of this new generation. We will be proud to call ourselves part of humanity. We will live not just considering our lifetime but considering the lives of generations to come. We will not just be living egotistically for the now but will be living in the long now, the now that lasts 10,000 years! This is a world worth living in, and this is the world we leaders should strive toward.

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