The Marvellous Human and The Future

Inspect your body! Your eyes are in the right place. Your mouth is in the right place. Your stomach is in the right place. Your rump is in the right place. Imagine your mouth would be somewhere on the back and your anus is next to your throat.

Your body consists of billions of cells, every cell is in the right place with the right interconnections and correct function. The human body is indeed an inexplicable work of art starting prenatal with a sperm and an oval which is in itself an inexplicable work.

It is not enough to just marvel at this amazing creation, accept that once born a human can mindlessly ravage the eco system and consume the planet and practice extreme cruelty to all species including his own. Burn your illusions and face reality!

People just do not appreciate the immense value of their body for a life in constant development with millions of possible explorations, countless experiences, and cultural creations, and with a mind that has immense potential to understand the meaning of being on earth to genuinely develop a clear mind and pure soul. We are not placed on this planet to narcissistically marvel at our rotten deeds!

Unfortunately, up to 93-95% of the world population is mentally undeveloped and therefore lost. It seems, the humans do not appreciate the value and purpose for life. Changes are necessary!

What we have today is the “Archaic” human with little change and hardly no evolution since the beginning of archaic times up to today. Humans are nothing more than lazy, stupid stubborn, self-opiniated, mentally deformed, ignorant, bigmouths, poser, narcissists, traitors, intriguers, false creatures, everywhere, and now more than ever also in positions of power in contless institutions.

There are many countries where fathers and mothers scream brutally at their children even in public: „you are a nightmare “; or „shut up or I kill you “. Neither parents of today nor the parents of previous generations have ever realized how important the pre and postnatal phase must be based around nurturing, care, love, trust, learning, attitudes, security, protection, and training in all ways.

In other words: The parents create themselves their “nightmare monsters” perpetuating a toxic cycle which convert into politicians, religious incumbents, economists, bankers, gamblers, psychopaths, taxmen, party members, and all the lazy, false, and mentally reduced following generations running for ‘cocaine’.

2400 Years of Human Values from Philosophy is lost today – Shame to Politics and the People!
Humans have flushed all of this down the toilet.

Morality, goodness, righteousness, ethical principles, uprightness, rectitude, efficacious quality, prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, charity, beauty of the soul, harmony of the whole man, intrinsic value like gold, wisdom, maturity, honesty, honor, bravery, sober-mindedness, harmony of the soul, blessedness, felicitousness, balanced center, free from avidity, humility, peace, acting based on reason, the ‘right life’, inner freedom, discipline, fidelity, self-control, faithfulness, self-knowledge as a condition to approach God, true happiness, considerateness, love, hope, intuition, contemplation, inner sources, self-reflection, reason, knowledge, self-awareness, will, self-liberation, Spirit, and more.

400 Years of Human Values from Education is lost today – Shame to Politics and the People!
Humans flushed all of this down the toilet.

Need for learning and ability to learn, humans are part of the universal ‘body’ of humanity, morality, the truth, the divine aspect of humans, freedom, equality, emancipation, the ‘new man’, genuine self-realization, authenticity, individuality and self-development, harmonic education, shaping character, the inner connection with the cosmos, and with God and nature.

Furthermore, the higher meaning of life, fulfillment of the genuine (inner) being, love and truthfulness, individual nature, forming the psychical functions, the aim-oriented soul, social culture, and virtues. We continue: will, vocational education, the best values as orientation, meaning of life phases, self-forming, interdependences between humans, interaction between Spirit-Soul-Culture, realization of meaning, lifelong learning and self-forming, pioneering spirit of education, all-embracing education, and more.

160 Years of Human Values from Psychology

Humans flushed all of this down the toilet – Shame to Politics and the People!

Self-knowledge, self-explorations, psycho-catharsis, and guidance of people, spirituality, knowledge about the unconscious, knowledge about the suppression of sexual desire, knowledge about power and inferiority and striving for compensation and supremacy, contemplating about the ‘inner world’, character analysis, understanding the vivid psychical organism (field, totality), respecting the phases of development, care for development, love, self-being, understanding needs and unconscious networks (family, collective), understanding society with psychological categories, humanism, the self-ideal and the true self, openness, honesty, participation, empathy, the human potentials for a new world, inner meaning of life, introspection, Spirit, meditation, contemplation, balance between intellect and emotion or spirituality, learning, and more.

You can develop an outstanding life, but it has a price: Focus on arguments that save humanity:

  1. Every capable human must become responsible for his life and development.
  2. Every human must become ‘politician’; means must control political acting.
  3. Everywhere citizens must become responsible for their living environment.
  4. Everywhere people reduce travel activities, and form solidarity networks.
  5. People must choose people with healthy inner development for political responsibility.
  6. People must defend the concept of male-female, mother-father, boy-girl, and family.
  7. People reevaluate the fashion of transgender liberalism; by birth anomalies being the exception.
  8. Creating a baby is for those who dispose of adequate resources and a healthy mind.
  9. Marriage ‘man with woman’ is a ‘Holy Archetype’ that should never be extinguished,
  10. To create a baby requires extensive preparation, mental and economic strength.
  11. Public education must extensively prepare the scholars up to the age of 23-25.
  12. People must adapt a comprehensible spiritual meaning replacing failed old religions.
  13. People must read valuable (enriching) books about human matters and nature.
  14. A new understanding of having sex focuses on love, massage, care, and energetic relax.
  15. Population management must become vital; poor people must live in inclusive communities.
  16. Mass Media brainwash must be replaced by open genuine knowledge sources.
  17. Health becomes a philosophy for all, which includes air, food, water, education, environment.
  18. People never accept not democratically elected rulers nor experts for industrial interests.
  19. Politicians to be liable for their poor decisions and acts if negligence or lies are proven.
  20. Contamination is a profoundly serious threat; everywhere local measures must be taken.
  21. A central Government of a country focusses on fundamental interrelations (35-40%).
  22. Provinces have a 60-65% flexible independent jurisdiction and freedom of political acts.
  23. Medical health care must include meditation, catharsis, mind-training, inner renewal, etc.
  24. All leaders worldwide must be elected and controlled through transparent processes.
  25. People respect the freedom of products and names with historic brands and cultural roots.
  26. Forced euthanasia will not be allowed, exceptions only in extreme medical circumstances.
  27. Life-long learning in all matters of life and genuine human development must be obligatory.
  28. Implanted identification codes and forced ambivalent vaccinations is not allowed.
  29. Nobody shall spy on other people, collect, and sell information, except for criminal concerns.
  30. The world of finances must be regulated; a person and system can dispose of max. $500m.

These new rules for human development will be periodically revised from top experts in human matters.
Top experts with a healthy mind about global finances, free from ‘casino’-spirit, must set new rules.
Demilitarization of humanity and establishing global peace with security rules must be implemented.
The world population, soon 8bn, must be reduced within 30 years down to and stabilized at 6bn people.

This is the new understanding and meaning of being a human on this planet: to develop, to enrich, to grow, to design, to create, to explore, to deepen, to contribute, to manage, etc. There is nothing that can be more positive, more constructive, more adventurous, more fulfilling, and more strengthening mind and soul with responsibilities for the future generations.