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The Crucifix

The Crucifix

The Crucifix: Absence of God and life

Death penalty like the electric chair or the lethal injection today!
Dead body: death, end, grief, suffering, hopelessness, darkness, abandonment and absence of God!
No hope, no love, no care, no zeal, no justice and no power of the inner mind!
No life, no joy of life, no happiness, no contentment, no desire and no fulfillment!
Heavy burden, accusations, heating of hatred, depression, fear, guilt, anger and revenge!

The Life Symbol: Original Source of God

Life Symbol

Human, life, love, joy, joy of life, lust, full of life, contentment, happiness, hope, justice, peace, power of the inner mind, centered in the inner mind, all-encompassing life, totality, completeness, balance, openness, light, confidence, aim, psychic-spiritual development, fulfillment, connection of the real and spiritual world, fulfillment of the archetypes of the soul, source of life, catharsis, renewal, reconciliation, forgiveness, salvation, redemption and presence of God!

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