The Collective Unconscious Breaking Point

Let us start with some essential questions:

What is the political doing good for, seen in a general way?

How do politicians lead their people, seen in a general way?

What do you think about politicians, in a very general way?

How do you see the governance in general?

Facts about political communication are:

The people on governance level of Western politics show us, that most politicians are blubbering, cheating, and lying terribly, by hook or by crook.

Is political communication good for the politicians themselves or is it for the people?

In February 2020, politicians declared the Covid pandemic and ordered worldwide shutdowns.

There have been increasing critical health issues for many millions of people, preponderantly due to multiple critical financial, health, mental and emotional effects.

Politicians followed the advises of scientists, and unknown authorities. They panicked their people with fear, horror, and worst-case scenarios.

Then, the authorities gave them hope on testing, and later, vaccinations with a new unproven technology.

The authorities ignored the mental needs of the people, believed in digital controls and one-sided or manipulated statistics.

What is a statistic about human life perspectives with very little parameters worth?

Instead of dealing with critical statements, governance ordered consequences for the deviants and proscribed them from the media.

Today in March 2022, we know from many top experts on the matter that all politicians have enormously exaggerated and lied to the world about the true facts. The Covid narrative is proving to be a horrendous scam on all of humanity today.

In every serious concern I must ask you: do you want to know the truth?

After deep psychological reflections to Covid, it became to me very evident:

This Covid program started running the evillest attack against humanity.

The goal was and still is the complete submission bound in fears for most of us.

There is even the suspicion that almost all of humanity is to be driven into poverty.

One must wonder if the Covid and vaccination program, already with many deaths, was and still is part of the program.

Today, we know that the Western alliance has started many wars for decades, and they have only justified them with lies.

This alliance has killed many millions of people around the globe for decades and destroyed entire countries.

Who became insanely rich through wars?

On the other side for example, for certain individuals the Covid Program also made many people insanely rich.

Does anybody have questions?

Who ask today for answers?

Facts have been and still are distorted, exaggerated, dramatized, converted into the opposite, etc.

With misinterpretations, inventing dramatic situations by mass media, endlessly bombarding horror scenarios on the TV, day, and night, combined with hell-like heated fear of countless dead and thousand coffins people were misled and still are today. Is this the “true Leadership Program”, they learned at universities?

Why do people have to be overwhelmed with uncountable, uncontrollable information from exaggerating mass media sources of all kinds?

Do you critically question about what you see and hear in the media?

A shudder of panic and mass extinction, etc., were presented from the propaganda machinery.

It looked, and looks today like a perfect Armageddon story, daily repeated throughout the worldwide well-prepared media machinery.

Greetings from Hollywood, computer game industry and the “Weapons of mass destruction”.

And today the Western Media present us a fake War story, hiding their own hell-like dirty games for 30 years.

By the way, was there ever a man on the moon?

Do you ask questions?

Or do you put your head in the sand?

What if the Covid Story, the Virus, is simply fictious, or at best an influenza, here and there a very heavy influenza, and therefore a huge fraud?

Billions of people have been and today still are exposed to this magic mega Covid lies.

Like an exorcism, state presidents and representatives of science and pharma industry ordered the police to subjugate the people at any moment of misbehaviour and refusal to obey.

Do you want to learn at least today the “True Face of Governance”?

Or better, do you want to see “The true Face of some evil Titans”?

50 years ago, it was said: “The police are your friend and helper”.

Politicians and other authorities pretend that they say the truth. Because they want to believe in their advisers and strengthen their position with medial influences.

The truth is, that all lies, exaggerations, pretentions, illusions and believes doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the truth.

What do you think about this kind of “truth”?

Can we conclude that those who form part of the Covid scam must be accountable?

Today: The Covid pandemic seems to be finished, governments say. But tomorrow they will present us other frightening horror about a new kind of viruses. Governance already declared that the Covid matter will go ahead for years to come.

Today, another game started: A war has broken out! With gigantic lies from the Western world. The War-Code is known since the Vietnam war and even since 1948.

Why must authorities always keep people in fears?

And why do they present us any kind of messages as truth?

Let us have a short look back some centuries with some key words:

There was the Opium war (Great Britain), China French war, Afghanistan war, Vietnam war, Iraq wars, state crimes, etc., etc., etc.

They all are based on cheating and lies for exploitation of countries, and for robbery, e.g., by the Spanish crown for 500 years, and hundreds of years from many other Western countries.

Who did profit and who profits today from lies, viruses, and wars?

All these and similar acts like commercial wars and ethic wars will be epigenetically unconsciously repeated until atonement.

What are wars good for?

They frighten, subjugate, and impoverish the people, empower the authorities, and alienate them from their people.

We must also mention the forced total subjugation of the natives worldwide, all round robbery, exterminations, devastations, perverse murders, and the most outrageous enslavements, with endless human suffering.

And, if this is not perverse enough, remember how innumerable humans suffered from religions: chopping off all body parts, abuse, total subjugation of the people, all round robbery, and hate for human life.

Everywhere are terrible nests of serpents for centuries and millennia.

What do you conclude now?

Wars were made in the name of Jesus Christ and the Christian Churches from 4th till 21st century in many countries worldwide.

Unimaginable suffering for centuries and millennia, also by religious rulers.

Are these acts of love, understanding, and respect for genuine human evolution?

It seems to me, the entire world is very sick and must be rebuilt fundamentally, otherwise there will never be peace on this planet.

During centuries, Europe became insanely rich with criminal and evil acting. We must add all the African dramas made from Europeans and Americans, for 500 years.

How many millions of aborigines have been robbed, enslaved, slaughtered, and killed?

The dramas in Latin-America are another shameless AMERICAN – and European drama.

Where is the robbed wealth now?

And finally, the US reached world power – how exactly?

Do you know the truth about the matters we present here?

All humans are epigenetically forced by their unsolved unconscious.

In simplified words: Humanity repeats this mess until the humans clean it themselves.

Today Western governments persist on their right, are not willing to negotiate, ignore calls for peace, order sanctions against others, and threaten with even harder measures.

Who are the arsonists?

Do you understand the question?

That’s all-what governance can, namely, to persist on their right, to ignore, to order, to provoke, and to threaten wherever and anyhow, only for their own sake.

And they understand themselves to be “the chosen” – chosen, what for?

Is this kind of leading the people constructive and positive, future oriented?

The history books are full of atrocities of all kinds from all governmental institutions, including religions, the economy, science, and education. Nowadays, almost everything goes similarly in digital systems with algorithms.

Always the already mighty people become even mightier.

Can you distinguish between the truth and a fake?

The problem humanity has today, is the need to turn to its inner human being, its soul, and its mind for worldwide reconciliation.

Today, the insanely rich people, the governance, the military, and other industries, the religions, the centuries-old elites, and the titans worldwide have taken and stored enormous sums of money.

Where is all this money hidden?

We could use it for a new evolutionary holistic (and spiritual) public education for the 8 billion, mentally preponderantly poor people.

From Spain to Africa, to Europe, to Switzerland, and the world around the globe public education is still poor in all matters of mental inner development.

The world today nurtures hype and narcissism instead of the Archetypes of the Soul.

What did you learn at school for your life?

For decades, I explored the systems of public education around the globe.

I am deeply shocked about all the lies in education, the misery, the collective subjugation, the dirty mass media, the brainwash, and the propaganda behind of all education systems.

The US contributed enormously to these horrors and suffering.

Why aren’t we allowed to really think, to question, to reason, and to learn?

It is breath-taking shocking how the modern human species around the globe remains poor in mind, soul, and human values.

And nobody asks questions!

Said in a psychological way: All humans are in extreme inner stress panicked with 1000 fears.

It seems, there are only hypocrites, cowards, narcissists, and mentally deformed and false people in all systems on this planet.

It is your planet.

You decide what you want to do with all the human visitors!

Who wants to bound humanity in fears?

It is even much worse: The processes of dehumanisation already have highly destroyed the genuine human evolution worldwide.

The power institutions have created a self-alienated species, transparent citizens, “numbers” to control them always and everywhere.

The governance and the “Mighty Titans” purposely design to hold the people stupid.

They want their development of the 22 mental functions as low as possible, with poorest thinking capacities, and bound in fears.

All human species, especially those in power positions, must transform themselves for a balanced beneficial life for all.

According to my observations from Andalucía up to the US, to the UK, to Afrika, and to the European states, including to China, all the masses of people, including people of the state administrations and people of any religion, are living their life with only 2-4 poor mental functions.

Why shall we only live with faith and believe, norms, and ideals, pleasure, and fears?

With the Covid narrative for 2 years now, it is not surprising that up to 80 percent of people have eaten the presented “cheese” in fear, panic, hysteria, and with magic thinking.

The authors of the Covid program will continue with their distortions. They want the people helpless, hoping and waiting on “remedy”.

Many authorities have the century-old book about how to subjugate the people.

And governments spokespersons continue to babble on statistics, and fool millions and today billions of people with their century-old “Manual”.

Do you recognise the real goal they have in their “Manual”?

In another way we observe: The poorer the mental capacity of the people, the more they are trapped in a delusional narcissism, and the easier the rulers can reign, steal, and exploit.

In the words of Chancellor Merkel, 2021, with my translation: “Covid is the punishment from God due to Sodom and Gomorrah”.


Very hot propaganda for whom?

And people believe it blindly.

Governance has become worldwide on many places totally perverse institutions. People are not allowed to ask questions. People must think only straight on. To obey is the absolute duty. It seems, for 1000 years and more nothing changed in the ways of control and submission.

Perverse punishments show us the state of the mind and soul of the rulers, the leaders, the holders of ministries, and the politicians in general.

For most governments there is only one way forward: Not left, not right, but strait with narrow blinkers. This can never create a collective human evolution but always wars.

Do politicians and governance in general, know that we all have 50 ways of thinking and questioning capacities?

Politicians, governance, and all use only one way of thinking:

“I do what I want!”

Can you see that this leads directly down to the hell?

Governance itself is in many state offices and their back offices trapped in delusional patterns. They all have no insight into the “inner call to become a fulfilled human”.

Isn’t it obvious that Governance is malformed and unable to lead the people?

The biggest error of Communism since centuries was and still is, to ignore that each human must learn to become responsible for his inner genuine development and the nurturing of his individual rich mind (the mental capacities).

Isms of all couleurs do not have an archetypal understanding of inner human development and fulfilment:

For them, only one small ideal line is right: to follow, to believe, and to obey 100 %.

Where does that lead humanity?

In the nowhere where humans lose their genuine potentials.

Do you know your inner potentials?

I advise to all representatives and leaders to explore, nurture, and develop the psyche, the mind, and soul of themselves, and of their people.

Anything else is a delusion as it ignores the genuine Archetypal Human Development.

In the European Politics (Parliaments), what are the ‘seat holders’ preponderantly good for?

Do they propose constructive goals for a good future on this earth?

The status quo of the mind of the masses, and of many governments and politicians, are ready for another war to slaughter all others in all ways.

That could kill billions of humans.

Do you know that?

Do you also want to play in this killing party?

The unsolved collective unconscious has reached the point of global explosion.

How stupid and short-sighted are the politicians that play cynically with the fire?

Who are the arsonists for centuries, and today?

They have always been carved from the same wood.

Sad is that the entire global youth today is trapped in delusions and stupidity from brainwashing.

They are unable to ask questions, to think deeper into the complex matters of their life, and to explore their mind and soul.

Do you want to find deeper meaning of life and genuine fulfilment?

People have a superficial understanding of the meaning of “Self-Identity”, “The Self”, and “Self-knowledge”.

They only look at uncountable “selfies” on their mobile.

Who knows something about the inner mirror, which shows the truth?

Have you heard that each human must explore, nurture, and develop himself in many ways and directions during the entire life span?

Back to the Governance and the world of politics in general:

We focus on Germany, Switzerland, and Austria which represent much of the entire political world.

I do also choose this approach as I was born in Switzerland, lived, studied, and worked there for 40 years.

Key impressions about these countries are:

Politicians have no genuine self-identity, no contemplation, no soul, a totally rigid mind, are inflated, incompetent, have no inner sovereignty, no flexibility, no genuine learning, no wisdom, are cynical, and have no relevant expertise knowledge.

They are interested in their fixed mind and not in their “mission” for the people.

Who cares?

Most people are submissive. Most people are primitive, stupid, dull, and archaic. People have no archetypal inner development.

Is it their fault?

Without inner development life directs their course in circles of endless poor repetition.

In the past, I very often observed people. Subconsciously I did not like most of these people. It always seemed to me that they lie, that they are false, superficial, or artificial, or undeveloped, cold in their heart, and in general “not good-hearted people”.

On the internet, I observed mostly and especially political people and authorities in general. Especially I discovered everywhere in their eyes their suppressed inner life – their narcissism.

What do you see in the eyes of people?

People are not simply nice: Many people are false, superficial, machinating, others sad or lost, and helpless in their soul.

Everywhere there are show-off people, boaster, dishonest people. Many are very poor in their soul and mind.

Practically most people have no genuine self-knowledge.

They don’t know that they have 22 mental functions that are to be developed.

I assume that most people in the past and today do not know what for they are on this planet.

My book: ‘Architecture of the Mind’ clarifies and can guide you and all humans.

Religious megalomania stifles inner evolution: it is all about obedience.

Do you know what for you are on earth?

During Covid I explored practically daily in real life and on the internet the hidden inner worlds of people. I wanted to understand better the actors in these political worlds.

Why must masses of people be dramatically lost?

Politicians lied with the support of science, pharma industries and mass media, misled and misinformed people, became violent, extremely arrogant, damaged the mind and soul of the people, the children, and the old people.

It seems, behind of all this is political exploitation down to the bottom.

Why did these politicians and head of states brutally traumatise the masses in many ways?

Politicians showed cynical attitudes in their behaviour towards all people.

Many actors knowingly accepted that people died because of the dictatorial control, punishments and heating up the worst horrifying scenarios by their “Authorities” (via mass media).

Who holds these actors accountable?

Today the Covid scam becomes obvious: The damages are gigantic worldwide. The behaviour of the authorities shows patterns of psychopathy, hate for life, hate for the children, hate for education, hate for the very old people.

Why does authorities hate the people, especially those who don’t believe everything blindly?

At the same time, now the “Third World War” is brewing. The Western political actors show total cynical attitudes towards Russia and China.

Now, people worldwide fear war.

What is this war-psychosis good for?

Psychosis dominated for 2 years the “Virus Narrative”.

And now, as if this was planned, the war between the Titans put the entire humanity into another psychosis.

It seems, politicians are acting for other hidden purposes. US, UK, NATO, and Europe blindly follow their own madness.

But the problem of the Western side is a perverse religious problem, already 3.000 years old.

I was searching for wisdom in the eyes of warmongers and discovered hate for life.

Is there any wisdom in Europe and in the US?

The West will accept up to 300 and 500 million migrants: using them for global war and cheap workforce!

The political actors in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, and all other European Countries are void of wisdom, void of the ability to negotiate, void of respect for the concerns of Russia, China, and other countries.

Why can’t we look for real peace?

Governance has only one tool: to sanction, to order, and if necessary to menace the people with World War 3!

Some say: “We do not negotiate anything!”

That is the word of archaic men since millennia.

It seems, nobody wants to see how inefficient yet destructive this attitude is.

I was searching everywhere in Europe to find leaders with genuine character, leaders with foresight, leaders with a healthy mind and soul.


How perverted are rulers to keep a journalist in a maximum-security prison for years, to break him (Assange), to decompose his mind and soul, even though he only uncovered the truth?

This is perverse!

This is sick!

This is the Western mendacity!

I must say, apart from some positive examples, politics and governance are the worst species on this planet:

The worst evildoer for centuries and continuously since end of the Second World War, and continuously today, is the Western Megalomania.

Is this method a relic from the middle age?

Such rulers, leaders and state presidents are poor in mind and soul!

They have no right to lead humanity.

I recommend the authorities to hold back from middle age attitudes.

Observing the many arguments from all sides, and especially the communications from the Western side toward Russia, it shows an archaic world not better than the world 7.000 years ago, including the dark religion.

To the today authorities, I ask you: “Set a sign for a new World”.

Liberate Assange Now! Put him under house arrest if you must.

Look in your own evil face.

You will realize, you have billions in debt in your soul. Rulers killed endless millions of people, destroyed their lives and entire countries.

Why nothing essential has changed?

From my academic career I learned: Not one of the Western leaders I would hand out an academic “Leadership Diploma” with “The Right to Lead”.

So many authorities have no Spirit, no soul, but much primitive one-dimensional mind – an incredible evolutionary spiritual loss.

What’s about the global threats of our collapsing ecosystems?

The Western world of governance, NATO included, has not understood that the world has 18 immense global threats to manage for not to lose all the ecosystems for humanity within a century.

The US is very small with 320 million citizens. Estimated 40% are not even native and unwilling or not allowed to be “American”.

The rest of the world population (an estimated 90%; the nearly 8 billion people) can easily suffocate all Western oppressors since centuries, Europeans included.

What would happen if a billion of Chinese people walk to Europe? –

If another one billion Indians walk to Amerika? –

If a further one billion people annihilate the white people? –

If another billion of people in Latin-America wipe out the white race?

The Western rulers in the US, in the UK, and in Europe have a very narrow mind. They are rigid like stubborn kids. They are unwilling to see into their own inner mirror like the priests and authorities in general too.

They have a very childish behaviour in negotiations, and a self-presentation towards the world population that is genuinely primitive.

They are driven by a sickening narcissism that poisons the entire world. They only want 100 % believers and followers.

What is their “Education” good for?

All these archaic rulers and their servants must be replaced by a new generation of leaders with a healthy pre and postnatal biography.

They must develop all their capacities to love, to care, and to protect humanity on this planet.

They need high learning abilities for the past, and essential potential today for conflict resolutions and peace all over.

To you, all the rulers, do you know that you repeat the past and nothing else for millennia?

What for?

Is it worth to lose your friends, your own kids, your partner, your wife, your beloved ones, your own inner mission for the Archetypal processes of the Soul?

Since 1948, until today, the world experienced many wars, triggered, and managed from the Western World (US and NATO).

Not one war was legitimated!

Was it worth all the wars and the killing of millions of people after WW2 up to today, including the ‘Genocide’ of the Palestinian People, committed by the Western coalitions; and also have provoked for years the actual Conflict with Ukraine?

I have here the Western Alliance Bombing List

Korea and China: 1950-53,        Guatemala 1954,   Indonesia 1958,
Cuba 1959-1961,   Guatemala 1960, Vietnam 1961-1973,          Congo 1964,
Laos 1964-1973,    Cambodia 1969-70,         Guatemala 1976 69,
El Salvador 1980,  Nicaragua 1980,    Grenada 1983,       Lebanon 1983, 1984,
Libya 1986, Iran 1987,    Panama 1989,        Iraq 1991-2003,     Somalia 1993,
Bosnia 1994, 1995,           Sudan 1998,            Afghanistan 1998,
Yugoslavia 1999,   Yemen 2002,          Iraq 2003-2015,
Afghanistan 2001-2015, Pakistan 2007 – 2015,     Somalia 2007, 2008, 2011,
Libya 2014-2015,  Syria, Lebanon 2015 …

Add the Sanctions from USA!

How many leaders have they killed?

How many countries have become submissive?

How many suckers dictate nations?

How many states have been threatened from US?

Much more about this insanity you find in my book: “Politics”

The biggest threat to the world was and is today the USA and NATO.

Another threat is the blinded, delusional, and primitive human.

They all judges without thinking, reflecting, questioning and reasoning first.

Billions of people are lazy, ignorant, arrogant, opiniated, crawler, and blinded, in front of women many are excited about the ice queen, and about the men.

The truth is, they all are corroded in mind and soul.

To the people I can say: Go to war! Enjoy the death! Feel excited with all the torn corpses, the blood, and the legs and heads lying around, the blood from the corpses, and the meaningless stupid heroes for the Devil, the many Titans.

A sea of blood everywhere stimulates exciting orgasms, and now: run for war?

Killing another soldier, with knife or a gun, or a tank, the man called the enemy, with family and partner and friends, and a soul.

All lose their future with pain in the soul.

Is this the US politics with triggering wars and provoking wars?

Pathetic creatures are so many around, just for the sake of stupidity and for some titans.

The Western leaders of all sorts think they have power. But they do not have any bit of power.

They are simply epigenetically forced to repeat the past of 7.000 and more years.

What for?

For 50 years now I endlessly studied to understand the global mess in all systems.

For 50 years I studied how we could change the world for Archetypal Development.

My recommendation to reset the world for peace:

I recommend dissolving the EUROPEAN UNION, going back and retreat into independent single nations, with provinces of 80 % independence (from central government), and to restart at cero a new era with new genuine rules for Europe, and, also for the world.

Additionally, all public education must be rebuilt to enable people for a deeper meaning of life to become a strong and holistically balanced person. Public education must be rebuilt in all-encompassing genuine human ways with lifelong programs.

That is the only way to create peace on earth.

All murder-states (including US and many European countries) must go through a catharsis and a process of forgiveness and reconciliation for all their atrocities and lies worldwide since centuries up to today.

All countries and oceans must be cleaned from the military scrap.

Many horrifying rulers must ask their own people for forgiveness.

All religions are trapped in the same structural principles of exploitation and submission. They also must transform themselves and ask their believer for forgiveness.

Best would be to start right now: all armies go back into their barracks.

And then, we start creating a new architecture for global peace and balance.

Either the rulers and the people start to learn now, or one day the psychical-spiritual evolution of humanity leads to its end.

Keep in mind: The entire global mess started with a very malformed mind thousands of years ago.

Today everything is rotten, but perfectioned, and prepared for its doom.

A Swiss Proverb: “You are bitten by monkeys.”

Think about and talk to me before it is too late!

It seems that humanity and governments are unaware of how close they are to the brink – the self-made creeping Armageddon!

You are already in the activated highly alarming zone.

Humanity stays at the point of no return: through the rigid, narrow, stubborn, mal-nurtured, disfigured, soulless, inflexible, dull, and malformed mind.

I would give some advice to the blended Western Rulers, I strongly recommend to all parties in the Western world, now to be 100% silent, and not to take any action that can set the world on fire.

Better we talk for a road map that leads out of the mess within 10 years.

Thousands of years ago, someone invented “Abraham” to subdue the people. Since then, warmongers wage repeatedly the worst wars in human history – until today.

That’s pure epigenetics.

There are some people that have only one purpose: Deicide!

Means, to kill God and his creations.

I studied education with all the contexts, and much more about humanity for 50 years, with a special focus about the “Archetypes of the Soul” and the genuine fulfilment of humanity.

2.000 years ago, the world got from a “messenger” the roadmap towards fulfilment.

The mission failed very quickly.

Today again, humanity receives the modern “roadmap” from the same messenger.

In the same context, today I request you again:

Enable me the space and the resources so I can start with you the program of the “Archetypal Reset of Humanity”.

I will teach you, the people, the experts, the leaders, and the authorities how to “cleanse” humanity for peace and for the path towards fulfilment.

Be aware, nobody enters the paradise for free.

At best, I may need around 10 years of active performance capacity.

In the worst case I send all your souls on an icy planet for 200.000 years.

This is neither a joke, nor a bluff.

Unfortunately, I cannot walk over the surface of the sea. I cannot transform water into wine.

In the best case, I forgive you all.

But this is not for free. You need to proof that you deserve it.

In the context of the actual conflict (Ukraine, US, and the NATO), I offer you together with the 18 global threats and the Archetypal Reset, concepts, and strategies, to reshape the world.

You are welcome to talk to me for appropriate measures.

I am 100% ready.


The Messenger, called also the “RC”.


My journey was 50 years of riding in hell, going through the desert, always pushed, and guided by my dreams.

I scream at the universe, bloody hell: “I really wasn’t looking for this task!

Dr Eduard Schellhammer