The 10 New Commandments

Written with the guidance of the inner Spirit in the responsibility for the creation, the earth and humanity based on 40 years of inner experiences about all Archetypes of the Soul, experienced in dreams and formed through these Archetypes of the Soul in the frame work of my own psychical-spiritual development up to the highest possible level given since ever and forever.

1. Commandment: GOD IS EVERYTHING
God is the fountainhead of all life; and God is also the Spirit. Each human soul is created from this fountainhead and lives in eternal development. Value, promote and form the human being since prenatal time according to the immanent ‘software’ of the many mental functions and the all-sided balanced life; live and grow from your inner being with the inner Spirit and with love.

2. Commandment: ONLY GOD IS GOD
You shall not abuse God or the Spirit for egoistic and compensatory purposes, or greed for power, ego-enhancement, exploitation of humans and the earth. Nobody is entitled to ban or condemn humans in the name of God. Jurisdiction in the spiritual world is solely and exclusively reserved for a true Messiah (prophet) in the world of the souls with the power of attorney from God.

3. Commandment: YOUR LIFE AND AIM
Regularly take enough time to contemplate about yourself, your life, your fellow human beings, humanity and the earth. The highest aim in your life is to aspire and to live your all-sided balanced completeness in the evolutionary development. A human is a human through his psychical-spiritual organism that must be developed. Herein lies the beginning and the aim of human evolution.

The marriage between man and woman is an untouchable archetype and shall not be abused. Dignify being father and being mother as a high value. To educate a child is a demanding responsibility that must be embedded in the polarity of man and woman as a couple or male-female social living concept. ‘Man’, ‘woman’, ‘family’ and ‘marriage’ are eternal Archetypes that shall be protected.

You shall not be violent against humans or kill humans. A state has never got the right to kill a human as punishment or to violate humans physically or psychically; not even in the frame of a persecution or investigation. You also shall not provoke other humans in a way to create a desperate situation so that they become violent. Violence against children, physical and emotional, is a heavy sin.

6. Commandment: LOVE AND SEXUALITY
Live your genuine physical and psychical needs in a balanced way. Do not act against love or the inner Spirit. You shall not devalue the natural sexual needs, nor suppress them, nor live them in a perverted way. Live your sexuality with your opposite gender partner in a human way and with love. You shall not create a baby if you cannot transmit valuable development for the future.

Do not exploit humans and institutions. You shall not take away from other people or from institutions what is their right to possess. Humans, the economy and states do not have the right to exhaustively exploit resources. No human, no institution and no state shall have enough power to create a national or global imbalance or to damage other states by means of sanctions or other detrimental means.

Acknowledge yourself and love yourself. From this state love the human being. You shall not make a wrong image of yourself. You shall not ignore, suppress or displace the realities with the purpose of gaining advantage or damaging humans or institutions. You shall not cheat others. You shall never abuse political, economic, educational, emotional and religious or media power.

9. Commandment: SOCIAL STRUCTURE
Society, state and humanity shall be created and developed in the attitudes of love and rooted in the inner Spirit, in a way that every human can realize and develop in a protected life frame. It is an absolute imperative from God that society and humanity shall not be militarized. People must participate in political and social responsibilities and the people in power must serve all the people.

Protect with your way of living the nature, the richness of the earth and its resources in the interest of the community of humans and the genuine human needs – also for the future generations. In the interest of the divine human evolution (development), all folks shall develop and live with highest regard for the psychical-spiritual values and the vivid Archetypes of the Soul.

This is a general framework. For the right interpretations a periodic revision is indispensable.
RC Dr. Eduard Schellhammer 2019.