Swiss-Ukraine Peace Talks Revealed.

A Swiss-proposed Peace conference which seeks to create a platform for an advanced dialogue focused on developing strategies to secure a comprehensive, fair, and enduring peace for Ukraine, consistent with international law and the UN Charter will take place on June 15-16th in Lucerne. Its goal is to foster a shared vision for a framework of benefit to this aim and to outline a specific plan for Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian/Russian peace process. More than 160 delegates from around the world have been invited to take part. Russian diplomats have not received a formal invitation to participate. Moscow has stated they have no interest in the peace talks under current conditions. So, we are left with a simple question; what can come of these negotiations if one of the key players has not been officially invited?

The Historical Context of the Ukrainian Conflict

This Swiss Proposal which aims to create a framework favourable to a comprehensive and lasting peace in Ukraine, as well as a concrete roadmap for Russia’s participation in the peace process will in my opinion and that of many others have limited possible effects. To understand my Concern, we must consider a period of unrest in Ukraine including the 1986 Chornobyl disaster, the formalisation of the People’s Movement of Ukraine in 1988 and in 1989 A series of strikes by coal miners which began in the Donbas in 1989, incited by simultaneous strikes by miners in Russia. These strikes, while primarily based on economic hardships, were also pro-independence in nature; the strike leaders expressed overt support for the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union so that the country could better manage its economy. Now you can understand that the Ukrainian conflict’s roots started well before 1988 since their independence from the Soviet Union. In truth, this conflict is the result of a ticking bomb that was set in motion about 300 years ago. And now, we have the upcoming Swiss Conference in Lucerne.

Personal Insights

Allow me to briefly mention something about my life that relates to this current crisis. I have always had vivid dreams, ever since I began high school as a boy in Lucerne.  Later, I dreamed about upcoming wars, which I constantly rejected even though they have plagued me throughout life. Over months, thousands of dreams about an approaching serious conflict that would affect all of Europe made it impossible for me to stay in Lucerne or Zürich. These dreams told me incessantly to go to Spain. Even though I had already gained my PhD. and was at the pinnacle of a successful academic career. “Go to Spain with your wife and two children they all will die. Your children will die in a terrible war; your wife, your children, and your Mission.” These dreams instructed. “War is going to break out and will affect all of Europe.” I rejected the idea of leaving Switzerland behind uncountable times but in the end, deep within me I knew that the war could break out soon so, the move was inevitable. Therefore, I gave up our Swiss life and came to Spain! The dreams had told me that I would need to learn a lot here. When I arrived, From the time of Gorbachev in 1988 till today I warned authorities, but they were all blinded. I also wrote uncountable letters to European authorities describing my situation and my dreams but received silence as the stern reply. Nobody answered, and the war did not break out over the following months.

Still undaunted and convinced of the imminent crises I started researching politics, conflict, economics, education, religion, and humanity under the spotlight spread over thousands of years recounting countless wars. This was the biggest challenge in my life. After decades I finally got to the bottom of the matter and discovered the root cause of humanity’s immense suffering in life. Today, it is time to tell all these delegates why they will never be able to establish peace on Earth. A key consideration that must not be forgotten here is that NATO rejected Russia’s request for a protective distance between its borders and that of Ukraine. Later 2 years ago an iron-tight peace treaty was offered but the U.S. and U.K. blocked this treaty. They also rejected further offers from Putin for possible solutions. The question is, who forced them to start the War?

Critical View on Peace Negotiations

To conclude I would like to share a question and a message for Viola Amherd President of the Swiss Confederation. Do you have the understanding, capacity or even soul to bring about peace? The uncomfortable truth is that nobody is capacitated to negotiate peace talks. Embarrassing as it may be most people lost their minds millennia ago.  It is said that humans have 5 senses. However, I found that we have 22 mental functions but use in general only 2. This leaves the door wide open for lies to spread like wildfire, and fake news to take a foothold in society and war to ensue.  Primitive humans today still rein and hold ancient, outdated roles in an outdated societal structure.

Dear Viola, you will not be able to establish peace on Earth in the Ukraine, even forsaking all the other global conflicts taking place at present. Even you have said that there is no guarantee that this initiative will be successful, and it will not immediately yield a peace deal. The first step must be to start cleaning out U.S. U.K. and NATO players. You cannot invite any American delegate to participate in the conference because they all planned and executed today’s Ukrainian conflict.  You will only suffer stormy waters at sea as your mind and soul are not designed for this role. I do not know if it is worth offering you the golden key for a new age.

It is well documented within psychology that everyone carries their unconscious from their family and past, but there is also a so-called collective unconscious, which takes part in the deepest layers of humanity’s creation, in all major events and periodically resurfaces. This unconscious inner being operates from the deepest collective being around the globe proving that nothing is automatically erased.

It can be said that all of humanity is increasingly operating at one extreme or another of the collective unconscious. Therefore, there can never be a new healthy world, peace, or a new positive earthly world in evolutionary development.

However today, a collective catharsis from the collective unconscious is possible. A kind of gift from heaven. Herein lies the golden key that I refer to. It is within your power to obtain this key or simply to throw it away until humanity is wiped out. You can also see it this way: Who among you has the strength of spirit, and the authority to forgive all the earthly evildoers? This is your problem and not mine!