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Leadership Program

The TOP-UP Global Leadership Program
Individual Training – Group Training on Request
Duration: 5 Days: One topic per day: estimated 4 hours per day

1: Introduction: Individual Explorative first Sessions: Motives, Aims, Concerns.
An Inner Renewal: From prenatal on, the mind stores relevant experiences. Periodic catharsis is necessary.
B Principles of the Outer Mission: The outer mission requires a healthy mind, understanding, a rich soul.
C Dynamic of the Mental Architecture: Human experiences are stored, shape the mind, and repeat itself.
D Humans have 22 Mental Functions, but use only 2-3 functions: Magic, rigid, dogmatic, and poor thinking.
E Global Public Education: Learning capacities are immense; but Governments purposefully ignore 95%.

2: Analysis of Foundation
A Nurturing mind, knowledge, skills, and soul: If people do not learn lifelong, they are poor in their being.
B Rulers of all kinds, and the people in general, repeat since 7000 years and up to today the same failures.
C Humans can learn to build up a genuine self-identity with critical thinking and understanding meaning.
D People can learn and apply the many holistic mental capacities; but it requires reading and dedication.
E People can learn how to develop and strengthen all kinds of inner potentials for lifelong enrichments.

3: Understanding the Lost Humanity
A All systems of authorities since millennia have abused, misled, and subjugated the people in sick ways.
B The world population never understood that all people are called to be on a journey towards fulfilment.
C The entire humanity will never evolve if they do not explore the insane failure in all millennia systems.
D Not even rulers know how they are lifelong trapped in their unconscious mind and in epigenetic laws.
E To create a free humanity, all people must understand how they are coded and already shaped prenatal.

4: Practical Skills and Methods to Nurture Humanity
A Humanity is highly stupefied but needs building up a clean and structured mind with increasing wisdom.
B Humanity has lost the countless ‘Human Values’ that should be adapted for life and inner enrichment.
C Public Education never had a genuine concept for holistic learning about mind, life, nurturing, and soul.
D Rulers in general never wanted for the really educated people with capacities, self-responsibility.
E Being human has lost genuine values: Rationality encompass Thinking; Spirituality encompass Meaning.

5) The Insane failures in all Systems since Millennia
A The world must learn the millennia failures and analyse 7000 years of political failure and evil doing.
B The 8 billion humans tell us: An uncared mind becomes submissive, decomposed, and lost in all senses.
C The fatal historic mistake: Procreation under poor conditions leads to stupidity, fear, and psychosis.
D People must become responsible for their inner development, for peace and real democracy.
E A complete archetypal reset of humanity requires a new understanding of education and being human.

Periodic Further TOP-UP Seminars:
Participants of this pioneering training can come back for any consultation.
The Institute will offer further discovering with seminars of 1 to 5 days.
A Global Reset includes a global collective inner responsibility of all people.
A Global Catharsis, encompassing minimum 7 millennia, requires Guidance.
As most systems are rotten to the core, education is the inner and outer key.