The one-week intensive Leadership Program offered by the Schellhammer Institute is directed by Professor Dr. Edward Schellhammer are unique and challenging with an aim for global renewal. Geared towards Executives, Industry Leaders, Politicians, Governments Officials and all those seeking for a New Age for Humanity. Let us together usher in a new Age: The New Archetypal Age, rooted in the true meaning of human existence.

A Better You for a Better World


o The Higher Aims of Inner Renewal to Create Strength
o Think And Learn How to Nurture the World
o Architecture of the Mind: Rules for Life and Development
o The 22 Mental Functions That Can Save The World
o Building Inner Strength for a Global Education
o Critical Emotional Parameters Require Understanding


o The Roots of Global Degeneration Can Be Ripped Out
o The Vital Inner Human Parameters will Transform the World
o Only Archetypal Development Can Free the World
o Stored Human Experiences Shape the Past and The Future
o Systemic Failures Converge: A Problem for Millennia
o Population Growth Suffocating Humanity Can Be Transformed


o Higher Aims Require a Longer Journey That Benefits Humanity
o 2000 Dogmas to Fight and Suffer Over for Nothing but Blindness
o Regroup The Interactive Networks to Create a New World
o Knowledge And Learning Is Crucial for Life and For All Humanity
o Life In a Brainless Delusional World Can Be Transformed into Genuineness
o Lifelong, The Mind Does Not Forget Stupidity and Will Only End in Armageddon


o 2000 Years of Fear, Guilt and Psychosis Only Benefits the Ruler Elite
o Human Brutality in The Name of God Can Be Changed Globally
o Halleluiahs And the Crucifix Only Serve to Encourage Delusional Disorder
o Political Lies and More Lies, To Cover More Lies Lead to Chaos and Destruction
o The Dogma of Archaic Systems Creates a Decomposing Humanity
o The Democracy Scam: The Mirage of Equality, Freedom and Happiness


o Interactions In a Complex World Require Rebalancing Humanity
o Categorising The Global Mess Is the First Step to Cleaning Up the World
o Aimless Human Creation Is a Matter of Informed Holistic Education
o Procreation With a Poor Mind Causes Misery and Is a Crime with Lifelong Pain
o The Mind Does Not Forget and Repeatedly Makes the Same Mistakes
o Dreams And Meditation Expands Understanding of the Human Drama


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    Get To Know the World Behind What is Visible To Give you a Unique Chance
    for Success and Personal Fulfillment Based on the Truth about the Hidden Fundamental Human Realities.