Religious Education

All Christian dogmas, doctrines and practices have nothing to do with the psychical-spiritual (mental) functions of humans. Dogmas have nothing in common with the archetypal mental-spiritual development and a constructive inner and holistic development. Nor do they have anything to do with true love, which means infinitely more than the usual instinctive love of most people. Without profound self-knowledge and self-development, guided also by dreams and meditation, the archetypal mental-spiritual development is not possible. Without meditation and the use of the messages of dreams, the “inner path” to wholeness, completeness and fulfillment is not possible. That’s the opportunity cost: Religious education or the inner journey for fulfillment.

  • Religious dogmas, teachings and practices ignore the deep meaning of being (becoming) human.
  • Religions are not interested in deep and all-encompassing self-knowledge and development.
  • Religions exclude the economic, psychological and biological dimensions of human beings.
  • Religions ignore holistic, archetypal and human development aiming fulfilment.

That is why religions are never infallible. They deform already prenatal the archetypal development of the 22 mental functions. This is a perversion of human nature.

Fabricated History of Religion:

  • The story that Abraham sacrificed his son to God’s will is a legend.
  • The mass exodus of the Jews from Lower Egypt never took place.
  • Jericho never had a wall and did not even exist in Joshua’s time.
  • There never was a state of Israel and Judea.
  • A settlement of Israel by Abraham never happened.
  • Abraham and his story with his son and with God never existed.
  • It is impossible that Isaac ever existed.
  • Illustrated findings are evidence that the legends about Joseph were an invention.
  • The incidents of the 12 sons of Jacob in Egypt are seriously questionable.
  • The data from excavations in Egypt are not compatible with the data of Moses.
  • A mass exodus from Egypt under Ramses seems to be completely invented.
  • An invasion of over 100 years under Joshua could hardly have happened.
  • A “golden age” of Israel under David and Salomon is simulated.
  • The whole story about Jacob is wrong.
  • There are no archaeological findings about the structures of a kingdom of David.
  • A large kingdom with a temple city Jerusalem did not exist in Judah’s time.
  • Archaeological findings show that the invasion did not take place under King Josiah.
  • False stories about King Omri, Ahab and Jezebel camouflage the history of Israel.

Religion is always built up by mental functions. Mental functions must be shaped according to their inherent coding (“software”). Since millennia malformed (archaic, magic) religion brainwash prenatal and postnatal the fetus and baby. These influences shape prenatal and postnatal the development of the 22 mental functions. Malformed mental functions create a malformed religion. And malformed religion creates malformed humans. Malformed humans behave ‘badly’ and therefore malformed humans destroy the planet and all archetypal human values.

There is no escape from this vicious circle. Humans are made dependent on delusions, hype, heated up exceptional self-image, inflated ego, narcissistic illusions; they are addicted in mind and soul. It’s a kind of ‘cocaine’ that gives some relief but requires endless more ‘cocaine’ every day.