Religious Cocaine

All religions are heavily contaminated by delusions, lies, manipulations, brainwashing, propaganda, fairy tales and fabrications – worse than cocaine and heroine combined. Everywhere people pretend to be exceptional, chosen by God or Jesus Christ. Men and women, here and there, want to give birth to a ‘New Son of God’. Their soul is a nest of lies, falseness, hypocrisy, perversion, delusion and psychosis.

The religious virus in all religions, often hidden, destroys human evolution.

We do not deny God, on the contrary: God is the eternal source of life.
This website is not for fundamentalists, dogmatists, those who need ‘cocaine’.
The religious ‘cocaine’ (or ‘heroine’) entirely erodes a healthy human mind.
It is not much better with politics, governance, the economy and education.
You do not have to believe anything here; everything here is comprehensible.
In contrast, archaic religion has no archetypal concept of human development.

Every article here promotes thinking and searching for the inner truth.
Before you argue with neurotic constructions, start with self-knowledge.

The genuine archetypal religion is totally simple and easy to comprehend.
Everything starts with you and ends also with your level of fulfillment.


Never start a revolution. Never make noise. Avoid conflicts.
Diligently have sex with your loved one and create a baby,
Nurture the prenatal and postnatal baby the best possible way.
The baby, male or female, shall get the opportunity to become a leader.
25 years later you have a healthy future young leader for humanity.

But time is running out.

The world needs a new breed of leaders within 10, 15, 20 years.
If 20 million couples create a baby and nurture it the best possible way,
If every year another 20 million young people create a baby for the future,
then in 20-30 years humanity will have cleaned the global house from the pestilence.

Send your kid to SBS for a Bachelor or Master program.
And from then on, later every human must carefully elect the new leaders.