Pandora: Part 3

A Beacon of Hope: Charting the Path to a War-Free Future

It is not too late! We still have the gift and freedom to act, to learn or to lie in darkness. People can still learn to trust their inner voice. Even though billions have been killed in vain and in the intoxication of death, the soul dies too in a kind of collective suicide through economic greed and a grade of blindness that is powerful enough to send us over the edge and destroy the entirety of humanity and the natural world. Primitive, are the rulers who are given the keys to destruction, and the ability to eliminate all human life.

So, this final message serves to establish the ground rules for a world without war and the root of all wars. We lie within the constructs and the confines of the millennial elites’ prison. The big picture is that the strongest few have always subjugated the weaker many and the absence of worthwhile education and nurturing always created imbalance. Today we still live in a world created with various Caste levels and these levels of elites use their power and superiority to control other countries.

There are an estimated 200 top elites and sub-elites who control us all. I call this list the top 200 Exploiter list. Put simply, these 200 elites subjugate nearly everyone all their lives. Their tools are exploitation, Religion, control of information, poverty, and low-quality education.

The world’s top leaders, presidents, titans, and other players are involved in this process. One solution could be to never allow the people to be called to the battlefield for these Elites’ interests. Over the years it has been seen time and again that these people are the biggest liars, and they can’t be trusted. Today they accumulate billions and trillions of dollars and then threaten humanity with nuclear power. These lazy, greedy, cowards and hypocrites need to go back to school and re-learn what it means to be human. I know how to cleanse their spirit and mind. The New Messenger has everything necessary to re-educate them so that humanity can save its future. This is the only way to prepare to construct a new humanity for the next 2000 years.