Hollow Belief

Powerless Religion

6 billion people believe in a God with countless ideas
2.4 billion Christians + 1.8 billion Muslims + 30 million Jews
The story is made up of 5,000 years of countless ideas about God
There are universities with a Christian spirit and no peace on earth
Buddha and his followers could not make a breakthrough
The “chosen” Jewish people could not create peace on earth
Jesus Christ and Christianity could not create peace on earth
The Prophet Muhammad could not make peace on earth

Something is completely wrong with religion! The state of humanity, the ecosystems and the world is caused by a misshapen religion and therefore also of misshapen politicians and a malformed global economy.

The Big Failure

2.2 to 2.4 billion Christians have failed.
1.5-1.8 billion Muslims have failed.
Other religions also failed.
All political ideologies have failed.
All spiritual concepts have failed.
Over a billion atheists have failed.
Millions of politicians have failed.
Millions of economists have failed.
Popes and Cardinals have failed.
All sincere worship failed.
Governments have failed terribly.
People in power reproduce the old patterns.
Monarchies, aristocracies have failed.
Sovereigns and sheikhs failed.
Public education failed.
Most academic teaching failed.
Millions of media have failed.
Millions of CEOs have failed.
A majority of parents failed.
A large majority of adults have failed.
Most people are brainwashed to fail.
All the great successes of history have failed.

It’s high time to explore and develop from scratch the mystery of ‘being human’, the deep meaning and human development.

God’s Work

Did God help the soldiers on the Verdun battlefield?
Did God help the Russians in Stalingrad against Hitler’s army?
Does God help the 10 million people who die of hunger every year?
If a human puts a note in a sacred wall, does God then help?
Could God have prevented the drama of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Does God help the billions of people living in extreme poverty?
Does God help you when you throw a coin into a “holy” well?
Put a glass of water in a corner of your room: Does this banish the “evil”?
Holy water in the church often contains bacteria, Staphylococci. Healthy?
He died in his car with 3 per mil alcohol. Did God “bring him home”?
Is “the flesh of Jesus” in the Host, therefore more than gluten, flour and water?
Can God do something about global contamination and climate change?
What is Jesus doing in the hereafter? Does he sit eternally next to Mary and God?