Helpless God

“God Almighty”, it is often said. But God has no nuclear bombs. It is even worse: God is powerless over people. God has no power on earth to control events. Billions of times people pray to God: “God (father) help me!” Could God help the soldiers on the battlefield in Verdun? Could God help the soldiers in Stalingrad? Could God help with all the Western powers’ wars since 1945? No. God could not help and generally cannot help.

  • You can write your wishes and requests on little notes to God; God never answers.
  • You can pray every day as often and as intimately as you can; but God never answers.
  • They can say, “There is no God.” But that’s wrong and totally stupid.
  • The crucifix with the nailed Jesus has a clear message: God cannot help!
  • It is the people themselves who nail the inner truth of “being human” to the cross.
  • For centuries and millenniums, people have come to terms with their evolution or regression.
  • God could not and cannot help; at least not in a way that people wish for.

It is striking to see how Christians since the Vulgate 367 AD (381-382 AD) endlessly parrot what the experts at that time put together as the “truth”. This is called “bondage” or “brainwashing, or a fabrication ordered by Cesar. Of course, the “sacred truth” had to be reworked from this time to today occasionally – nevertheless, remains “untouchable”. All the distortions and psychotic ideas are nothing but sexual repression or perverted sexuality; always also stunted mental functions.

  • 95% of people do not want to learn, are mentally reduced by parents and their environment.
  • 95% of people do not want to think, do not think critically, do not even ask critical questions.
  • 95% of people believe something but never want to know the inner truth.
  • 95% of people have been subjected to all kinds of brainwashing for millennia.
  • 95% of people blindly submit to the propaganda of politics and religion.
  • 95% of people are mentally decomposed; Media decompose all values.
  • 95% of people refuse self-knowledge and responsibility about their development.

It seems that it is 99.9%. The bitter conclusion: God has no chance, neither a new, true prophet would have a chance. Very few people are interested in the inner development and truth. Almost all people are driven by their unconscious, by internal burdens since birth. They are driven by an ‘auto-pilot’. In the Christian faith, humans are coward and hypocritical. They are too lazy to thoroughly explore the inner truth. Most of them are also arrogant and completely addicted to religious psychosis. Most of humanity is trapped and lost in a dark labyrinth, in a state of delirium, controlled and exploited by the “invisible hand” of politics, economics and religion.

The songs “Halleluiah” and “Ave Maria” among others are very touching, but there is a psychotic virus in it.

A nuclear bomb could solve a lot of the problems these people cause.

People do not even want to recognize the hard facts about the dramatic state of the planet. For their ego, their narcissism, their greed, their righteousness, their stubbornness (a destroyed mental function), their own stupidity, their big mouth and their hatred for their own inner life they must look away.