Having a Baby

What are motives that people procreate a baby?

  1. Attitude: A woman is only a real woman if she gives birth
  2. The parental family was bad; the couple wants to create a better family
  3. A child guarantees some sort of ‘pension payment’ in the future
  4. To have someone take care of them (e.g. health) when they get old
  5. Friends already have a child (or children) and get a lot of social attention
  6. There is no other important meaning to life other than to have a child
  7. Culture: It’s the entire culture that expects a woman to give birth
  8. To have a child enhances the ego, self-esteem, meaning of life, happiness
  9. A man is only a real man if he has a family (children), which gives pride
  10. The woman (the man) wants to make it better than their parents did
  11. Man/woman expects to find happiness through having a baby
  12. Religion commands it and governments need soldiers, taxpayers
  13. Many blindly obey the social pressure to have a child (children)
  14. The belief that their genes are very special with unique talents
  15. In some cultures, childless women are often treated as ‘outcasts’
  16. Pride to be a productive member of society
  17. It’s simply the very strong urge to procreate
  18. They want to propagate their family name
  19. They feel to be second-class citizens; a baby upgrades them
  20. Many people bring a baby into this world without thinking
  21. The couple is bored and is longing for happiness with having a baby
  22. To please parents, friends, the church, the social environment
  23. Others have a baby, so I too want a baby (without any thinking)
  24. Simply want to give affection, love and care because babies are cute
  25. Parents want the love from their children (not the other way around)
  26. Pregnancy and childbirth are a superior meaning of life
  27. Many people simply don’t know why they want to have a baby
  28. Hidden political motive: To avoid that (many) women enter in top-leader positions
  29. Hidden economic motive: To avoid that (many) women enter in CEO positions
  30. Hidden religious motive: To avoid that women become a significant religious authority
  • Children should be brought into this world only for their own sake and not for the interests of its parents.
  • People should only procreate a baby if they can transmit valuable development for the next generation.
  • Procreating a baby can create a lifelong drama for the baby if the parents are mentally much reduced, undeveloped in general.