Christmas Message to the World

Foreword: Christmas this 2020 promises to be like no other. With governments around the world hell bent on more lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing and fines to ensure complete breakdown of social fabric, complete destruction of the middle class and total oppression of family values. Fortunately, this year Christmas is also a turning point: The last opportunity for every individual around the globe to decide for a new future, a new path towards the light. Contribute today by sharing this message with friends and loved ones, take your time this Christmas to reflect on the past and aim for a new future for yourself, your family and society as a whole. Contribute to this new world or forever hold your peace.

After 2000 years, this is the new modern seat of the Holy Grail. The highest authority for all mankind. The message today is bitterly serious for all people.

Ladies, and gentlemen, what I am revealing to you here about being human is bitter, serious, and hard. Billions of people need to know what the reality is about humanity. All human beings must critically question their given humanity.

Let us start with some questions: Have you ever wondered how you would like your future? If you have children or want to, have you also thought about their future? What do you do to ensure that your children have a bright future for decades? If you are over 50 years old, ask yourself, “What will my future be like?” Do you have a clear idea about what you are on this earth for? Do you have the knowledge that is necessary for a truly fulfilled life? Have you ever taken time to recognize and understand yourself? How do you define a person who does not want any self-knowledge? Please answer these questions for yourself.

Being human without thorough self-knowledge and without inner education has no good future!

Can you look beyond the tip of your nose; even see “deeper”? Can you think? Think critically? Think connected? Can you cross-think? Can you ask critical questions? Recognize meaning? Recognize inner values? How is life when a man and woman do not know each other inwardly? Why do men and women procreate a child when they do not have resources? Why do men and women have a child when they are mentally poor? Do you know that values of love, marriage, family, etc., are globally poisoned? How clogged are people in their mind that they believe and eat everything? What is the value of schooling if they do not learn anything about lies? How will people become if they do not develop psychologically and spiritually? How does a teacher teach if he does not know himself and his inner life? How does a teacher teach that does not understand anything about the pupils? How does a politician politicize if he sees himself and others only from outside? How does a businessman act, who only has his profit in mind? How does a scientist work if he needs success for his research purposes? If no one lives true love anymore, what happens then to humanity? 

Here we recognize the “Archaic Human”, who has not developed in the innermost being for 3000 or more years or has developed only minimally. This type of human is one-sided, rigid, thinking magically, blunt, fundamentalist, spinning in his hamster wheel and has no future. The world urgently needs people in all areas who comprehensively form themselves inwardly and build a new evolutionary humanity for a good future on this earth.

What do you know about your mental functions? Alle people have “mental functions”, e.g., thinking, perceiving, understanding, feelings, I-control, control, an unconscious part, the gender polarity, etc. What do you know about developing your own mental functions? This is what all people must know about their mental functions: Over 90% of all people think “magically” and resist genuine rational and objective thinking. They are incapable to contemplate critically or spiritually. A human has 22 mental functions, which must be nourished and further developed in a healthy way for life already starting from prenatal time. The mental functions are interconnected in many ways and thus their formations are accordingly: dull, degenerated, or rich, complex, etc. Do you know that the fetus, the baby, and then every human being saves all his experiences? Thus, the lived life weighs more with every year.

The roots of human drama for many thousands of years: A human can only recognize as much as he has formed his mental functions and uses them. These developments begin already prenatal. Almost all people have minimally developed mental functions, mostly deformed, stunted, brainwashed, infantilized, magical, enslaved, etc. People are unilaterally educated by politics, the media, the economy, the school, the collective delusions, and the religion. Political power promotes mental formations and abilities that are in the interest of their power. The mental functions must remain infantile and magical. Already prenatal, the mental functions of human beings are deliberately brainwashed by culture and rituals and controlled with propaganda. As a result of mass media and school, humans do not realize what they have lost or never received as a result of selective and manipulated education. Because only the adapted consuming believer is desired.

Many cultures and countries are pushing for subjugation: Most people have never learned that lifelong learning is essential for life, and for humans’ own inner development. The people do not learn from parents or at school how to take responsibility for their own internal development starting at the age of 18-21. Of the 22 mental functions, a worldwide estimated 4-6 functions are developed to the extent that an   ability to survive is achieved. This is a political, economic, and religious program. Most parents cannot do more for themselves or for their baby either before- or postnatal. No couple that procreates a child can choose the fetus and no baby can select its parents, nor the culture and social environment.

The prenatal inner call may mean: “Make something out of your life! No matter what it is.” This call is hardly taken seriously. Each one must be like the others. Everyone is praised for his adaptations to the requirements of the authorities. People want to “have”, “to take”, “to be praised” without performing anything.

Do you now understand what “stupidity” means at its core and how it works in the real world? Seen in this way: stupidity has been copied and lived for millennia. The situation of humanity is much worse; seen as such at first:

The nose is in the right place for all people. The anus is also correctly placed and not attached to the neck. The eyes are also where we expect them to be. The arms and legs are organized by nature on the right part of the body and not at the buttocks or at the back of the head. Or imagine, the nose is stuck at the most valued back. Billions of body cells are classified in the right place and are developed perfectly networked from the procreation. This allows, in the interplay with the soul, the forming of the psychical-spiritual organism, to become a human and make a living. That is certainly something positive – at least in theory!

Man is a comprehensively complex marvel that can never be technically constructed. Unfortunately, most people only believe what the authorities teach!

The other side of the human being is: It is said that the last 5000 years war-hungry men have killed 3.5 billion people, horses, and animals of all kinds on battlefields. These people hate to be an immeasurable marvel. It does not occur to them that there is a hidden meaning in “becoming a human”. Too many  people are out of greed for power and profit nothing but archaic monsters: obsessed to control and possess, no matter the suffering  and price, until the systematic destruction of all lives; to date and also around Covid-19. It was always the men who had and still have the desire to torture, to hurt, to torment. Men are the species that inflict and want to inflict the most terrifying pain – for millennia. It is always the religion, whichever, never brought peace to the world, never could. It is always the stupid people who are as dangerous as the cowards and torturers of all centuries – to this day.

Thus, the 8 billion people today, in 2020, roughly seen: Full of hate! Full of destructive rage! Full of greed! Full of lies! Full of envy! Full of illusions! Full of manipulations! Full of dirty games!  Full of falsehood! Full of cowardice! Full of laziness! Full of suffering! Full of perversions! Full of madness!  Full of sadism! Full of mutual oppression! Full of injustices!  This list can be extended almost unlimited! Man creates his own drama: You & all human beings have irreparably destroyed 65% of all systems worldwide. You & all human beings have already done irreparable damages for millennia. You & all people do not care about the future of children with all the poisons. You & all people destroy the success and happiness of others out of envy. You & all human beings exploit brainlessly, destroy resources out of pure greed. You & all infantilized and stupid people consider every lie to be the truth. You & all cowards open the door & gate to governments for oppression & war. You & all stupid egomaniacs brainlessly create more and more babies. You & all ego-people are blind and addicted from many decadent illusions. Our governments have committed the worst of the atrocities. Our governments are incapable of leading humanity evolutionarily. Most leaders exploit their own people out of horny greed for power.

The leaders were and are the cruelest species – not the individual murderer, not even groups who commit evil deeds.

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is brutal! Since ever, the avengers have been at work for almost ever up to today. They have the knowledge of how to captivate the haughty, cowardly, greedy, and false people. Seen from the view of the avengers we can draw the profile of the people: Good is that the avengers are operating today! Many people do not deserve anything better. People’s way of life is godless, mindless, pointless, and rotten. The stupidity of people stinks. They want everything but not to live the truth! The world must suffer the cruelest changes; to the total exhaustion of all. Good, because most people do not deserve anything better. The spirit of today’s pandemic makes it clear: People deserve the muzzle! Incompetent governments, experts, media: They too deserve the muzzle! Someone in complete rage will cleanse the planet of the worst sins. Everything must be taken away from people so they can come to their senses. Conclusion: People, you get a lesson from COVID-19: you do not even deserve your body!

Do you seriously believe that the global party will continue as before?

Let us insert: The political measures around Covid-19 show us how today the holders of power recklessly and arrogant deal with the collective. Fear-mongering, heating up panic, lies, repetitions, separations, conjectures,  manipulations, false news, fabrications, threats, defamation, violent police, dismissals of top experts,  COVID-fines, mastering the people and driving many people to death.

The COVID pandemic is the largest fraud with the worst long-term consequential damages in human history. Hardly anyone recognizes how a virus is used to control and shape the entire world – not for the good of humanity. With worldwide infantile popular education & with media brainwashing!

It is breathtaking how quickly and radically, with the help of their respective experts, the political elite has pushed almost the entire world into slavery with insanity and internal power games. The submission is reached collectively – with exaggerations, fearmongering, and lies. The chaos and the dirty games are now known to everyone. Religion is silent: The church coffers are filling up. Why can the Pope not speak a clear language: “Money for humanity”! Schooling and popular education has made it possible: Infantile mental functions dominate humanity, thinking, feeling, and acting with subordination. All the governments of the world had no choice but to participate in the “game” – for reasons that are partly understandable. The people would go to the barricades if a pandemic would prove to be fully justified, and politics would accept a hundred million and more deaths. In this respect, politics is sitting in an extremely hot chair.

No government can afford to say publicly that neither lockdown nor the  pandemic-declaration were justified; and that there have not been and will not be far more deaths than, on average, a severe flu worldwide almost every winter half-year would create. Are we so sick, without an intact immune system, that we need a vaccination? Who delivers the vaccine to whom and when? No one thinks that this is also a dirty game: a new vaccination every year, given that the virus will change yearly. On the part of politicians there is a very dirty game being played.

Those behind the scenes have almost infinite power at their disposal to blackmail the governments. These people have all the tools and all the financial power to control, extort, and destroy almost everything around the globe – without a nuclear bomb, without a world-war – but simply with a virus!

You and all the people must finally see that!

The question is whether the entire political elite and global governance was indeed blackmailed within a few days to turn this virus story into a global horror – or simply to stage a global distraction. But what needs to be distracted from? What and what for needs to be distracted? What is the aim? It is easy to recognize this, but no politician, scientist, economist in the fabric of power, his hamster wheel, can recognize or pronounce it! We strongly recommend to you and all people: Explore the facts! Look for the secret meaning of this destructive madness. Find the vindictiveness! Recognize the structure of the plan! Find Saurus! The plan is called “Killing God”.

For blackmail, one could forgive politics and the elites. Since early childhood they have been on endless greed. Now they are victims of an invisible hand. For the stupidity, 65% of the employees of the state administration should be dismissed. Humanity needs a new “layer” with evolutionary formation of the upper leadership category – prepared and built up during prenatal time.

It is said: “In 2 years everything will be back to normal”. Is today’s “normality” also healthy for our humanity?

But so quickly humanity cannot get out of the mess. It is stupid to assume that in one or two years everything will run round again, according to the motto “back to normality”. Humanity needs 20-30 years to build up evolutionarily in a new balance of security and control system s (against power monsters) worldwide. The core goal of evolutionary humanity is: Each person must learn to develop his own inner development in a responsible way. This includes lifelong inner and life-oriented education. This also includes that all citizens must lead (control) politics, economics, science, schooling, and religion into an archetypal development. A collective human journey must be created to find ways about how the world population can be reduced to 5-6 billion within 30 years.

Finished with the endless chatter. Let deeds follow with comprehensive inner education!

The truth is: A lot of people collectively deserve nothing but Armageddon, which they have themselves created! Unfortunately, it always affects people who have done great things for a people and even for humanity. The “genie” has long since been out of the bottle and can only be brought back into it after total exhaustion. Destroy the world, humanity, and creation if you want to have the coolest fun of the worst suffering and pain. Or contact me if you want to build an evolutionary humanity and a life-open future with the “archetypes of the soul”. There is no solution for people and humanity without individual and collective redemption and forgiveness of history for over 3,000 years.

The Holy Grail can forgive – now on earth or never. The soul can forgive. Every person has mental capacities that they can form and develop – even you! The path to the truth of the facts is not difficult:

No prophet, from whatever religion, has to this day authentically and comprehensibly documented his archetypal inner processes. To this day, there is no religion that has a concept for responsible internal development with well-fed and trained mental functions. It is not realistic to claim that in a few days or months a person becomes a prophet through a “spiritual enlightenment” (by Jesus or by an angel). This is chatter, fairy tales for good believers and naïve people.

We have prepared in detail for you and all human beings the “evolutionary education” for a good future of the people on this earth.

Have you ever thought, or even thoroughly examined, that politics and religion (not all) have always been the worst liars, mass murderers, fraudsters, seducers, the most cruel and most perverted killers, and the top experts in brainwashing and destroying their own folk and other countries? Today, you will find these people active all over Europe, as far as America and around the world. For many decades to the present day, they have created immense suffering and caused immense damage worldwide. Not to mention the last few years.

Never since the Second World War has there been a real reason to wage war.

The warmongers all belong before a world court and led to justice. No one can claim that they only executed commands. Also, to be a follower and logistical aid from somewhat neutral countries is a war contribution that must be punished.

There must be no longer a future for “hatred of humanity”. The Schellhammer Institute is dedicated to the archetypal human development for a free humanity! After 2000 years, this is the new modern seat of the Holy Grail. The highest authority for all mankind. As the sole holder of the Holy Grail for 2000 years, endowed with the highest divine powers.

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, Spain.

Check the facts! Read my books! Take part in our educational activities!

Dr Eduard Schellhammer is Founder and Executive Chairman of:

In short to me: Since 1972 I have been researching aspects of history and the present: politics, wars, economics, psychology, dreams, meditation, the inner development of man, knowledge and education, the values of humanity itself, religion, pre- and postnatal development, as well as the creeping destruction of all economic systems and spiritual values. To date, I have collected 50,000 documents and analyzed facts, in-depth, and critically questioned; everything is in my books. With all these explorations, I have experienced to date about 20,000 dreams about being human on this planet and 3,000 dreams about God and the hereafter. You will also find this in my books extensively examined. If that is true, what I have dreamed a thousand times about the future, then you’ll soon have to dress warmly!

Planet Earth is at stake! Humanity is at stake! Time is pressing! Now or never!