Archetypal Religion

The Solution for 8-12 Billion People in this Chaotic and Dark Century

The New Messiah is Back on Earth for You

A new Politics and Governance – A new Economy and Economics
A new Public and Academic Education – A new Archetypal Religion
A new Understanding of Humankind – A new Archetypal Meaning of Life
A new Breed of Leaders with a Healthy Prenatal and Postnatal Foundation
A new Way of Living with Mind, Love and Spirit for Completeness and Fulfillment

The 10 Fundamental New Pillars for Human Development in the Upcoming 20 years

  1. Care about prenatal and postnatal early good experiences and healthy influences for the fetus, baby, and child.
  2. Positive mind development already before birth requires valuable satisfaction of body, life, life perspective, behavior.
  3. Care for human values such as love, happiness, pleasure, joy, hope, security, learning, truth, integrity, responsibility.
  4. Adapt new ways of living: self-knowledge, meditation, dream interpretation, self-management, health, authenticity.
  5. Being responsible for your relationship; marriage (man-woman) has archetypal value, includes holistic development.
  6. Meditate daily in the appropriate manner for inner guidance; form and expand your mind with an aim of fulfillment.
  7. Learn to interpret your dreams as they give guidance and orientation in all matters of life; and they tell the truth.
  8. Consider that spirituality is always about ‘meaning’, is the innermost stream of values for genuine human evolution.
  9. New education about self-responsible psychical-spiritual development is fundamental for all levels of education.
  10. Turn towards your inner life, renew your mind; find your wholeness and completeness with archetypal codes.

The 10 Fundamental Challenges for Humanity in the Upcoming 20 years

  1. The world population growth must stop and rapidly find balance. It already suffocates human evolution!
  2. The increase of global contamination must be stopped and strongly reduced. It eliminates human evolution!
  3. Climate change has already created unimaginable disasters. It’s a frightening threat to every single human!
  4. 60% of the ecosystems are already heavily and irreparably damaged. All causes must be drastically eliminated!
  5. The world economy has created incredible imbalance with costs for centuries. Rapid changes are required!
  6. Politics have lost their serving the people. Billions get crazy from propaganda, wars and cynicism: This must end!
  7. Mass media serves the insane elites. Most people are sick from all the lies, brainwashing and seductions. Stop it!
  8. Public education does not prepare for life and all precious human values! Big changes are required!
  9. Religions have lost the eternal codes of human evolution. It is urgent time to live the genuine inner path!
  10. Minds: Bad social influences as early as prenatal time deform mental functions of most people. It must stop!