Round table discussions
for residents

New understanding of self-knowledge and self-identity
New understanding of dreams and meditation
New understanding of ‘aiming complete fulfilment’
New understanding of archetypal inner strength
New archetypal understanding of ‘spirituality’
New understanding of being a teacher or a scientist
New understanding of the collective unconscious world
New understanding of collective archetypal peace
New archetypal control of governance structures
New archetypal laws to protect babies, children, women
New archetypal laws to protect ‘male-female gender’ nature
New archetypal laws to punish those who commit deicide
New archetypal rules for correct political communication
New archetypal declaration about the use of resources
New archetypal ways of establishing global solidarity
New archetypal motives and rules to create a Baby
New archetypal motives for a woman not to give birth
New archetypal mission for the upcoming generations
New archetypal rules for fast eliminating extreme poverty
New archetypal rules for establishing economic balance
New archetypal rules for resolving tensions and conflicts
New archetypal rules for global disarmament and security

You may be on a career path. You may have family. You may succeed as a department manager or as a CEO. You may have started a political career. Sure is, most individuals personally and professionally settled or not, do not have much time to collect new knowledge and valuable understanding. Sure is, most individuals in responsible positions have their information from the mainstream media sources or corporate styled further education. This means: a mixture of facts, lies, cheats, fabrications, ignored or perverted knowledge, propaganda, ego-trips and dirty power fights. There is only one way to get out of being the servant (slave) of the masters behind the curtains: The complete enlightenment with the most advanced knowledge about how to save the world, the planet, and the collective genuine human development, is offered with this program.


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