The New Grail

Challenges The future depends on the actions of élites, leaders, and people around the globe. Quality education with renewed leaders is key.

The state of humanity, the world, and the planet have already been irreparably damaged. the fact is that up to 65% of all ecosystems have been destroyed, and we are in danger of losing many others.

With the present state of the world, there is no solution to the increased destruction of all systems in nations, societies, and the planet. Governance, economy, state education, religions, and people stifle these solutions.

Therefore, this is the first new basic codex for humanity:
The time has come to build a new global spiritual network and control for human development. The mistaken sick elites, leaders, and people must know the Archetypal Prophecy for Humanity.

  • A core group of élites, leaders, and candidates of leadership must nurture global awareness.
  • A new global shadow management of the world is the only solution to this global chaotic situation.
  • A new way of thinking and understanding of the meaning everywhere must guide the world.
  • A new definition and foundation of “Human Values” must be spread all-over the world.
  • A new global “Free Nations” must confront the UN with the ‘Archetypal Values of the Soul’.
  • A fresh approach to leadership should include a system of dependable and supportive leaders who both sound of mind and of pure soul.

A New understanding is required of all of the following:

  • Humans, human development and human life. Only then can the world be truly nurtured and can evolve.
  • The interrelations between planet and humanity in order to create balance.
  • Parental and public education as this need to reconnect with the world and the true future needs of the people.
  • Pre and postnatal influences with all the consequences must be adapted.
  • Business management and economy as these require firm rules for balance.
  • Governance, democracy, and leading the population is indispensable and urgent.
  • Religion with the ‘laws’ about ‘back-bonding to the beginning’..

The Archetypal Prophecy briefly but truly documents the process of your inner development from the new messenger for humanity.

Ignore him and his messages, and humanity will never again get a prophet on this planet.