The Impossible Challenge

Imagine, a “Messenger”, a real man (not a ghost) from the other world visits us. He says to the people: “After 2000 years, the new modern seat of the Holy Grail is finally taken again”. That means, Christ is back on earth today. Sent from God, he is the divine messenger for all humankind. He has the complete judicial power of attorney from God.

This must be examined. Facts must support the spiritual meaning of this message. A messenger must have many dreams and learn a lot about humankind which composes the seriousness and the heart of the ‘mission’. People must have dreams about and meditate about the right way. Knowledge about human development and human failure is crucial.

In the past, countless times I asked people: “Do you know why you are on this planet?” Nobody had a comprehensible answer. Most people said “no”. Some people answered: “To please God”. Does God need people to please him? Does God solve any human problem? Other people said that their religion guides them to enter the ‘Paradise’. Really?

There are countless “Holy Books” with texts written, changed, rewritten, added with propaganda, with lies and fairy tales for the illiterate people. Some texts are added by new writers and from those who paid for writing and composing. The problem is that since millenniums this ‘un-holy knowledge’ infiltrated the mind of billions of people.

The genuine, eternally valid ‘Holy Book’ is written in the body of all humans. In short words: Only create a baby when you have long-term resources, abilities, and knowledge to nurture the baby pre and postnatal up to adolescence. To create a baby also requires that woman and man first become mature, make their catharsis about their past life.

There is no religion and never has been a religion that practices a responsible inner personal development, for care, for the pre and postnatal nurturing, for the right education, for a positive ‘intelligent’ environment, and for love. In 97% of cases, making a baby has an egoistic purpose. Only in 3% we found a genuine and non-egocentric purpose to create a baby.

Herewith, the messenger declares the necessary restoration of the meaning about the ‘true religion’ for all humankind. Now, people throw stones towards him. All people call him: “Another crackhead!” After a history of many ‘crackheads’ we understand the reaction of the people. However, you must know, there are billions of ‘weird talkers’ on this planet.

The world is in a terrible mess of lies since millennia: Governance lies, political lie, the economy lies, banking cover up lies, health systems lies, religious lies, mass media lies, public education lies, and the people lie daily. All systems in all countries are corrupted from greed. Humanity never nurtured the collective genuine mind. That is why today we have Covid.

First, look into the mirror! Most people, 90% of the adolescent and adult population, live with magic thinking, with stubbornness, with a rigid mind, and with total absence of critical thinking and questioning. It is worse: Billions of people have no realistic idea what the genuine divine code of the inner archetypal development is about.

All humans are prenatal built up first with emotions. With that, each human adapts authoritarian patterns together with forced subjugation. Since ever, the archaic fathers (the tyrants) play God. Humans are social beings, with that, the entire world adapts and repeats archaic behaviour. Thousands of factors shape and brainwash already prenatal nearly all human beings.

The emotional mechanism is easy to understand: If trained rational functions deal with emotional matters, then a learning process can manage the emotions. But, if a human has no trained access to developed personal rational functions because of poverty, religion, politics, and propaganda, then, the emotions dominate everything 100%.

Humans take decisions. Many decisions are taken thoughtlessly. Often, people cannot correct a wrongly taken decision. Then, people try to manufacture their mistake with lies. They think the error will balance itself out. But this is a trap. Most people lie to themselves throughout their entire life and cannot get out of such self-constructed traps. Logically, traps become a religion.

People strive for many things: Money, sex, reputation, power, social position, possessions, authority status, fetishes of all kinds, belief, hope, and all kinds of things. Delusions are the drive. Magic thinking creates drive. The Archetype of human development is lost. The transgenders lost their genuine identity. People run for obsessed sick delusions.

Most people run for political propaganda, which mostly spread like a fire of emotions into all directions. The evil Titan accuses another country to be the “Evil” and millions run for denunciations, and in the end for War. Governance gives order and all political bodies follow blindly the dark Titans behind the curtains. Now, emotions decompose the mind.

Most people do not have any trained helpful rational mental tools. Therefore, rational capacities get lost and emotional energy, mostly suppressed, governs the human. Many wars are uncontrollable and always emotionally driven because the rational functions are poor and not built up to manage the emotional conflictive issue. Governance has no wisdom.

To avoid exploring an emotional issue leads to fear. Rejecting a responsibility builds up guilt. Subliminal anxiety follows. Not elaborating traumas lands in neurosis. Behind depression is an ignored emotional pressure. Chronic lies create confusion. Ignoring nurturing mental functions (already pre and postnatal) creates a poor and soulless mind.

Hierarchies in societies encompass risks. For example, the higher the national debt and at the same time the higher the trillions of financial resources, concentrated on a few, the easier a country can be strangled. The dark Titans can take over the power of much of the world, without war, simply by menacing and blackmailing high ranking individuals.

A society needs systems for a well-working community. Systems consist in hierarchies and defined rules. Nothing is wrong with that. But if a system becomes corrupted, it can be taken over by any hidden (financial) power. In such a case, agents in the system panic and can be blackmailed, lured, seduced, or fired. Now, the dark Titan rules.

An authority can give order for any absurd behaviour. A ruler can stigmatize an entire folk, always packed with lies. Most people do not have developed critical thinking and questioning. They adapt the most stupid arguments because they never learned to think and to be responsible. Therefore, the primitive mind always wins as we know for 7,000 years.

The state of the world is a result of conceitedness, cantankerousness, greed, envy, perversion, compulsion, lies, stubbornness, falseness, destructiveness, goatishness, arrogance, laziness, rage, murder, dogmatism, stealing, fundamentalism, intrigues, warmongering, and the worst of all is regicide and deicide, today in full swing.

The worst deadly sin is that people do not want to learn, do not want to be responsible for their inner development and life, and do not want to critically question, and to learn the truth behind delusions, mental deviations, and fake or manipulated (distorted) facts. Everywhere is a weak, reduced, and malformed mind.

These modern deadly sins are the result of unformed, malformed, misshaped, imbalanced, stunted, distorted, and perverted mental functions. A huge majority of the world population live with 3-4 basic mental functions from in total 22 mental functions that humans have and should nurture and train, use and develop life-long since prenatal.

Millions of “funny crackheads” shape the world since 7,000 years. People live in a labyrinth of fantasies, delusions, sheep-behaviour, cowardice, laziness, and brainwash since millenniums. Did humanity learn anything about inner (archetypal) development? No, not at all! Humanity still does not know about the principal archetypal roots.

Are the people totally blind? Do they not see the gigantic suffering, misery, pain, falseness, lies, killing, injustice, subordinations, and the evil slavery since seven millenniums? Do the people think that any or all governments with cynical propaganda and greed for more power care about them? There is no ‘salvation’ with a poor and perverted mind!

Most parents do not have the maturity, the knowledge, and resources to nurture and guide a foetus, a baby, and a child up to pre-adolescence. All parents inherit elements of the collective past and reproduce the misery for the following generations. In the perspective of millenniums back, humanity continues to repeat the mistakes from 7 millenniums.

Isn’t it true that all rulers, tyrants, emperors, kings, and state presidents have been criminals for 7,000 millenniums? They have killed 3.5 billion people (and horses) on battle fields. Can we call these rulers “crackheads”? It is fact that most people always worship those who earlier committed and still today commit the worst and saddest atrocities.

The so called ‘Titans’ have the book about “how to rule the world”. Religions, politics, governance, education, and the monetary system today are all ‘in the service of the Titans’. Not all titans are evil. They all rule a kind of self-made ‘chosen’ destiny. Some try to rule the world. Governance today lies in the hand of the evil Titans. Damages are visible.

Today, Humanity is victim because of governance failure. Some Titans want to conquer everything. They play the ‘Rage of God’. Today, Governance worldwide is itself submitted to the evil Titans. As governance eliminated the archetypal human values, abused constitutions, forced billions of people into poverty, the future of the youth today is lost.

All systems of politics, economy, education, and religions are corrupted . We know the result: fear, panic, despair, traumatised children and adults, violence, fear of others, isolated children, neglected elderly people, etc. The crime today: “Produce fear, panic, despair and the people die early.” There is no Bible that protect babies and children.

A humble heart can see that a ‘Dark Age’ is looming. The voice screams into the universe: “Wake up fast from your blinded and naïve view of the world. The future around the globe will be without human values. “The day of judgment will happen”, said the messenger decades ago. Nobody listened. Now, the painful 7,000 millennia reckoning has started.

Humanity is trapped in greed, in ignorance, in vanity, in backwardness, in delusions, in bragging, in guilt, fear, cowardice, mortification, and stupidity. Humanity is compelled to periodically repeat the past of 7,000 millenniums with all the suffering and misery. Even the titans have lost this knowledge. History tells the truth behind the lies!

Europe and much of the world has been robbed since millennia and indebted for centuries to come. Now, insane financial monsters with roots in the far past control much of the world. Total subjugation of the world population is the aim, also a punishment for ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. The vengeance is at hand. There will be no bread and no mercy.

Governmental arrogance, cynicism, corruption, narcissism, and greed made it possible. The motive of hate for life and God is since millennia making every healthy mind and soul sick. Some mad Titans positioned themselves above God because God did not help them to get the people out of the evil. Nothing is new with Covid, simply different.

The world is in a lost chaos. The genuine human values are extinguished. All religions and concepts of spirituality since millennia are for a great part lost in a labyrinth of scams. Governance is also a scam as they are not the highest authority. Titans tolerated them to operate with omnipotence. Some serve the evil Titans since millennia.

Always mad Titans, never the governments, decide about big wars. Titans decided to periodically take away everything from the people and put them in battlefields. The mad Titans never want that people become fulfilled. People must suffer. Who can solve the incredibly old religious problem of the mad Titans? Only the messenger!

Most of the world population are emotionally weak, mentally on poor capacity, highly magic thinking, rigid and infantile in their attitudes, always rejecting the need to be responsible for ones’ inner development, and never stopping to delegate their responsibility to the government. “Men always kill men” is historically documented. It is sickening!

The world population is victim of the mad tyrants and of a low-quality education, an education that does not allow to ask critical questions, to think in new ways, and to be self-responsible for ones’ own thinking. People never get the truth behind social sciences, governmental robbery, humanities, business, psychology, and the epigenetic mind.

Public education forces people to think and act in a way authority wants, and never in a way that integrates personal archetypal development. The system of public education makes the people believe that with the final school exams they can live a life with fun, love, and happiness. Fatal delusion! Behind fun are the men that always kill men.

Failure in Politics unveils the absence of inner mental capacities. Politicians are not even capable to make valuable decisions. They react with rigidity. They cannot create balance. They act with dictatorial rules. They are violent and primitive. They have no ‘humanity’. They are driven by panic-like prejudgements. “Punishment from God” is a 7000-year-old lie.

History gives us many examples of mad rulers and titans. Greed for total power is the step to mad governance. If a ruler is not built up on archetypal principles of development, he or she enters into insanity. The lunacy creates unlimited obsession and takes over the governance. Another type of ruler is, he or she is a traitor to his own people.

Lobbyism is a very undemocratic pestilence. Agents of politics are lured, seduced, blackmailed, often greased, and always psychologically manipulated. Bribes are not a rarity. Corruption is everywhere. Millions of candidates of politics are turning the wheel for their own ego. The lower the genuine inner strength, the higher emotions direct politics.

In objective terms: globally, all systems of private and public education, also psychology, humanities, and business around the globe must enable people to deal with the challenges of brainwashing, propaganda, economy, taxes, subjugation, misery, love, life, economic seductions, health, and a responsible archetypal personal development.

In many governments there are individuals with a deformed mind. A short picture about the atrocities the Western world committed the last 350 years shows us: they were psychopaths, perverse sadists, had killed up to today an estimated 500m humans. We estimate alone in the last 20 years evil western crackheads killed 20-30m humans.

In the political world around the globe, we identify agents that are totally incapacitated in matters of reconciliation between countries. There is a kind of iron hate. Everywhere unstoppable forces act against everything. Everyone is against everyone. Everyone is in a hamster wheel hoping for power and fame. Did somebody say, “the Arsonist”?

Another type of Arsonist: One religion declares: “We have the true God; you not”! “God loves us.” “We are the chosen ones, you not”. We will come into the paradise – you not! For millennia up to today there is still the battle about the “right God”, the “better God”. Does God need worshippers? Did somebody ask the question if “there is an Arsonist”?

A fetus develops with biological and spiritual energy. Nurturing and experiences shape the human. A human is called to become responsible for the inner development. Potentials must be trained. When a human dies, the biological body loses its functioning. The energetic body cannot die; but enters into a spiritual world. Is this a weird concept?

When the person dies, the reckoning begins. The meaning of living becomes obvious: The more a human learns, develops, and contributes to the archetypal human development, the higher will be his position in the after-world. The idea that God loves everyone is a rather infantile delusion. Why should God love laziness, liars, and stupidity?

A car driver shows the forefinger to a car driver on the left side because of his risky manoeuvre; and shouts: “You are a crackhead!” The plastic mess around the globe tells us about billions of crackheads. Crackheads are also on the bottom of the sea, 8,000 meters deep. The nuclear rubbish tells us another breath-taking story about (political) crackheads.

We also recognize the accumulation of crackheads in the many atomic bombs and the endless nuclear tests. All eco-systems are damaged or even destroyed up to 65% and up to 1,000 years. This shows us another mental problem: The 8bn people, soon 9bn, and then another bn people will live like crackheads without recognizing any human value.

Undersupply of the oxygen supply kills mental capacities, reduces inner strength, paralyzes the grip, confuses the orientation, obscures critical thinking, and produces increased fear and panic. Food with a low nutritional content reduces mental functions to the point of inability to think complexly, and generally to recognize meaning and values.

People can shape the world with the archetypal development for all – for 1,000 years or so. And then, so I hope, another Prophet sent from God will guide a renewed humanity further towards collective fulfilment in God. The spiritual key: become responsible for your archetypal inner development, which is the core of human life. Or accept to be a slave.

By the way, is the narrative about Covid a crazy crackhead-lie? Stop asking questions and you have lost your life! The collective psychic energy is stronger than any nuclear bomb. If it breaks through completely, all humanity will be lost. The world must wake up fast, or a thousand and more years of unsolved history will strike back mercilessly.

The messenger warns: “People must learn a lot and amazingly fast. They all must become self-responsible for their inner development and life. Or they will be sent to another dark planet once they pass away; far away from God for up to 200,000 years. Also, the evil Titans with all their entourage are at risk for up to 200,000 years in the dark freezing cold.”

Build up inner values, inner strength, critical thinking, a genuine ‘Self’, and always ask questions, or die for nothing! Not one of all the religions for 7,000 years could ever establish peace on earth. This is because the titans and the rulers never allowed that people get highly educated, find the inner truth, and the knowledge and skills to fulfil their life.

The wrong programming of the human mind since at least 7,000 years bestows us today the self-made Armageddon.

Dr Eduard Schellhammer, Spain, June 2021