Speech to Humanity

Do not read this speech if you are of ‘tender mind’ and cannot bear critical facts and theses. I cannot be held responsible for facts or for harsh and critical interpretations. In addition, a lot of knowledge has been brought in from the hand of 5000 experts, from whom I have learned a lot for 40 years. This speech is written with hope for humanity and against impotence in the face of brainwashing, degeneration and decomposition of humanity.

Dear nearly 8 billion world citizens.

Preliminary remark: For 45 years I have tried to understand the transmission of humanity for 10,000 years. I have always had the hope that humanity will develop for the good with the right education. This light is extinguished today. All systems of humanity are rotten. When people talk, it smells like rotten eggs around the globe. What people think, has made the stratosphere already pitch black. Politics in Europe is shameful; not to mention the rest of the world. Religions are a kind of dating site with fake pictures, where you hope and pay but never get the ‘redemption’. Priests, cardinals and popes play their own unconscious theatre around power, sex and capital. The humanity is completely enslaved and is already prenatal programmed like rats, unable to recognize this and free itself. The eternal light can no longer reach the globe. In the face of God, humanity is the greatest shame and embarrassment in the universe – Switzerland herein highly leading. With the Schellhammer Institute, dear readers, you have the last chance to stop and perform a global catharsis. You are not asked to talk here. You are invited to learn here.

You eat plastic particles every week. You do breathe in toxic air every day. You do eat pesticide daily; from Brazil. A fetus receives this cocktail via the (already poisoned) mother; the baby via breast milk.

In 10-20-30 years all humans (fetus, children and adults) will be totally poisoned by many thousands of chemicals. Also, water, food, and many products will be poisoned.

Within 6-8 years, robots will replace the work: 800 million jobs will be gone. What will today’s children’s labor in the future be? How will unemployed adults pay for their mortgages?

Climate change creates many problems; e.g.: heat waves, drought, storms, tornadoes, floods, destroyed beaches, dead fertile agricultural land, hunger, diseases and 2 billion Migrants.

Every person gets old. Imagine your retirement elderly home: miserable care, soulless feeding as in industrial chicken farms, food to vomit to, helped to death a bit because of the costs.

There is more than 30,000 pieces of evidence that make it easy and clear to you how far humanity has already irreparably destroyed the planet. Gretchen’s question: “What about the truth?”

There are 6 billion and more ‘living evidence’ that shows you how far humanity has already irreparably destroyed its entire mind and mental-spiritual potential.

It’s easy to see what the world will look like in 20 to 30 years. Take the 12 major global threats and a calculator. The result exceeds the human capacity to understand.

Fidel Castro spoke for 4 hours and 29 minutes at the UN in 1960. What did it help? I could also talk for hours. But who would listen to me? What would be the effect? Just a grin.

I could limit myself to 15 minutes, because most people’s already highly contaminated brains can no longer grasp anyway. Moreover, they don’t want to know. Knowledge is not cool.

Humanity laughs when someone comes and tells the authorities and the peoples what must change immediately and drastically globally. Could Jesus Christ have a chance?

Christians still do not understand that Jesus cannot help at all – not with miracles. Christian arrogance wants to determine what Jesus must be able to do, must say, and how he must be.

Is there an authority that is above politics and has the legitimacy to read the ‘Levites’, rebuke them, exhort them, and punish them harshly at best?

So, I am now “playing” these all the powers of all nations superior whatever “legitimate” spiritual (divine) authority. We want to see what comes out of it.

There have always been, and there are millions of talented people who bring great blessings to the collective. But the fact is that the billions of blind masses do not appreciate it; they destroy everything.

It is an unbelievable sourness, as 75% of politicians around the world simply serve their own egos, to put on crowns where they are de facto not kings.

It is an outrageous sourness, as about 75% of the world’s financial power serves only capital and itself; at the same time, the whole of humanity is smashed into the abyss with cynicism.

It is a horrendous sourness, as 75% of people worship the 5000-year-old idols. God-devoted faithful psychotics claim also still to represent God and His truth.

It is a greasy sourness in how mass media and public education mentally manipulate people, ultimately to enslave the whole of humanity with capital.

The arrogance of Western sanctions against other countries, is stupider than a brain allows: a kindergarten with very poorly educated, inflated and arrogant power people.

What do you all at the level of the highest power think, you aristocrats, kings, popes, rulers and leaders, who or what you are in your being a human? Your crowns are all fake!

If you all do not learn to serve humanity, the psychic and spiritual development of human beings, then you will all be severely punished – that’s how the ‘RC game’ works: one against all!

As the “chief” of humanity in this world and beyond, I have to say: stop the sourness! You all risk the harsh punishment: “Up to 50,000 years of being distant from God and His light.”

The worst atrocities have always been committed by the “leaders” with the elites, mostly in connection with religion. They have lied to and abused the peoples; that is what they are still doing today.

Of course, it is not possible to blame the leaders for all the “mistakes” of politics, governance and religion. Most people do not want to learn, are greedy, cowardly, false, lying, chatty, conceited.

One can also interpret: almost all of humanity is totally brainwashed by politics, religion, economy, banking, marketing, mass media, consumption, education, tourism and leisure time.

There are politicians who have no idea about their business. That’s why so many politicians around the world, front and back, and with their entourage, earn so much.

It must also be stressed that all ecosystems in the world are already irreparably damaged up to 65%. No one can slow down or stop this destructive rage. Or is there someone?

The social systems of the world are totally lost in a gigantic labyrinth without exit. The mentally deformed actors can no longer find their way to freedom.

It took 45 years to understand the global developments in the relevant systems. The result is breathtaking: humanity refuses the truth and accepts the collective suicide.

If one investigates the abyss of history, it becomes clear that a titanic struggle of evil is raging powerfully against the spiritual forces of human development towards fulfilment.

If one analyzes the many thousands of wars over 5000 years, one becomes aware that people do not love themselves, nor their bodies, nor their lives. Humanity does not recognize its own value.

All wars since 1945 have been started without a threat and no gain for the actors, for the people and for the country. They have merely re-staged the 5,000 years of wars. All compulsive neurotics!

State Raison is a construct of self-assertion that allows the state to act against all laws and values. This opens the door to abuse and war. That has been and is always the case.

Why are the people so incredibly stupid or bona fide that they are still eating out of the hands of the leaders where it is quite clear that they are the planners, actors and hate-speakers for even more wars!

The fetus stores the meaning of words. Babies also store meaning-units. These units become words and sentences. Later they repeat it for a lifetime, without considering a need to think about the meaning.

All people are victims, perpetrators and actors of history. To whom do I have to read the ‘Levites’ now? Who is ‘guilty’ of these sick, diabolical and perverse wars and destructions?

As early as 1988, there were many serious warnings about the Third World War. Many people had dreams of war at that time. Did an ‘invisible hand’ warn and thus prevent the WW3?

For the last 30 years, the world was very often only minutes before the Third World War. Who was interested? 1000 warnings were of no use to date. But the barrel is full: a spark and everything explodes.

In 1972, the Club of Rome warned of the great dangers facing humanity. Who has taken this seriously all these years to this day? People don’t even think to the tip of their noses!

For about 10-20 years, countless researchers and institutions around the world have been warning of the enormous dangers that threaten humanity in a highly explosive global way: no one cares!

World: 8161 think tanks, including 2219 in Europe and 1972 in the USA. The human has 22 mental functions; 3 are shaped and the rest withered. What created then the 8161 Think Tanks?

Politics and the economy must improve within 25 years the living conditions of at least 3 billion people living in absolute or serious poverty.

Over the next 25-year period, an additional 2 billion (new) people will have to be supplied with goods, services, services and infrastructure from today on (2019).

3 billion people now live in extreme poverty; additionally, 2 billion people must be added (until 2050), today not yet born; all of them must be managed by politics and the economy.

With the growth of the world’s population, goods, services and infrastructure must be created within 25 years (calculated from 2019) for total an additional 5 billion people.

Christians should call Jesus on the phone and ask him if he knows how an additional 5 billion people can be adequately fed, trained, and brought into professional life within 25 years.

The religious war has broken out: Whoever wears the Crucifix shows who “has the true God”. Niqab, burqas and veils are also a message: “My religion is the true religion.”

The representatives of the science of psychology have barely explored their own inner life. They have no idea of the immense inner world of the archetypes of the soul. Awkward Arrogance?

Human biology is not perfect. After all, all organs in the human body are in the right place and active in the right networking. Isn’t this an unfathomable miracle?

It would be very bizarre if people had their nose on the back of the head, the anus in the left ear, the arms on the abdomen, the mouth on the leg, and the eyes on the neck. Lucky!

But the perfect conception of biological human development will change by global contamination (cocktails) in all systems; it will cause immeasurable calamity across the board.

Human suffering and human mental deformations and blunting begin already with the procreation, with mother and father. The fetus develops mentally primarily emotionally.

Prenatal dominated: little or no love, no affection, little talk, a socially aggressive environment, an emotionally stressed mother and the close-minded, rigid archaic father.

Postnatal, everywhere there is a lack of promotion, good communication, understanding, learning, playing, love, protection, support, leadership and joy of life. This has lifelong consequences.

In the meantime, it is also known (Epigenetics) that with the procreation of the fetus by chemical processes critical and good patterns of the ancestors inherit and incorporate into its own development.

Those who up to year 3 and 4 that have not received biological, psychological, social and mental functions broadly, repeat throughout their life their early childhood learned critical patterns.

Education used to be: “You do what I want, or you get a slap in the face.” Today it is said from the West: “You do what I want, subjugat you to me completely, or I will destroy your people and your land.”

We must finally put it openly on the table: the mothers and fathers create themselves and for the collective the psychopaths, the mentally stunted, the criminals, the slaves – and the ‘leaders’.

One must identify the mothers and fathers, the authorities and those with a hatred attitude towards archetypal development in order to eliminate the cause of all perversions.

Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and many top universities more. But humanity, the world and nature are slowly collapsing.

Evil is usually very difficult to detect. It is hidden behind masks. Evil presents itself as the “good”. The lie becomes the truth. Capital becomes the God. Perversion becomes the paradise.

High human values must be nurtured and promoted before birth so that hope, peace, trust, love, balance and justice can develop in the long term.

Man, who wants to be woman remains genetically, biologically, mentally, with walking motion, pelvis and sex-orgastic always a man; Woman who wants to be a man, always a woman. So, why the theatre?

We are either biologically created by procreation, and nothing was before it; and when we die, nothing follows, but dust here and in the hereafter. Or, there is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’.

Gender-adaptation measures on children and adolescents are severely criminal. It is a sneaky, perverse mutilation of also the psychic-spiritual becoming (growing, development).

What is worse: hunger, lack of healthy drinking water, contamination, unemployment, or the fact that people have no self-knowledge and not want to have ‘spirit’?

The problem for billions of people: they want to be something they are not and can never be. They construct an illusion that never will be, and thus destroy what they are deeply.

One should not simply trust adults and fathers and mothers. Because most adults and parents do not care about the long-term future of the children and the unborn children.

If, for example, German politicians spend EUR 200 million to 250 million a year on consultants’ fees, what have these politicians learned from that on their educational path?

How do corporations make a big profit? They ignore the negative externalities at the expense of nature, the environment, the people, the wildlife and the future of humanity in general.

If the 3,000 large corporations were to take responsibility for their negative externalities, they would make little profit, but would give a billion people viable (sustainable) work.

The world proves that there are too many ‘good for nothing’ in politics, governance, economics, education and religion. They heat up the chaos around the world until creation collapses.

A politician talks; another comes, pushes him away. And so it goes on: no one listens and works on solutions. All just on an ego trip: “I-I-I”. The world certainly does not need them!

Totally depraved are mass murderers, inquisitors, warmongers, nuclear weapons and the very people who carried out the many nuclear tests. For millennia many beautiful places are contaminated.

92-97% of people’s 22 mental functions are not developed or very poorly developed. People do not know about their potentials, which must be promoted and nurtured during life.

The glorious ‘white man’, a mass murderer, has robbed many countries for 2000 years, killed hundreds of millions of people, dominated the lands and destroyed everything – as it is today.

It would be a task of Swiss governance to research and disclose who is swinging the scepter behind the Swiss diligence in the secret rooms. Is there a ghost in the bottle?

It is said that the supply of the Swiss is only 2% secured in an emergency. More and more drought, less and less water, increasingly heat, more contamination: like flies, millions will die.

Experts predict that global tourism will double by 2050. This will double in parallel: the destruction of all ecosystems and the spirit; and all human values.

The forces of nature are merciless. They are very slow, millimetres by millimetres, they inevitably come closer to humanity until this species slowly suffocates – and extinguishes.

There is only one way to a good future: to reconcile, forgive, repair, and restore the world’s political crimes and genocides.

Apart from a few good souls, humanity is a merciless moloch, mentally, spiritually, narcissistically, ready to brutally sacrifice all real divine humanity.

Let’s say, “You can liberate your past. You can unfold and live the power of love and much in you. Your life is a journey, also to understand what the innermost meaning of life is about.”

There is the species that can never accept that a human being is totally happy and has found its fulfillment. That is why this species wants to wipe out all life, including God. This is totally sick!

Transgender, LGBT, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and more; e.g. M, Myr, Mx, Sai and Ser, Misc. But there is no gay gene and no identity change gene, but a heart broken ‘Self’!

Humanity has lost its mind and reason through greed, narcissism, laziness, arrogance and subservience, and has ended up in madness without an outcome. Who can help?

A very different political sneakiness is how billions of people are deliberately made only minimally to keep them mentally reduced. Because proper education is always a threat to power.

It is time to limit central governments to a minimum of necessary responsibilities (30%) and 70% of the power to provinces, regions, cities and municipalities.

If the tolerance of values becomes limitless, then everything is in a process of decomposition. Then the leaders become soft eggs and ‘blabber-ants’. The education of the people needs hard leadership.

Who is guilty of this mess? What exactly is the “guilt”? How and for how long must these mentally deformed and depraved creatures be punished in the spiritual world?

I need 15,000 nuclear bombs so that the leaders of all power and people take me seriously. Or, it requires a push of a button and this would be the end of ‘funny’. All want to press the button.

True religion is quite simple: “Consider and promote the principles of mental-spiritual development starting with prenatal. Shape and promote yourself with the archetypal processes of the psyche and the Spirit.”

When 3 billion people focus on the core of mental and spiritual development, then humanity has a future. But this process must start soon. Deferring is highly risky.
In my books and on this website is once again clearly declared: I am the reincarnated Christ; the last time on earth 2000 years ago. People called and today call me “Jesus Christ”. All my evidence can be found in my books. Never in the history of mankind has a “prophet” documented his inner processes so clear and substantial, comprehensible and convincing in the matter. The Pope and the Cardinals must abdicate. The ‘papal chair’ belongs to me alone. However, I do not want to sit down there. Talk about it! All Christians must deal with it! All Christians must read a lot about my cause, learn a lot, meditate a lot and always ask their dreams (first learn to interpret them correctly). First, you must work out every day thorough “self-knowledge and catharsis”. Without this, you will remain forever locked in your mental enslavement.

It took 4.5 billion years for us to expand our lives on earth with and through spirit. But humanity today knows nothing better to do than destroy everything.

Seen in this way: When scientists (‘soul people’) have spent 4.5 billion years researching and working in the other world, so that all ‘soul men’ can biologically incarnate on Earth in order to develop mentally and also to have fun and to explore and develop things – and if this species now destroys the whole project on Earth – then I have to send them all (except some exceptions) into a black hole for 200,000 years, where the light of God never shines. All clear now?

About 40 years ago, I had a dream: “Find the secret of being human.” At first, I thought you can’t be that crazy. Then I found the idea interesting. And I decided, “I want to try this.” For 40 years I have researched, searched, with passion and inner struggle, sometimes even a titanic struggle, and with the guidance of the Spirit I found everything that really is the “secret of being human” and what the “true religion” is in the core. This must everyone know today, because everyone needs it. But there is an inviolable freedom: “The market offers many kinds of ‘solutions’!”

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, RC, Spain, August 2019

P.S. Nothing is free on this planet; always someone pays. I would appreciate if you order and read some of my books on Amazon today – for your development and fulfillment. Everything is disclosed in it. You should inform the world about this ‘speech’ (and my institute).

Please give my “mission” a chance! It is for your future, for the future of your children, for the future of all children, and those who have not yet been born.