Inner Renewal

From the age 15 or 18 on, especially for young adults, there is a way out of malformed mental patterns. High motivation to become free of burdens and to build up constructive patterns is indispensable. Depending on biographical issues and the age, one must calculate 3-5 years of hard meditative work. The bigger the burden and the higher the age, the more effort is required and the more time is needed. In general, a catharsis, short or long, with a hundred and more repetitions, simply becomes a way of living. It is also worth mentioning that one must read a lot to get an expanded understanding of meaning, mind and life. Meditating daily, writing down dreams every day and learning how to correctly interpret them, is crucial.

Learning with the books from Dr. Schellhammer promotes such a journey. Learning becomes a way of living.

During the first 4 years a child has certain developmental phases to develop specific mental capacities. If these opportunities are not appropriately nurtured, the potential will end up in lifelong reduced mental capacities. Instead of worshiping God, you and everybody should first worship with total devotion the immense mental capacities that can and must be developed already before birth and even more after birth.

Also, for you, here is always a critical side to contemplate: Parents transmit the drama of the distorted human development to the next generation:

  • Most parents reproduce the drama of humanity’s horrifying history.
  • Most parents contribute to insane political and economic madness.
  • Most parents contribute to brainwashing from power institutions.
  • Most parents ignore the inner life and the responsibilities for the future.
  • Most parents contribute to the provision of soldiers for insane wars.
  • Most parents contribute to the destruction of the ecosystems.
  • Most parents contribute to the fabricated religious doctrines.
  • Most parents contribute to an upcoming human made Armageddon.

To force the child for a belief and for cultural practices paralyzes critical thinking processes. A strong belief in doctrines makes a child emotionally dependent with absence of critical thinking. To teach a child to suppress emotions damages health and love capacity, empathy and intuition. Poverty reproduces poverty, mental, behavioral, moral, spiritual, economic and educational.

Most parents do not care what kind of future their children will have in 10, 20 and 30 years: All ecosystems destroyed. Contamination everywhere. Almost everything poisoned. Up to 2 billion people will have to look for new habitats. The quality of food will be to vomit. Most people will suffer from a variety of diseases, illnesses, and mental deformations.

All future generations will inherit the mess the people today make on this planet. It is an incredible crime what politics, governance, and the economy commit on this planet since decades and for decades to come with fatal consequences for all people in the future  – and this not only in 200-500 years, but already in the upcoming decades. It’s the entire humanity that commits this crime already for the unborn babies today and their life in the future.