Corrupt Education and Psychology

An excerpt from the book “Evolutionary Human Education” (Dr. Eduard Schellhammer)

1) A psychologist, a psychoanalyst, a psychotherapist, a professor of psychology, and a pedagogue who does not work up his own biography, is nothing but the living result of his biography. He is the sum of all that he has received from prenatal time. He certainly does not live and practice the all-round balance of all his psychical and mental systems.

2) An educator who does not cleanse or integrate his unconscious (such as complexes) and his shadows is dominated by these forces and these are reflected, among other things, in his projections on his pedagogical field of work. Acts inside with repression and defence, so also outside in the work.

3) A pedagogue caught in neurosis or narcissism cannot engage in pedagogy that is balanced on all sides. The psychodynamics of his pedagogical activity are subject to the unbalanced mental development of his person. This results in a significantly disturbed educational reference.

4) A pedagogue who is little able to love, who does not take his dreams seriously, who has no deep access to his inner life, who does not meditate regularly, who inappropriately deals with his feelings and basic psychic needs, his inner opposite-sex psychic pole (anima, Animus) not integrated and balanced forms, these psychic realities can neither convey nor build up in others. He only forms the external person.

5) An educator who does not practice self-knowledge (self-analysis) and individuation thoroughly – and thus does not carry out the archetypal transformations of mental-spiritual development – has yet to grasp the essence of psychic-spiritual humanity. His conception of man does not “grasp” the comprehensive psycho-spiritual humanity, his conception of pedagogy (andragogy) remains, and his ‘agogic’ practice is correspondingly reduced.

It is no better with actors at all levels and in all areas of politics, economics and religion; rather much worse! Here the critical cause of global drama has been deeply rooted historically (epigenetically) for millennia!

Imagine: The psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychologist (counseling) works without his own training analysis. 30-50 years ago, that was unacceptable in teaching and practice! But that seems to be reality today in the 21st century. And that means: The somehow “psycho-experts” are all people burdened in their unconscious mind, undeveloped or maldeveloped, up to 75% in their mental and character functions, which always has an impact on their clientele (and on what they write or teach).

From these five scarcely outlined aspects one can conclude that the educator or ‘Andragoge’ (adult educator) – from the level of teaching and research to the front in the everyday life of society – would have to accomplish his own individuation as a form of educational analysis by profession. Only this own fulfilment qualifies him as a teacher (‘Andragoge’), educational experts, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, etc.

The completion of one’s own individuation is the categorial prerequisite for every responsible work in (general, actual) human education. If humanity wants a future with peace and development, these demands apply to all those responsible in higher public functions (politics, economy, education, and religion).

Now it remains to add to the ‘andragogic’ vision that is presented here with a short list of topics about the mental life sometime in the distant future also will be subject in elementary school from the elementary and upper school to high school graduation (‘Matura’) must be. To develop this program didactically will be the task of the teachers in the 21st century.

Appropriate psychological knowledge and skills are needed so that in the future people can develop themselves appropriately and holistically – and protect themselves from lies, propaganda and political hate speech.

Our paradigm of human education is:

  • Human education is the basic key to professional and personal life.
  • In the future, human education will be the essential basic education for all demanding continuing professional education.
  • Human education creates the competences for constructive positive relationships (friendship, marriage, family, working life, cultural life).
  • Human education reduces many risks in the personal life cycle and in the social networking of one’s own life.
  • Human education can be used everywhere, has many uses and dynamically stabilizes self-identity.
  • Human education means life knowledge and everyday action, which is thoroughly thought through and worked on all sides.
  • Human education qualifies for recreational activities, for the optimal handling of the lifetime and their own possibilities.
  • Human education creates inner security and confidence in one’s own strengths, especially in moments of great stress.
  • Human education leads to a well-balanced psychic organism in constantly progressive development.
  • Human education is essential in all stages of life for true enrichment and substantial fulfilment.
  • Human education integrates high ethical responsibility for oneself, for others, for the profession, for society and for the lifeworld.
  • Human education is an investment for the future, especially as societal developments present major challenges.
  • Human education is the categorial requirement for any responsibility in education, counselling, nursing, leadership and management.
  • Human education reaches man in his deepest psychical-spiritual being, even in the most crucial questions of meaning of life.
  • Human education and individuation form a human type, which in the future is necessary in all systems of society.

Tragic fact is, Dr. Eduard Schellhammer says:

People in Europe and around the globe are equipped with maximal 3-7% of their mental and character potentials. It is therefore not surprising how from Spain to Northern Europe and around the globe politics, economics, education and religion are still practiced on a catastrophically infantile, defiant, obstinate, narrow-minded and simply stupid and infantile level. In certain countries, it seems that the 12th-century Roman Catholic Inquisition still mentally dominates political and religious life. Nobody speaks so primitively and embarrassingly hate words as the Western policy (almost daily via media) opposite non-western and not submissive countries and peoples. That can never end well for the next 10-20 years.

Start of the Solution: The epigenetic, prenatal, and postnatal connections must be globally resolved, and all mental patterns need to be globally redesigned throughout society.

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer demands: “A global conference in Spain on a new psychical-spiritual (archetypal), evolutionary, mental and practical human education in the 21st century is highly urgent. Register your interest in participation (September 2020) here (without obligation).”