Breaking the Cycle of Conflict; Wealth, Power, & Miseducation

For thousands of years, humanity has been plagued by periodic wars, often erupting every few decades. Despite fleeting moments when lasting peace seems within reach, humanity remains caught in a cycle of conflict. Today, this cycle is perpetuated by a small group of powerful individuals who control vast resources and manipulate global events to serve their interests.

Wealth Disparities and Exploitation

The disparities between rich and poor grow ever greater. With the phasing out of cash and growing control over crypto-currency and tax havens, the money we earn and how we spend it is now meticulously controlled. Meanwhile, a few individuals amass millions and even hundreds of billions of dollars and escape the tax trap. Some possess more net wealth than others could ever hope to amass in literally 2000 years of working life. The existence of such disparities within a supposedly just society is pure insanity. These billionaires have more wealth than any president or worldwide leader. So, this begs the question. How will they use this economic power?

Many state administrations operate through classical exploitation. While most public education systems offer only selected basic topics, governments spend trillions of euros on questionable endeavours. According to Statista, U.S. spending surged from 7.5 trillion in 2020 to a staggering 10.78 trillion and subsequently 11 trillion in 2021. Any country would need to recuperate that expenditure somehow. A war in 2022 and the subsequent income from the arms trade would be a good solution without having to increase taxes significantly.

Curiously enough a war broke out between a country with no military force and the country with the second-biggest military in the world exactly that year and who was there to offer military support immediately? Therefore, it is logical to ask the simple question if the money we give to the state is truly used for the good of the people.

The Role of Wealth and Ignorance in Perpetual Warfare

Wars are not instigated by common people; they lack the tools, money, and skills to wage such conflicts. Instead, wars are orchestrated by wealthy individuals and powerful systems with the necessary resources and knowledge. These individuals, often driven by greed and envy, use mass propaganda to spread conflict and manipulate public perception. This has been a consistent pattern throughout history, with rulers, elites, and financiers often acting without proper education or understanding of their actions’ broader impact.

Due to the actions of arsonists, today in a supposedly pacific world, ten conflicts plague the world in 2024. There is a lack of political ethics, and leaders act without thought of long-term global consequences as in some countries the leaders are incapable of looking further than the victory in the next election. To a greater or lesser extent, participants in the political process need comprehensive re-education before they can become governmental authorities with the right to lead the people.

The Failure of Global Education

A significant factor contributing to this perpetual cycle of war is the inadequacy of global education systems, which have always been used to fabricate a workforce salves to the economic development and prosperity of the nation. In no way was this system created to foster any sort of personal development or fulfilment. It is for this reason that many public education systems provide only basic knowledge, leaving nations with a poor understanding of what it means to be truly human and the importance of inner development. This lack of comprehensive education means that most of the world’s population remains unaware of their potential for inner growth and the enrichment of human qualities.

The word “human” is key to everything—life, values, and the enrichment of inner human qualities. Global holistic education naturally paves the way to genuine fulfilment. Yet humanity is failing to create such a system. Who cares about lifelong inner nurturing? Who cares about the immense inner richness that humanity can build? Today it feels as if Sodom and Gomorrah reign supreme, leading us toward our downfall.

The Psychological and Emotional Toll of Wars

The continuous state of conflict has a profound psychological and emotional impact on humanity. Wars are often framed as divine punishment or necessary evils, but these explanations are outdated and do not address the real reasons behind these conflicts. The true cause lies in the actions of a few powerful individuals who lack proper education and a sense of responsibility. Their actions are driven by primitive and delusional beliefs, leading to widespread destruction and suffering.

The Need for Holistic Education and Inner Development

To break this cycle of perpetual warfare, there is an urgent need for a global holistic education system that nurtures the inner qualities of humanity. Education should go beyond basic knowledge and focus on lifelong inner nurturing, helping individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential. This shift in education could pave the way for genuine fulfilment and a more peaceful world.

A Call to Action

Humanity is at a crossroads. We can continue on the path of destruction, driven by greed and ignorance, or we can choose to build a new age of enlightenment and peace. It is time to question the current systems of power and education and to strive for a world where inner development and holistic growth are prioritized. Only by addressing the root causes of conflict and fostering a deeper understanding of human potential can we hope to create a better future for all.

You can’t enjoy still waters without weathering the storm. Let me know if you want to escape this archaic mess and build a new age towards a new paradise.


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