The Modern Apocalyptic Catharsis Started

The Holy Seat of the Grail sets for the first time in 2000 years the principles of punishments in the other world. The Agents of the Covid-19 Scam will be punished hard in the other world. It is not revocable.

Based on multiple analysis and dreams I had, I am convinced that behind the Covid-19 ‘earthquake’ there are some people with unimaginable sums of money, a deep understanding of humanity’s failure since centuries and millenniums, and a God-like absolute power for revenge or hate for the creation.

Every day most mass media publications throw sand into people’s eyes about the ‘Corona Virus Ghost’. They seem to have a kind of perverse lust to get people, politicians, and governments to panic. The national and global ‘Corona statistic’ is already corrupted. The many fabrications about figures are publicly proven since months. The fact that the statistics only inform in a very general way makes it impossible to verify the real picture about the kinds of illnesses and causes of deaths. With a closer look, a cover-up strategy can be identified.

For example, experts test more people and logically they get more ‘positive tested’ results. But this does not say that there is an increase of pandemics.  Or these people talk about numbers of death people but do not categorize the victims into age, pre-existing illnesses, location, ‘normal’ deaths (due to old-age or specific pre-existing circumstances), and psychological effects such as panic attacks, heart attacks, ignorance, or fear to go to the doctor, etc. It is also astonishing how these ‘God-like Power-People can force any experts and individuals to shut up. This is a clear sign that the entire Corona event is fabricated.

Humanity experiences an incredible flooding of mass media information. Media are in hysteria. Many people do not understand the medical terms at all. Some terms are scary. Fear makes people sick. People do not understand the terms of impacts e.g. corona deaths, outbreak, tests, positive, infected, tested, pandemics (as a hysteria of ‘catastrophe). Tests are fundamentally problematic, many experts say. Error rates up to 50%. How are the cases defined and calculated? What are comparison models? There are many top experts that got a harsh warning: shut up! That means they could lose their job, career, and reputation.

The statistics show a picture about the people that tested positive but do not tell us anything about the duration of being ill, irrelevant effects on health, automatically cured, cured by medical intervention, and other factors that contributed to ‘back to healthy’ respectively to ‘the individual died because of …’. We also cannot find any clarity about the variations of hidden (self-) healing processes. It is said that the virus dies in general after 8-15 days, with or without treatment. That sounds like a flue: with medication it takes 2 weeks to recover, without medication also 2 weeks (for example). Therefore, the daily statistics from governance, often with a panicking undertone, are a cynical joke or an evil game with humanity.

If we would order a stillstand of 2 weeks worldwide, all viruses would die, and life could continue as usual.

Based on some specific parameters we assume that there are other hidden aims behind all the political, dictatorial, and pharmaceutical theatre about the billion-dollar Corona Virus profit and the possible ‘collective vaccination’ with a complete mental castration of all men and women, young and old.

Consider: There is talk about big pharmaceutical firms NOT going to be held accountable for side effects of Covid-19 vaccinations.

Conclusions: The political (fabricated) lie and deviation (Google, July 24, 2020):

Worldwide positive confirmed: 13.4m have the virus; Worldwide recovered: 8.76m recovered from the virus; Deaths: 632,000 (includes all kinds of factors that caused the death, not all virus-related).

WHO comparison: Up to 650,000 people died so far of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year. Bear in mind: Flu / Influenza infection per year: 500 million worldwide, and no ‘theatre’. Since “Abraham”, the world of men is sick, and this must have an end after 3,000 years!

New information: July, 30: Cases: 17 million out of nearly 8 billion people (during a period of 6-7 months) (“cases” does not say anything). Deaths so far: 670,000 out of nearly 8 billion people (period 6-7 months). Recovered: 10 million (which is irrelevant in the context of nearly 8 billion people).

Mortality risk age 10-59 = 0.2-1.3% (from very low to low risk)
Mortality risk age 60-69 = 3.6%. We assume that 65% has preconditions = high risk
Mortality risk age 70-79 = 8% We assume that 85% has preconditions = higher risk
Mortality risk age 80+     = 14.8%. We assume that 80-98% of fatalities had medical preconditions.

The sum of the higher risk cases may cover 60-80% of all COVID-19 Coronavirus fatalities (worldwide).

Do people know that all humans have various viruses in the body? And these viruses must be there. They do not damage our health but protect our body and biological functioning.

Other examples that confirm previously mentioned examples:

Flu 2017: average 290,000 to 645,000 death
Flu 2018: Up to 650,000 death
Flu 2019: Up to 650,000 death
Flu / Influenza infection per year: 500m worldwide.

Google research: Pneumonia: Deaths per year: 2.56 million people died from pneumonia in 2017. Almost a third of all victims were children younger than 5 years, it is the leading cause of death for children under 5. Nobody spoke about a “Pandemic”. Did anybody even care?

Other comparisons worldwide that governance is completely ignoring:

Air Pollution Europe: 4.6m deaths p.a.
Worldwide: 7m deaths (another figure: 11m) per year
Global contamination of all kinds damaging health: estimated up to 20m death p.a.

Cancer deaths, p.a.: 9.6m (the causes could be around toxins, contamination, fine dust, etc.)

Flu: 250,000 – 690,000 deaths p.a. worldwide.

Road traffic accidents: RTA 1.35m p.a. (not counted the premature posttraumatic deaths)

Premature deaths of babies, children, adolescents, adults, (e.g. hunger, disease): min. 2-3m p.a.

Google: Feb 14, 2020 – One-third of all animal and plant species on the planet could face extinction by 2070 due to human intervention. Other figures: up to 50%; already millions of species extinct. Experts warn: “The destruction of ecosystems can wipe out up to 65% of humanity within 10-20 years through wars, and diseases, contamination, and starvation.” Does anybody care about this? Pandemic declaration economic damages: $1.5 trillion up to $2trillion + $3-5trillion in perspective.

Let us explore a bit the COVID-19 Corona side effects caused by political intervention:

  1. Politicians take harsh measures; many died because of shock, lost jobs, destroyed business.
  2. Politicians declare harsh punishments, some die from permanent anxiety.
  3. The total collapse of the economy drives many into ruin and then to death: panic, suicide.
  4. The political measures drive many into total poverty; many died because of that alone.
  5. Hospital hygiene leaves much to be desired; many patients die because of that alone.
  6. Around 30-40,000 patients a year (e.g. Germany; 10,000 hospitals) die from a lack of hygiene.
  7. The capacity of many hospitals, which has been reduced for years, provokes premature deaths.
  8. Political measures bring hundreds of millions of people to despair with risk to die.
  9. Political incompetence provokes many deaths due to strong emotions of the (weak) people.
  10. People die of heart attacks due to a sudden dispute between partners (or: domestic accidents)
  11. Imprisoned in a small apartment during many years: suppressed conflicts suddenly explode.
  12. The normative like 2m distance, mask, hand washing, gloves, glass partition, provokes panic.
  13. There is scientific proof that masks actually create infections and as such are a health hazard.
  14. Mouth-nasal masks used are quickly full of viruses and bacteria; can lead to disease and death.
  15. Incorrectly touching the (already used) mask, e.g. touching the eyes, etc., can lead to death.
  16. The lockdown provokes death due to loneliness and emotional shock, especially in the elderly.
  17. The modern way of life brings many people to the brink and with that to premature death.
  18. There are also terrible criticalities in social outcomes, causing people to die prematurely.
  19. Lockdown and the “being locked at home” provoke heart attacks, depression, and death.
  20. The variations of daily governmental threats of punishment, provoke premature death.
  21. Political measures create infantile obedience or anger which results in a premature death rate.
  22. All political measures have the same picture: total humiliation, submission, and enslavement.
  23. Many people, benevolently like heroes, trust, and submit without questioning and thinking.
  24. The mask: Reduction of oxygen destroys important mental capacities; high risk for the elderly.
  25. The insane mask stores a huge number of bacteria and viruses even after short term usage.
  26. Forbidding social life with close contact creates “dead robot people” without soul, weak inside.
  27. Especially in infantile relationships, people die from fear of loss, fear of guilt, and guilt.
  28. December 2019 -July 2020, 650,000 people died. What about the other 7.85 billion people?
  29. What is the reason to destroy people’s lives and the economy to an unprecedented extent?
  30. The side effects such as unemployment, already 60% in many places (July 2020) are extreme.
  31. High unemployment fans an increase in premature death, especially in the context of poverty.
  32. The debt trap now with cheap loans, raised by the Coronavirus, will kill millions of people.
  33. There was never a reason for nationwide lockdowns nor for worldwide lockdown.
  34. A Pandemic declaration was never necessary; but was used for other hidden purposes.
  35. The emerging problems could have been dealt with “silently” (carefully) with expertise.

The Corona-Covid-19-Mess

( (31.7.-1.8.2020) – Our translation in English

Summary of a critical scientific analysis 31.7.2020 (RT Germany)

Corona Committee: “The media scare the population with lies”.
Pictures of panic and despair worldwide on TV provoke fear to die.
Many old people died without knowing possible maltreatment, virus, etc.
Statistics from hospitals were manipulated, circumstances exaggerated.
E.g. Italy: 70-80 % were cases from old people, already in need of care.
Air contamination was and is in many areas cause of death; nowhere discussed.
Miserable general care and care for the elderly and those in need of care.
There are no data on treatments, type of medication administered, and effects.
Side effects of medication always lead to unexpected death.
There are no drugs against COVID-19, against corona infections.
There is no real therapy that has been clinically tried, recognized, and approved
Manipulated horror reports spread, which were then used for other interests.
The situation in many places has been manipulated (unknown motives, interest).
It cannot be explained that people die of the virus in one country and not in another.
Italy: “Mortality was normal in all regions compared to the previous year.”
Studies: flu vaccinations increase susceptibility to other respiratory infections such as COVID-19.
According to the region’s protocols, there were also harmful/useless treatments with medications.
Instead of using cheap and effective heparin, they relied on inefficient antiviral agents.
Government and media censorship and intimidated experts (as far as we know in most countries).
People died to a large extent and that when you stopped intubating, they no longer died.
All media promote a mood of panic to frighten the population with some (perverted) lies.
When we have people with positive test results, everyone shouts: ‘A group of infected people’.
Governance ignores the people’s voice: “We want to regain freedom and constitutional rights.”
“We want to get rid of this corrupt government, which represents the pharmaceutical industry.”
“There is no longer any danger. Nevertheless, fear is still spreading through press campaigns.”
Simply that some people are repeatedly tested positive, governments react like dictators.
The rate of false positives correspondingly high with decreasing virus frequency.
The media continues to speak of a great danger and governments take further special measures.
In addition, 500 people die from cardiovascular diseases and 400 from cancer every day in Italy.
It is quite easy to pick out cases from this group and declare them as COVID-19 deaths.
With 10-15 COVID-19 deaths a day, none of them died from COVID-19, but are registered as such.
It is a simple trick. It is wrong data. They only analysed one sixth of all deaths.
And with this sixth they examined the information on the death certificates. (…).
“I do not know how to analyse these deaths without data through post-mortems.”
Like Germany, in Italy many deaths from pneumonia and flu have disappeared from the statistics.
In none of the examined cases was the virus alone responsible for the death, but other factors.
We can assume that we are immune to coronaviruses. Against all.
“Because our T cells got to know the viruses as long-term memory. Probably from childhood. And then again and again, every year. There is always a refresh.”
Herd immunity is much more complex. It is not only in the antibodies, but also in the cells.
The T cells are memory cells. (…) We can assume that if people do not get sick, they are immune.
By fixating on these numbers, reporting ever new “outbreaks”, and hiding the relatively low rate of positive tests as well as the mostly mild or asymptomatic courses, the impression of the threatening pandemic is apparently to be maintained with all possible might.

Please understand our summary as a loose-packed stimulation for digging much deeper.

We say: It would be better to give all people healthy food and water, vitamin C, other vitamins, nutrients, and substances for health. Worldwide daily meditative training of all kinds could massively reduce for decades the Virus threat without economic damages. The heinous politics as we know for 10,000 years must have an end now! Humanity is sick from endless abuse, violence, atrocities, and cynicism that still dominates the world.

The Seat of the Holy Grail is answering to the God-like mad individuals:

I have not been sent from God to this planet to let you play your ‘Deicide’. If you do not stop this madness now, if you increase the destruction of humanity and the planet, I will send you for 50,000 and if necessary for 100,000 years with all your families, friends, employees, and collaborators to a place where there is no light of God. Alternatively, I can promise you: With me, you can build up a new world with peace and justice, with global archetypal human development. If necessary, because of the stubborn and greedy people, with military force.

Other approaches for a safe future which is a governance job:

Immediately reduce global contamination by 40-50% worldwide – with all the consequences. Immediately, stimulate educational programs for inner balance, peace, etc., through all media. Failure to respect the economic and social ramifications created $20 trillion damages in the long term.  Billions of human systems and family systems are destroyed due to cynical politics about people’s lives. The harsh political measures rooted in political systems are totally perverted, poisoned and rotten. There are huge global problems with war risks and global financial collapse of governments and banks. Cynicism: everything must be subjected; those who work and live loyally in the system have a right to live. From Nazism we can learn how coward and mean people can be, but they do not deserve a new world.

If politicians have not considered the side effects of their decisions (pandemic declaration, lockdown with the rules), then they must be released in unison. If the politicians have been aware about the worldwide consequences of the lockdown (pandemic declaration), then they must be dismissed from their office. The question remains as to the motive of the political “perpetrators” and backers.

Politics and economy together have destroyed so far up to 65% of all ecosystems on which we depend. US-EU-led wars since 1946 killed an estimated 15-20m people, destroyed country-covering infrastructures. 3 billion women must fight off the sick men’s world: for peace, balance, and archetypal development.

It was immeasurably easy for Hitler and his fellow soldiers and people to lie to and defraud 100 million and more people, to drive them to misery and death, to submission and enslavement. How many millions of people have Western governments killed since 1945? How many countries have been destroyed by Western governance since 1945? Nobody in the western world cares.

The Power of the COVID-19 virus: Limits like never seen before. Fundamental rights are eliminated without hesitation. So, what is the Coronavirus number 19 theatre today good for? Politicians (and the media) have inflated the importance of the impending world disaster with the slogan “SARS-Cov-2 pathogen”. People have to expect “SARS-Cov-3A and” SARS-Cov-4CD pathogen “, plus a cocktail of anti-virus pills and injections, with unprecedent new health risks each year. Frightening terms become like a rotten salad.

During the lockdown, it was found that increasing numbers of worshippers turn to the church and ask God for forgiveness, in the expectation that believers will not be “punished” by the virus. All these people, and there are also many young worshippers worldwide, simply consumed too much “Cocaine” (as already Sigmund Freud told us) and thereby disfigured themselves through psychotic longings.

Humans have learned nothing for decades and centuries. Nothing has changed in the core over the past 10,000 years. The virus will be responsible for the deaths of up to 4-5 billion people within 20-30 years. It is punishment from God they will say. The survivors can find, live, and go the path of the archetypal development. But probably, people only learn by force because there are so many neurotic, perverted, and false humans.

So that nobody notices that the plan is to drastically reduce people’s mental capacities globally. Mass Media has been doing this already on all channels for decades. They all say, “The virus is the problem”. Governance and the economy always lied to the people, since WW2 always triggered wars with lies based on hidden (economic and domination) interests. Therefore, why should we today trust the governance systems? They are all in complex personal economic interrelations with high risk to lose their seat.

The fundamental problems have been and still are the malformed mental functions of most of the leaders, Kings, Caesars, and tyrants for 10,000 years. Men – religious men included – have committed unimaginable killing, brutalities, atrocities, humiliations, suffering and misery up to today. Men – and not Women!

Maybe the God-like Almighty Masters simply want a global catharsis and then re-establish the divine archetypal inner path for the global humanity – independent from all the sickening religions. But they cannot do it without me as I represent God on this planet and nobody else. Accept it or experience it!

The truth is: People are the problem! We cannot trust the people! Indeed, many need to wear a mask lifelong. In most political, academic, religious, and social systems much or everything is rotten to the core.

If I would be the Master of the world, I would fire an estimated 65% of all agents (employees) in governmental, economic, educational, and religious systems. At least 65% of the people I would send to live in “social educational camps in order to develop the very damaged and predominantly absent 22 mental functions”. Humans made the global destructions, the damages and chaos, and therefore they must fix it.

I live for a completely new world with the Archetypes of the Soul.

August 3rd, 2020 – Dr Eduard Schellhammer, at the Seat of the Holy Grail.