The Holy Grail Gift

Let me introduce myself to you. In 2009, I founded the ‘Schellhammer Business School’, the first English speaking business school in Southern Spain, now with 400 students from over 60 countries and 5 continents. My mission and passion then and now and for over 50 years has been education. Pioneering education that allows every individual to blossom and grow as a human at peace with the creation and able to use the 22 mental functions in a balanced, creative, and productive manner.

As a psychologist, professor, in the many academic and professional psychology research studies, in my Personal Development Academy in Fribourg and Zurich or in the 45 books I have published, it is my belief that humanity can only grow and evolve through systematic education that feeds the mind, body and above all else the soul. I use the metaphor of the “Holy Grail” to describe the gift: that awaits every human who is willing to take this education journey with me.

This is the ultimate call! Listen with me! Learn from me! Together let us achieve the much-needed global balance! For the people to establish a Holistic Reset consisting of Archetypal Values. For an evolving Genuine Human Development that is human led, not just technology. For a long-term future a humanity that needs a global catharsis of mind and soul. For new ways of living, rooted in Archetypal Human Development that create peace.

My speech today focusses on 6 Global Topics

  1. Public Education
  2. The Rulers, their Atrocities, and the new Leaders who must “Earn the Right to Lead”
  3. The Economy and Industry rooted in boundless Greed and Stupidity
  4. Religious Subjugation existing for thousands of years
  5. Eight billion People today and increasing in 20 to 30 years
  6. The Laws and Principles of Human Development

1. Public Education – Education for the World

People, whether in Europe, The Americas, Africa, or the Far East do not know why they are on this planet.
Over millennia people have been exploited, abused, misled, deceived, murdered, and slaughtered.
Today, more than ever global changes towards a new world of archetypal human development must be built up.
There is a simple path for human development: People must learn from highly valuable books, must become responsible for their learning, and life, for their inner development, nurturing their 22 mental functions, and once on this life-long path develop critical thinking, questioning, and exploring.
Today, people have innumerable learning opportunities, like never before.
Not to learn continuously to acquire a deeper understanding of why we are on this planet and what it means to be human is frankly criminal and only serves to perpetuate the mess humanity has created.
Over a lifetime, learning about genuine human values, developing the power of love, practising spiritual intelligence, contemplation, meditation, and interpreting dreams can only lead towards genuine fulfilment.
People must become responsible for public education on all levels.
Public education must serve the people not government agendas or corporate interests.
People must control those responsible in the education system.
Public education is currently mendacious, rigid, and superficial.
Nobody can or should trust these old systems!
People can only trust in educational values if genuine human factors are nurtured.
Globally, a new and deeper understanding of cultivating and developing all mental functions is required.

2. Rulers that must “Earn the Right to Lead”

Science shows us that people copy patterns of magical lies, belief, attitudes, and behaviour over many millennia.
This also applies to presidents, ministers, kings, rulers, tyrants, religious authorities, business leaders, and so on.
Fact is: Since 7,000 years up to today they all repeat the same mistakes.
The rulers for centuries and millennia have always unconsciously or consciously copied their predecessors.
A narrow mind always destroys the development of humanity whilst an open mind can deliver wonders.
This is what the psyche of these men looks like: primitive, archaic, egomaniac, perverse, closed and as is evidently visible since millennia.
Rulers for millennia have periodically committed the worst atrocities. They have committed genocide around the globe.
They robbed, enslaved, and eliminated entire peoples and cultures.
All kinds of democratic and undemocratic rulers have fabricated wars for world dominance and the stealing of resources.
The western rulers are in their soul still like 3,000 or 7,000 years ago.
Many rulers have destroyed immense areas of many countries, killed millions of people, torn up entire nations, misused and subjugated masses of people.
Looking back over 500 years, the western man has not changed the strategy; only the methodology.
The omnipotent “evil titans”, hidden behind the curtains, take unstoppable satisfaction in destroying everything that does not obey them, killing, provokes wars, threatening, and imposing sanctions.
Subjugation is always on their agenda to weaken all people in the name of their “personally divined mission”.
Governance is separated from the people; operates in and for its own interest.
108 billion people have lived on this planet to date and what did they learn up to today? Nothing!
“Fake News” is almost always brought out by politicians as propaganda using mass media, and insane lies.
Lies to cover more lies!”

The world urgently needs a new breed of leaders

There is no way out of the increasing collective destruction of all systems in nations, societies, and the planet.
Governance, economy, state education, religions, and the people totally obstruct change.
On all human levels, greed is on fire, addictive like cocaine; absence of Spirit and love is the modus vivendi.
The time has come to build a network of a new global spiritual movement for human development.
People must become aware that every human consists in a physical, energetic, and a spiritual body.
Politics, and their titan bosses should not be allowed to cause pain and suffering beyond indispensable legal parameters.
For the next 100 years or more, humanity must repair the damages committed over millennia; must forgive, heal, reconcile, make amends, learn, understand, develop, and build up genuine inner values.
A new global shadow management of the world is the only way out of the global mess.
A new global force of “Free Nations” must confront the UN with the ‘Archetypal Values of the Soul’.
All governmental systems have ignored and forgotten the 2,400 years of history about human values.
A new definition and foundation of “Human Values” must be spread all-over the world.
A new system of reliable and solidary leaders with a healthy mind and soul must reign globally in balanced ways, which includes, the collective archetypal human development.
A new understanding of humans, of human development, and of human life must nurture the world.
A new understanding of the interrelations between planet and humanity must create balance.
An incredible, unprecedented collective force is needed on the part of the people to prevent total global submission, further wars and misery.
Billions of people must be put on the archetypal track.
If this fails, humanity is lost for 1,000 years or more to the horrors of food and healthy water scarcity.
Who needs peripheral and minority issues on the world stages?
Nobody needs a Europe, subjugated to and from the USA or anywhere else for that matter.
The ultimate Europe is “Freedom and Humanity” based on the ‘holy’ archetypal rules”.

3. The Economy and Industry rooted in boundless Greed and Stupidity

Consuming resources without replenishing them will set an end to humanity as we understand it.
Who really cares about environmental destruction or contamination or poisoned water resources?
Who cares about the plastic mess left for future generations?
Who cares about the soul and the mind?
Extreme over-exploitation of resources, seafood, fishes, fruits, along with industrial meat and poultry production.
Coal mining and pesticides responsible for over 800,000 premature deaths per year; millions more get seriously injured.
There is not much healthy soil left for humanity.
Some corporate groups produce environmental damages (negative externalities) on a level of $/€-trillions each year.
Worldwide water resources deep in the ground are increasingly contaminated, which leads to contaminated soil and life.
The brain of billions of humans is already contaminated.
Millions of tons of fish are pulled from the oceans every year.
Loss of arable land due to climate change and over-exploitation reduces food quality.
Negative externalities of mining (toxins, poisoned land, water, sand) cause immense threats around the globe.
Prenatal babies are already poisoned.
Most natural resources are exorbitantly overexploited.
Immense quantities of nature for future generations to come is lost for 500 years or more.
The side effects of human made contamination creates very long-term ailments increasing multiple damages and illnesses.
Mental capacities are eroded.
Damages on land due to increase of sea level, which is partly human made, will cost $/€-trillions.
Some corporations become insanely rich whilst 90% of the world population remains poor forever.
What will be the jobs of the future?  Where will the hungry billions of migrants go?
Excrements from humans, animals, industrial meat, and fish production, also pharma products end up in the seas, find their way back to humans. Oceans and seas are poisoned.
Everybody can find easily a thousand and many more examples about this toxic economic insanity.
Think about the amount of plastic on your plate!

The Economic and Industrial complex act like murders by future execution of genocides

We must calculate with a population of 10 billion in 30 years.
And another 12-14 years up to 12 billion before the end of this century.
In other words: 1,000,000 different products are required every year for the billions of needs and wants of the 9-10-12bn people.
Without human values! Can this work?
This is impossible! In all areas of life billions of products must be produced and allocated around the globe.
In 10-30 years, the western world will account for just 5-7% of the world population.
Everything is bound to crash before that. Is it not surprising that the “West” is panicking?
Humanity is on track to disappear from this planet. The West can nuke the East, but this will end the Western world; and the East might survive but at a very high cost.
The worst is already slowly gearing up:
6 billion people will walk to the US and Europe; 5 billion will die, and the rest will only survive for a little longer. All of humanity has gone into an unstoppable frenzy.
It seems, the Western economic and industrial complexes want to control all vivid and non-vivid things that exist on this planet.
It is all human made.
Humans create their systems. Humans control their systems. Humans fail. Humans exploit other humans, enslave their own people, etc.
Humanity eats each other up.
We can also say, men, and never women, created the global mess with all the wars and suffering.
The entire economic system around the planet is controlled by men and abused by men.
The trillions of dollars are also man-made to subjugate the world. Humans are already a disfigured species.
The global economy serves a few megalomaniacs, and never the archetypal human development.
That is why the entire word population of 8 billion people do not know why they are on this planet.
Humanity is born with fear caught in a maze without exit.
And governance converted into weak and self-serving cowards.
Most rulers around the globe for decades and centuries, are nothing else than insanely rich disfigured monsters behind their well-constructed facade.
Are the roots of these monsters in religion?

4. Religious Subjugation

With very few exceptions, religions do not contain any archetypal concepts of human development.
Across the millennia organised religions have perpetrated unimaginable atrocities, tortures, enslavements, robbing their worshippers in the name of their God.
There are no authentic documents attesting to the psychic-spiritual processes of the prophets (for 3,000 years).
De facto, Christianity has stolen selected texts from the Old Testament of Judaism.
Mohammed put himself in the same ‘club’ with his Abrahamic religion – “The third in Abrahams Club”
Primary texts of the Holy Scriptures do not exist. Essential untruths have been determined and distorted.
The Bible was written by completely different, mostly unknown people with differing views.
Translated over and over resulting in interpretations. Humans (monks and priests) wrote their version of the “holy texts”.
What motivated these ancient influencers? Who paid to whom how much and for what?
The Old and New Testaments are fully the work of subsequent (unknown) editors, much inflated, distorted to serve the agenda of the few.
The “magical” beliefs and texts reflect the archaic and warped state of the mind of the authors.
What was the state of their mind 2,000-3,000 years ago?
Their state of the mind then as now was always based around the flow of money and enslavement of ignorant believers.
Many texts are creative copywriting, additions and eliminations, smaller and bigger changes.
Why should God want that people worship him? Does God need the ‘Hallelujahs’”? What do people need ‘Hail Marys’ and hymns to Jesus for?
What do people worship in the Church for? What are these ostentations temples calling themselves “Houses of God” for?
Prayer has a magical personal meditative effect; not for praising and seeking infantile forgiveness from a vengeful God.
Legends, allegories, proverbs, parables, poems, prayers, dialogues, mythologies, and superstition: Where is ‘true religion’ here?
We do not know anything about ‘Jesus’; nevertheless, in churches priests always say: “And Jesus said…”
That is a lie practised a trillion times just to fool the people. Humanity walks in the shoes of children, naively following the magic.
There is no ‘Holy Book’ that protects children and women, the poor, and the subjugated people.
Praying or talking to God at a wall never leads to an answer. Waiting for God to answer just makes people crazy.
One should think about this. Religions are a system of manic compulsion, tools for subjugation, exploitation, and abuse.

The Historic Failure of Religions

6 billion people believe in a God with innumerable different ideas.
Did we create peace on earth? 2.4 billion Christians + 1.8 billion Muslims + 30 million Jews pray to the same one God.
Did they create peace? How many people on earth have built up genuine inner peace?
History consists of 5,000+ years of ideas about God and Gods, profoundly magical. Do we have peace?
There are universities founded in the spirit of a religion, but does God honour and favour these institutions with special wisdom and learning? It does not.
Does academic life repeatedly explore “old ideas”, or create spirituality and peace on earth?
Millions of missionaries preach their psychotic beliefs. And we have no peace.
Buddha could not provide peace. For Millennia people have lived on a wrong spiritual path; right?
The Jewish folk could not provide peace on earth.
Jesus Christ and Christianity could not provide global peace yesterday or today. Does the crucifix create peace or a subtle provocation of hell and damnation?
The Prophet Mohammed could also not bring peace to earth.
100,000 wise masters over the past 3,000 years could not provide a breakthrough for peace.
The religious spectacles, practiced annually in rich and poor countries, are the most perverse fraud in human history; orchestrated by Governance, Banks, Education, and Religion.
Today, there is still no peace on earth! Something must be totally wrong with all these religions!
Why do people not have questions, and why do they not search for genuine answers from inside?

A word from the “Messenger” to the World:

For 40 years I had thousands of dreams about the future of humanity and the human made looming Armageddon. Many dreams showed me the roots of human failure in all human systems since thousands of millennia.
I also had hundreds of dreams about God, the other world, my failed mission I had 2,000 years ago, and my mission today. In dreams I received “The Power of Attorney” from God, saying “Use all the divine Power I give you herewith!”
That means now: If you continue living as usual and destroying the collective Archetypes of Human Development, I will send you all to a very cold planet for 200,000 years. You all have your mission: “The Archaic Age must end now!”
This includes the globalists, the mad titans, the cynical governance, also religious, and other authorities, and those (WEF) who created the actual ‘Sickening Covid Hollywood Theatre’, including all followers and brainless submissive worshippers.”

5. Eight billion People now and many more in 20-30 years

Many people are voracious, greedy, cowards, arrogant, and worthless.
Up to 90% of people live with absurd magical thinking. This is the perfect license for governmental control through fear, panic, and guilt.
In addition, most people are lazy to think, never have questions, and therefore they remain stupid and ignorant.
Most people have no cognition with inner education. Most people do not have an elaborated, genuine self-identity.
Most people are sick in their mind and soul – subjugated for 7,000 years.
The corollary is that they have all been slaves for millennia. Most people have no idea what their life is good for.
Humanity has not learned to evolve in 7,000 years.
Human mental systems have been poisoned by rulers for millennia for the sake and benefit of these rulers.
Today mass media is the tool to rule the world.
There is no religion that demands the protection of children and young people.
Result: neurotics, psychopaths, perverse aberrations, collective neuroses, a lot of suffering.
“Become like the children”, naïve and well-behaved, is the advice for salvation.
Does anybody know what real “salvation” is?
All power systems have been repeating insane mistakes for more than 7,000 years.
A short historic overview shows us that governance today is preponderantly as dirty as 7,000 years ago.
The old models of governance need catharsis, must be replaced by healthy rulers heading in the right education.
65% of responsible state leaders are failures.
Leaders must earn “the right to lead” with inner education and a deep understanding of being human.
Becoming an agent in a political structure or a state leader requires wisdom, competence, knowledge, and spirituality for human development.
The secret political script is incredibly old: “Subjugate the people! Take advantage of them!”
The broken minds and souls obey without resistance. Hardly anyone can see the new dictatorial religion.
Governance is cynical, but people still blindly trust their “butchers” – and this since centuries.
In many societies (even in the supposed free and civilized West!) political power can brand a political enemy and lie to the people for going to war.
We know that laws can be created for dictatorial power.
We know that statistical results can be manipulated for any system and alien (hidden) purposes. Most people are easily seduced.
We know, power lies, distorts everything simply for the sake of robbery, of destroying other countries, of destroying one’s own people, and to install dictatorships under the pretext of protection, health, nutrition, a virus, or an enemy “at the gates”.
History offers us countless examples.
If we look at the great wars of the last 7,000 years, we see that friends become enemies, enemies are bought, hypocrites and helpers as well and overall, betrayal is everywhere.
People only recognize the full effect of wars, even against their own peoples, when it is too late. The citizens are never consulted.
This is how the mighty have always operated to subjugate entire continents for 1,000 years and many more.
They never had a problem to kill many millions of their own citizens.
The greatest coups in history show us the real “titans” behind governance.
“Sodom and Gomorrah” is the mythological symbol for this.
In the great wars for 7,000 years, caesars, emperors, and kings, have always been mass murderers.
Millions of people have always been killed, also babies, children, young people, and especially women, and the elderly.
Who has ever brought these murderers for political crimes to justice?
Never. But history books glorify them as heroes.
A tricky question remains: what if governments rarely heated up and rarely waged war, but instead it was and is always the dark titans with their enormous financial power during millennia?
Next to that, the question remains: Which people (in power) are always the arsonists who secretly plan and light the fuse using religion, nationalism, etc. as the excuse?
With the mad governance and mad titans since millennia we have more questions than answers:
Who punishes authorities who trigger wars, break constitutions, stunt child development, expose children, adolescents, and adults to isolation, and neglect the needs of old and incapacitated people, etc.?
Eliminating the fundamental and eternal Archetypes of the ‘human being’ such as baby, child, boy, girl, adolescent, mother, father, woman, man, marriage, (etc.), is a crime against human nature.
Who punishes those who decompose these Archetypes and eternal principles of human development?

6. The Laws and Principles of Human Development

Firstly, A new breed of leaders must be built up:

1) Pre and postnatal healthy development from a healthy background.
2) Trained in the new archetypal understanding of human development.
3) Founded on a new concept of lifelong responsible inner development.
4) Objective- and value-oriented attitudes for all contexts of duties.

Secondly, A new breed of leaders must work for all humanity:

1) Reliable, transparent, comprehensible, objective, meaning-awareness.
2) Strong but balanced in making decisions for the interest of the people.
3) Fundamentally in the service of the people which includes collaborations.
4) Guided by a well-shaped self-identity with a stable flexible inner balance.
5) Guided by wisdom, dreams, and meditations, always carefully elaborated.

What this means, summarized in 10 points:

  1. A new understanding of pre and postnatal influences.
  2. A new understanding of humans and human development.
  3. A new definition and foundation of human values.
  4. A new way of thinking and understanding the meaning.
  5. A new understanding of public education at all levels.
  6. A new understanding of interrelations between planet and humanity.
  7. A new understanding about balanced economic principles.
  8. A new understanding about wars and managing disarmament.
  9. A new understanding of global multiple interrelations.
  10. A new understand of marriage, man, woman, family, father, mother, child, adolescence, adulthood and the third age.

Future Ways of Living – Fundamental Components for future ways of living:

  • Practicing systematical self-knowledge.
  • Managing one’s personal development.
  • Meditating for 5-15 minutes, 3 times a day.
  • A daily focus on the dream messages.
  • Managing health for body and mind.
  • Lifelong learning to better master life.
  • Giving high importance to genuine needs.
  • Developing a deep understanding of love.
  • Sharing inner experiences in relationships.
  • A responsible dealing with human values.
  • Sharing high awareness and critical thinking.
  • Living and working rooted and centered inside.
  • Living rooted in the Archetypes of the Soul.
  • There is no sustainable evolution for humans with the actual dire state of the planet.
  • The dire state of the planet does not allow for collective sustainable joy and fulfillment.
  • The innermost being of humans is globally ignored in systems of mind, body, and soul.

A new definition and foundation of “human values” must be spread all-over the world.
A new system of reliable and solidary leaders with a healthy mind and soul must cover leadership.
A new understanding of humans, human development and human life must nurture the world.
A new understanding of the interrelations between planet and humanity must create balance.
A new understanding of parental and public education must connect with the world and people.
A new understanding of pre and postnatal influences with all the consequences must be adapted.
A new understanding of managing business and economy requires strong rules for balance.
A new understanding of governance, democracy, and leading folks is indispensable and urgent.
A new understanding of religion with the ‘laws’ about ‘back-bonding to the beginning’ is required.
A new way of thinking and understanding of the meaning everywhere must guide the world.
A core group of elites, leaders, and candidates of leadership must nurture global awareness.