The 18 Biggest Global Threats to Humanity


Humanity, as it understands itself to this day, is an obsolete model. Humanity must finally recognize itself and genuinely develop itself. What makes people valuable is always their inner development; as such, human capital must develop and grow ‘archetypically’ from within. Humans must always understand themselves in connection with nature and free themselves from religions without an archetypal concept of inner development. For 3000 years the world population repeats the old conflicts and delusions so Governance has inherited more guilt than the world population in 5000 years. It is the citizens who will pay for all the destruction of nature we depend on and the future generations will pay for the global mess with all the suffering and misery. An all-encompassing collective catharsis is required to get a prosper future. Without reconciliation about the atrocities since 5000 years, there is no future. If this does not occur, the world will experience an unprecedented Armageddon.

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