Pandora: Part 2

Inner Awakening: Rediscovering Lost Wisdom and Spiritual Truths

It would appear that people do not want to learn or to learn about their inner selves, but the truth can only be found within, and this truth is the only way to truly nurture the mind and the soul. Lifelong learning is the principal key to life as complex deep interactive learning enriches human life enormously. Genuine religion nurtures from within and creates a balance between our inner and outer worlds.

Throughout history, sages have come and gone. The wisdom was always there every hundred years these people came to us, but their genuine spiritual knowledge was ignored and most of their true names were lost in the sands of time, others were invented or changed. Even the name of Jesus was invented. Although we have The Bible, most holy books never saw the light of day or never found their way into society. Apart from these sages, people have worked for a better humanity, but these people remain nameless. It is possible that all messengers have been ignored for thousands of years.

For decades I tried to understand Humanity’s dramas, but the fact is that our inner voice and even our body knows what is right and wrong and will tell us. Everyone can learn to become more responsible for their mind and body. This is the genuine eternal spiritual and practical law that governs all life. For thousands of years, the authorities withheld this truth from their people. It seems that Billions of people do not want to learn, think deeply, or evolve.

The roots of all evil began millennia ago with the perversion of religions, all wars have operated through the ghosts of religion, and war will knock at our door for millennia to come. It would seem people need war and in 1988 World War Three was at the gate. Since then, many wars have broken out. Over the next 30 years, I had many dreams about the oncoming World War Three. I warned the authorities in Switzerland and Europe many times. On that occasion we were lucky and World War Three, but Pandora’s box is now very open.

This Pandora’s box takes many forms, but one of them is the narratives that are spread within society to divert the minds and the attention of the people. Religion takes its place in this scenario too, as religions have existed for millennia and all claim to offer peace and enlightenment, but peace is still absent in the world and within society at large. Love, care, respect, purity of mind and the balance I spoke of earlier between the inner and the outer worlds is gone. Did we ever really have it?

Humanity has not yet been given the get-out-of-jail-free card from this Archaic Armageddon and war and famine in darkness have not changed for millennia. The majority of world leaders have failed to serve humanity. Most elites are simply parasites that serve their agenda. Nobody can stop a delusional war-hungry America from world domination.  Every system on this planet has been broken down with lies and deception. Humanity must find their true worth and strive towards fulfilment. People destroy themselves by ignoring their many inner values.