Dream Interpretation

Modern Dream Dictionary: The Ultimate Guide to Dream Interpretation: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings Kindle Edition

The Guidance to Fulfilment

People have always given importance to dreams, although mostly with a magical understanding. In the ancient world “big dreams” were considered as messages from God. Today, for most people dreams do not have any importance for their life. There are also people that do not give any importance to thinking.

  • Everyone dreams 2-4 times during sleep. It’s a human matter that many people can’t remember their dreams. Everybody can learn to remember dreams.
  • Dreams are not the rubbish of the everyday life or the past, or a result occurring by accident and without meaning. Dreams are a useful psychical-spiritual function.
  • Images or scenes in dreams can have a subjective or objective meaning, a spiritual meaning, an eternal meaning, the meaning of a behaviour or an attitude; and some dreams express processes of transformation.

The spiritual intelligence is a mental function (Spirit)

  • The spiritual intelligence creates the dreams in order to guide humans.
  • The spiritual intelligence ‘talks’ to the dreamer through dreams.
  • The spiritual intelligence operates in dreams aiming for balance and development.
  • The spiritual intelligence is the only source to understand the Soul and God (with dreams, meditation).
  • Humans can’t manipulate dreams and can’t manipulate the spiritual intelligence.
  • Correct interpretation requires knowledge about mind, behaviour, world, life, etc.

Dreams tell the truth

  • Dreams tell the truth about: dreamer, people, religions, ideologies, society, the planet, the future and God.
  • 90% of all psychologists, therapists and analysts know a mere 10% about dreams and dream interpretation.
  • Most people interpret their dreams on an archaic (magic) level (superstitious) with primitive knowledge.
  • We can’t interpret dreams correctly without knowledge about the mental, the unconscious and the real life.
  • We need to grow psychologically and spiritually to understand our dreams correctly.

Dreams are the most valuable source of human existence

  • Dreams inform, counsel, warn, support, promote, heal, develop, evaluate, and shape the evolutionary path.
  • Dreams are an indispensable part of being human; shape the “royal path” to an entire psychical-spiritual universe.
  • If this ‘royal path’ is nurtured correctly, it enables to reach highest possible psychical-spiritual fulfillment.

The spiritual challenge for the archetypal human evolution

  • We can manipulate and deform any mental function, any behaviour, any individual, and any concept or knowledge. But we can never manipulate or deform the spiritual intelligence.
  • The Spirit is not a human creation, not a product of culture, but a spiritual-psychical function in each psyche (soul, mind) of each human. The Spirit is the genuine source of human evolution.

The spiritual challenge for religions and concepts of spirituality

  • Religion without the spiritual intelligence, without dreams (as inner guidance) and the Archetypes of the Soul is archaic and useless, a fabrication, and destroys humanity and the archetypal human evolution.
  • The inner Spirit (the spiritual intelligence) is the highest authority and stands above all religions and concepts of governance, above all dogmatic and ideological teaching!