Did “Abraham” ever exist?

Despite millions and many more books about God, we know next to nothing about ‘God’. We can only have a vague and very general idea about God in an earthly way. And that means: God is an unfathomable being of unfathomable energy, dimension and quality, certainly not in human form, for example like a father.

The Abraham story in brief: God demands that Abraham kills his son. It is said that God will test Abraham. Expanded this should probably mean: God test people. For what reason? Why should God ask Abraham to undergo such a trial? It’s perverted, sick, and simply absurd. Or asked like this: Does God Almighty need to make this demand for his ego? God and Abraham are incompatible. Behind this myth lies a very different diabolical business.

We can safely assume that what God is can never be called something destructive. There is no polarity here between “good and bad” because that simply makes no sense for the “eternal being of God”. But it makes sense to understand God as a cosmic, all-encompassing force of creation and design.

The promise “Obey and you will go straight to paradise after death” is an empty marketing promise, deeply rooted in the global promise of religion for sheer eternity.

It makes sense to say that most people in life cannot be trusted. Most people position themselves “above”, but have not learned anything psychically, spiritually or in real life. The current state of the world: poor education, incompetent politicians, sick brainwashing, propaganda of the worst kind, false religion, hypocritical people, false gods, a sea of show-offs. Where is God?

It is always the person who creates, shapes and designs his earthly world in the continuum of good and bad. Everything that has ever been said and written about mythology to this day is simply from earthly sources (made by humans) – and never by God. What is created by “God” is always and only the absolute good for all eternity.

We conclude: it is always the born human being who can be the cause of all evil and all good.
In order to be “good” you have to learn a lot about being human and working in the service of people.

That is why Abraham does not exist! It makes no sense that the ‘God of Abraham’ demands submission and absolute trust in him (in God). God never needs that! So here we have a human projection of the most perfidious kind that serves to subjugate human beings. The authorities (elites) are always the strongest winners, seen worldwide in a big cycle.

In plain language: Abraham is an earthly invention to subjugate, dominate and exploit people. So Abraham should not be understood as a human being, but only as the result of human development between good and evil, fulfilled and unfulfilled, destructive and creative. In simple terms, Abraham is the all-dominating perversion of submission on this planet.

But now there is the thesis that we all keep our identity forever in the hereafter, and that we are active in the spiritual-energetic worlds, constructively or destructively. That would then mean that all people (souls) in the hereafter and in this world are active in a network of soul-people.

Seen this way: The hereafter and this side are actively organized (energetic) life. So there is also a kind of organized “state structure” in the hereafter with diverse occupations, research, developments and goals. In this world we are people with body and energy. With death only the earthly body disappears; in the hereafter we are an eternally indelible energy body and an indelible identity of our own.

Just as everything in this world contains meaning or demands meaning, so everything in the hereafter also contains active meaning. Which brings us to the critical question: Does earthly procreation bring potentially good and potentially evil to the earthly world at the same time? Does the earthly person then go back (through death) into the spiritually good or spiritually evil otherworldly world?

Practically interpreted: Whoever learns a lot mentally and spiritually in the earthly world (develops, also for the community), rises in the hierarchy of achievements in the hereafter; whoever learns little or nothing mentally and spiritually in this world remains dull and logically descends in the hereafter.

Interpreted differently: If the adult, earthly person has not even left adolescence behind when he dies, his life becomes mentally and spiritually “lean and cheap”, also in the hereafter. That means: Whoever is mentally and spiritually stupid in this world all his life will not get any better in the status of his being and life in the hereafter either. Then the person comes back into a system of learning; probably a hundred or more years later, undetectably back on this planet.

It should be known worldwide that education is essential for mental, spiritual and real life. It is eternally a principle that humans must take responsibility for their inner development – as far as possible. Man is called from within to contribute to human values. If man does not do, what 90% of mankind does today, then the collective will develop in the direction of self-made Armageddon. In this sense, humanity is always socially integrated into a whole of the world community.

We interpret freely: Covid today has been covertly established for many thousands of years, to a certain extent as “God’s punishment stored in a drawer”. De facto this mechanism leads to the “punishment of God”, but de facto it serves the kings, rulers, “high priests” and tyrants until today and forever.

The worldwide Covid interests (goals) have merged today into the 100% punishment with total submission so that the rulers can last forever. The political declaration of the “Visitation” (God’s punishment by Covid), made clear to the world in 2021 with the omnipotence of the state leadership, shows us where the dog is buried.

With this, Abraham today became a collective psychosis and hysteria; as known: pulled out of the drawer about 20 years ago. There is also the thesis that all people on this earth are here as a punishment; because they did not obey God like Abraham did. With Abraham all humanity was infantilized. It has been the same for millennia with “upbringing, education, obedience, and also with religion.”

We interpret the facts and come to the conclusion that Abraham never really existed. Because it is an absurd construction that gives all power only to the stronger. Unfortunately, almost the whole world has been built up for millennia by this Abraham myth around the globe for all eternity.

In addition, one must add that about 65% of all headmen (leaders) have stolen the right to lead, because they are still rooted in Abraham (however) psycho-spiritually and mentally.

For millennia, the whole of humanity has been led in a completely wrong direction politically, economically, educationally and religiously – unchanged until today. They have to be forgiven because they have been epigenetically in chains for millennia.

It is an unbelievable mendacity and outrage of religion how the system has been brainwashing people into submission to the Abraham myth for millennia. We have to forgive many of them because they try to do the best they can to help people mentally and spiritually.

Almost all of humanity has fallen under the Abraham and Covid magic.

With their conception, the people on this planet received everything they need to create, nourish and develop a healthy humanity psychically, mentally, spiritually and practically (educationally). In addition, every person can shape his own inner path with the archetypes of the soul. The soul, the meaning (MIND), and the facts of the development of human existence provide the guidance.

Today and with this, after 50 years of research, everything is on the table that humanity needs for its psycho-spiritual development through the archetypal processes of the soul for fulfillment.

Overall: There is “God”, but this unfathomable being has nothing to do with the myth of “Abraham”.

Dr Eduard Schellhammer, RC