Each human today decides about his future!
There are global threats that are far more life threatening than the Corona Virus

The so-called Kings and Queens today with their crown are in the spiritual sense a sham.
There has been no archetypal “King of the Holy Grail” on earth since a very long time.
Governance and leadership have proven to be ineffective, cynical, hungry for power, corrupt.
Since millenniums always a very small group of elites play their evil games with humanity.
80% of the world population lives in poverty, a majority can never get out of their slavery.
Politicians are unable to meet the needs of the people; are unable to create global balance.
Most leaders repeat the history of over 5000 years and are incapable of dealing with challenges.

The worst atrocities in history and today have always been committed Kings, Presidents, Rulers.
Wars, lies, cheat, falseness, greed, abuse, hate for the creation still shape Governance worldwide.
Warmongers killed 3.5bn people and horses in battlefields; so today. Humanity worships them.
Too many people are lazy, stupid, arrogant, reject learning, ignore human values, are braggers.
Nearly all are life-long stuck in pre-adolescence; totally reject substantial self-knowledge.
Most people have developed their 22 mental functions on a level of 5-7%.
Around the globe most behave like hamsters in the hamster wheel.
65% of ecosystems have been destroyed, will create unimaginable suffering in the future.

Many people die without ever having lived and developed their mind and spiritually.
Bioweapons are diabolic pathogens, horrifying, and insane; used already centuries ago.
Nuclear bombs and powerful weapons show the face of their manufacturers: Leaders.

Everything starts with learning, reading, studying, contemplating, meditation, dreams, analysing, personal catharsis,
critical thinking, critically exploring and searching for the truth in one’s own inner spiritual source of life.

“Die in Darkness and Shame”
Or get involved in creating a new world for inner fulfilment!