Be a better you, create a better world!

We offer a one-of-a-kind centre for like-minded people to meet and discuss topics that will change the world from the grassroots. We offer seminars, and workshops, on a variety of topics.


We believe the world is at a crossroads. Either we choose to change the course of humanity and find solutions to the very real problems that we all know the world will be facing in the near future, or the only other alternative is to face the end of society as we know it now. Current lifestyles are unsustainable and actions that leaders are taking are not sufficient.

Our founder Dr. Eduard Schellhammer has dedicated his life to studying these problems. He is many things, humanitarian, educator, psychologist, anthropologist, mentor, spiritual guide, and computing engineer.

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer is the founder of both Schellhammer Business School and the independent think tank Schellhammer Institute. Find out more about his extraordinary life and how the Schellhammer Institute was born.