Meditation and Dream Interpretation Workshops

Personal Development with Individuation

You want a breakthrough in your personal life? You want to find fulfilment in your vocation? You seek for a deeper archetypal meaning of life? You want an inner catharsis and absolution? You want renewal? You aspire for a higher purpose? You want to find answers and gain new knowledge for overall understanding? You want to find new strength to deal with today’s fast paced world and global challenges?

The workshops are for you!

The Workshops at the Schellhammer Institute offer a practical combination and variety of Analysis, Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Contemplation, Energetic Practices for Individuation and overall Personal Development.

The Workshops offer individuals in small groups, understanding and answers and an overall boost to bring in motion their own personal development. Individuals get the opportunity to learn about meditation and how it can improve life as well as how to overcome unconscious burdens. The workshop also offers a clear understanding about dreams and how to interpret them for personal life guidance and overall renewal.

Additional Individual Analytical Sessions for Individuation with Dr. Schellhammer on request.

Practical Individuation requires: reading, learning, management of the personal development, catharsis, changes, renewal, life- and professional planning; and occasionally analytical sessions with analysis, guidance, dreams, contemplation, and meditation.

Schedule a personal meeting with the Founder, Dr. Schellhammer to find out more about the workshops and what they can offer you for a better life.


  • Dates: March, June, September, December
  • Duration: 1 week, Monday to Friday
  • Schedule: 12-14 h and 16-18 h
  • Realization: Dr. Edward Schellhammer
  • Fees: 1,200€ full week

Workshops for Local Residents

Occasionally we offer a short program, once per week late afternoon, 2 hours during 6-10 weeks. Details upon request.

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