In our chaotic world, filled with fear and guilt, we all yearn for a brighter future—for ourselves and our children. The relentless bombardment of doom and gloom has left us questioning the path ahead. But what if we told you there’s an alternative.


A rethink of what it means to be human is needed!  To navigate these turbulent times, we need a profound shift in our perspective on humanity. We must engage with our psycho-spiritual values, questioning the confrontational elites and their role in perpetuating global conflicts. It’s time to break free from the cycle of violence.


All those born after WW2 said millions of times: ‘Never again!’. But since then, the world has experienced dramatic wars: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Korea, the Gulf, Syria, Yemen, the drama that is unfolding in the Ukraine and many more conflicts triggered by the elites including clandestine operations, false flag incidents, and nationalist provocations.


We have been desensitised to the violence of war even though the atrocities committed by all those involved have been and continue to be monstrous.


It is easy to talk of East versus West, the North or South divide, or one dogmatic economic or religious philosophy versus another all distorted by cynical political puppets at the service of the elites.


Most governments, including those in the so-called civilized West ignore all offers of a peace processes. If we look at the USA alone, the leader of the western alliance there has not been a single generation that has not been exposed to a serious conflict since WW2.


Ordinary people are never the victors, but mere pawns, as are the many young soldiers returning home from pointless conflicts with a plethora of trauma and mental disorders caused directly by the stress of violence and flight or fight mental state. The winners are usually the elites who profit from the arms trade or create economic destabilization to plunder resources. It is evident that the USA and its allies have no interest in long term world peace.


Some 95% of the world population is neither involved in nor want conflict. All wars are diabolical dramas directed by governing authorities aiming to profit through the destruction of all foreseen enemies.


For the past 2,000 years, the Western world has projected its intolerance for others and inflicted harm on everyone else.


While we must accept that disputes between nations are inevitable, war and conflict are neither inevitable nor the solution. We must create a New Age of enlightenment with the correct systems and practices for peace.


An estimated 2.4 billion people are rooted in the Christian faith in various forms. Millennia-old ‘Jesus-Christ worshiping’ festivals and events along with endless commemorations of a growing collection of virgins and saints around the globe are worshiped dogmatically for their supposed powers to heal the sick or to offer solutions to any personal crisis. Thinking and questioning are not part of this “faith”, and neither is consideration and self-accountability. It is this unquestioning and irrational act of belief, rather than the rationale and critical thinking about what is preached by these religions that must take precedence in the minds and hearts of the followers for this form of domination to continue. We can add Islam with its estimated 1.8 billion followers in various interpretations, add a variety of other belief systems, millennia-old religious traditions and we connect some 4-6 billion people with false spiritual thinking, that is very rarely oriented towards the real human being. A fundamental part of this false spirituality is fear of damnation or hope of redemption a fear that the elites used to great effect in constructing the Covid pandemic.


These systems have always cemented themselves ever deeper within society during chaotic, unstable and volatile times. When the populace needed hope and found no logical signs of hope in their lives they turned to faith. However, that same system still has the ability exert control and to instil fears of the threats of Hell, fire, brimstone and damnation for sinners in its overly trusting and unquestioning followers. Although they claim to offer the opportunity to explore and discover what it means to be human. The true prime objective of any of these religious institutions their own self-preservation, and the acquisition of wealth and power for their leaders.


On the other hand, there are also ‘humanist thinkers’ with philosophical attitudes who seek to develop a psychological-practical understanding of life and being human with good attitudes and respect for inner values.


Firstly we must accept the world is overpopulated, but secondly that too many people are content in  their ignorance, laziness, and egocentricity, lack of curiosity or self-accountability. Governments fail to address these concerns, leaving the masses in despair. It’s time for change!


People are rarely nurtured or supported in a progressive way prenatally, postnatally, during puberty, and generally in life holistically. They do not learn to take responsibility for their inner and outer development. They live only to apply the first 2 of their 22 mental functions. Today, most people only act, and thanks to technology, say the bare minimum and the majority of our youth have lost confidence in the future. They lack commitment and motivation to accomplish anything worthwhile. They have lost all trust in the governing authorities, and institutions. Generation after generation have failed to educate themselves though curiosity, investigation, exploration, discovery, self reflection, or questioning information they are given, instead allowing politicians to assume the role of a lifelong father promising the increasingly elusive prize of prosperity  controlling us with fear tactics and guilt. This results in the fact that most people act superficially. We have become a society addicted to scrolling though junk information they are fed through their mobiles by social media and amuse ourselves with an endless array of audio-visual channels that feed illusions and absurd seductions. 


Partly uncontrolled capitalism has destroyed these human values. The misery begins with leaders who have neither spirit, wisdom nor competence to offer genuine leadership, but is confounded by the fact that society has not grasped the truth of what it means to be human because they are blinded by fear of the future which is an unknown commodity. So, the hamster wheel continues to spin and 80% of the masses never escape their poverty, billions are exposed to archaic ways of life. They procreate without adequate resources. Global poverty is destroying humanity, while heads of state enjoy their ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ lifestyles. For many of these people who still blindly believe wealth equates to happiness, monetary greed has destroyed their possibility for a meaningful life. This seems to be especially true among the younger generation. Governments are unable to communicate effectively with these people and identify their concerns making them ineffectual while secretly exploiting the treasury bestowed upon them by the people. A skill they have honed to perfection.


Additionally, while peace treaties abound, the victims of wars increase, the constant threat of resources shortages, famines, economic recessions, war mongering and pandemic scams leave a great many people mentally and emotionally traumatized and scarred for life. The authorities have become either the deliverers of death or efficient trauma dispensers in the lives of millions of adults and children. Real peace is nowhere to be found.

In summary today, every governmental system is decomposed, corrupted, twisted and exploited. Power hungry individuals are destroying humanity.

  • Who holds the authors accountable?
  • Who has the courage to challenge this system?
  • Who has the solutions?


The solution to these problems is not in a wall or in any outer realm. Everything is in one’s own inner self, in the mind, in the soul, and in the efficient use of our 22 mental functions.

The world of humans can only redeem themselves. However, whilst in the past wise men even prophets, teachers tried to spread ‘human values’, today, all values are in danger of ‘decomposing’. This must not be allowed to happen.


What if a new messenger for humanity and a modern psychic-spiritual world development has already arrived? After 50 years of research, we believe that catharsis and restructuring of thinking are essential. The Schellhammer Institute offers a solution—a path to a brighter, enlightened future for all.