Who doesn’t Want a Brighter Future?

Respected ladies and gentlemen, and to all, who want a good future for themselves and their children.

For years we have all been bombarded with a barrage of ‘evil tidings’ in all areas or our lives.

Fear and guilt are now the primary emotions that dominate most people ‘s lives.

With utmost seriousness and freedom, I would like to present to you today my thoughts on our present predicament and vision for a better future.

For over 50 years, I have regularly recorded in my writings my analysis and conclusions on everything concerning our future in order to understand the world!

At the age of 16 I went to Paris and learned French. Afterwards I studied in Switzerland, first in Fribourg, later in Zurich (awarded my PhD). In Kiel, Germany, I also learned IT and automation. I continued my education of psychoanalysis (Freudian and Jungian), humanistic psychology, behavioral psychology and adult education, led my own in-depth psychology practice for 12 years, with control analysis, to become an expert. After my academic career in Zurich, I moved to Spain with my family where I have lived for more than 30 years now.

In Southern Spain I founded ‘Schellhammer Business School’ (SBS) in 2009. Applying all my knowledge and with great dedication, I have now created a global educational institution. SBS has UK accreditation awarded for our excellence, has students from 120 different countries and in October, we expect up to 800 students to join us at our new campus located in Sotogrande in the province of Cadiz, Spain.

During my studies in Fribourg, I started my research and worked tirelessly, inspired by the report of the ‘Club of Rome: The Limits to Growth’ (1972), to find a good future for humanity, and in particular with a world population of 8 billion people today.

My exhaustive research into the last 7,000 years of human history clearly show that all elites have learned nothing over the millennia repeating the same mistakes over and over again, using the same methods and well-known patterns of Exploitation, Stealing, Subjugation, Plundering and Murdering.

Now a convergence of a high number of global threats sends a clear message of a man-made Armageddon – good luck trying to survive in the future!

I have written many books covering key human topics: Politics, Economics, Education, Philosophy, Dream Theory, Archetypes of the Soul, Destruction of the Planet, Religion, Evolutionary Human Development and Psychology both for mainstream readers and experts alike.

New and available in English are: ‘The 18 Global Threats’, ‘The Architecture of the Mind’, ‘The 22 Mental Functions’ and ‘The Archetypal Reset’.

Now, I have established a physical presence with the Schellhammer Institute and created a number of educational programs comprehensively known as ‘TOP-UP Programs’ for people from all walks of life including the elites, who genuinely wish to lead the world into a better more constructive future.

Why you may ask? My answer is because the future for a healthy life for all humans is on the brink of collapse worldwide.

A rethink of what it means to be human is needed!  An engagement with our psycho-spiritual values is required!


Please, now indulge me as I explain in greater detail my particular concerns which I hope you share.

Chapter 1 – “The bloodthirsty and bellicose human elites”

All those born after WW2 said millions of times: ‘Never again to war’. But since then, the world has experienced many very dramatic wars: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Korea, the Gulf, Syria, Yemen the drama that is unfolding before our eyes in the Ukraine and many more conflicts triggered by the elites and this does include the clandestine operations, false flag incidents and nationalist provocations.

Wars have been repeatedly the order of the day until today. The atrocities committed by all the players have been and continues to be monstrous.

It is easy to talk of East versus West, the North or South divide, or one dogmatic economic or religious philosophy versus another all distorted by cynical political puppets at the service of the elites.

Most governments, including those in the so-called civilized West ignore all offers of a peace processes. If we look at the USA alone, the leader of the western alliance there has not been a single generation that has not been exposed to a serious conflict since WW2.

The results are self-evident. Ordinary people are not the winners, they are the losers as are the many young soldiers returning home from pointless wars with a raft of mental disorders due to the trauma of war. The winners are usually the elites who profit from arm sales or create economic destabilization to plunder resources. It is very clear that the USA and its allies have no interest in peace.

Again, I ask you to consider the current conflict in the Ukraine where the media puppets tell us that Ukraine is receiving billions in financial support, a large number of tanks and countless military equipment from the USA and a number of its European allies. This means that they are seeking for the war to escalate beyond its current dimensions, with perhaps the long-term risk of nuclear war.

Here we can perhaps discover a religious link as consciously the elites and their megalomania seek to not only compete but ultimately punish God. For what?

Because we are but a small part of creation?

Because we feel deserted having been told we are the favored part of creation?

Because we have created weapons to challenge and destroy creation itself?

Is Deicide the strategy?

Some 95% of the world population is neither involved in or want conflict. All wars are diabolical dramas directed by the elites aiming to profit by destroying all real and projected enemies.

For the past 2,000 years, the Western world has projected its hatred of others and inflicted diabolical harm onto everyone else.

Whilst we must accept that disputes between humans are inevitable war and conflict are not however the solution.

We need to create a New Age of enlightenment with the correct systems and practices for peace.

The new Schellhammer Institute “Leadership Program” starts this process of enlightenment.

Chapter 2 – “Fear is the best weapon”

Not so long ago the ‘Covid Program’ moved the world into a panicky psychotic state of fear and confusion.

Yes, there is no denying that there was a virus, yes some of the weak and frail unfortunately died but how different was all this to a serious seasonal outbreak of flu? This being the case was the dramatic reaction by governance, politicians and the media really necessary, in fact was the whole Covid pandemic real at all.

If the goal was to spread mass fear and confusion then it worked. Now people are lost, confused fearful of each other escaping into their own scary inner prison.

If the goal was to fragment society the again it worked and this “pandemic” created clear divisions between the believers, non-believers and those that are just confused.

If the goal to exert greater control over people, then it worked like a dream as lockdowns, social distancing and obligatory mask wearing became enshrined in law.

Sometimes it feels as if a foreign entity is spreading a black cloud that is engulfing the whole planet throwing everything into darkness with the aim of destroying everything and everyone.

Sensitive, intelligent and understanding individuals know of course that there is no foreign entity.

Now, as mentioned in the previous chapter, all these negative events are nothing short of a concentrated plan to warp and alter humanity, or as even worst a clear strategy of Deicide.

This then brings us to the topic of religion, that most contentious and divisive of subject.

An estimated 2.4 billion people are rooted in the Christian faith in various forms. Millennia-old ‘Jesus-Christ worshiping’ festivals and events along with endless commemorations of a growing collection of virgins and saints around the globe are worshiped dogmatically for their magical powers. Thinking and questioning are not part of this “blind faith” and neither is understanding and self-responsibility.

It is this unquestioning and irrational act of belief rather than the rationality and questioning of what is believed that takes precedence.

Naturally this act cements itself deeper during chaotic, unstable and volatile times to the pleasure of the system of faith that can still manage to instill fire, brimstone and damnation in its naïve followers.

The survival, prosperity and power of this religious system is the goal, not the human in the quest to explore and discover what it means to be human.

We can add Islam with its estimated 1.8 billion followers in various interpretations, add a variety of other belief systems, millennia-old religious traditions and we connect some 4-6 billion people with false spiritual thinking, that is very rarely oriented towards the real human being.

A fundamental part of this false spirituality is fear of damnation or hope of redemption a fear that the elites used to great effect in constructing the Covid pandemic.

There are also ‘humanist thinkers’ with philosophical attitudes who seek to develop a psychological-practical understanding of life and being human with good attitudes and respect for inner values.

The new Schellhammer Institute “Top Up Global Leadership Program” has been developed for those who seek these inner values.

Chapter 3 – “The problem is people”

The first issue we must face is that there are not simply too many people on this small planet of ours but the vast majority are happy and contented in their ignorance, stupid, laziness, lying, selfish, egocentric, narcissistic, hedonistic behavior. They refuse to learn, think, or ask questions.

Rarely people know or are nurtured and supported in a forward-looking way pre- and postnatally, during puberty and in life in general. They do not learn to take responsibility for their inner and outer development. They live only to apply 2 of their 22 mental functions.

Today, most people only do and thanks to technology say the bare minimum. They are not committed or motivated to accomplish anything. They have given up trusting the government, and all the so-called authorities and institutions. Generation after generation has not learned to educate themselves by studying, learning, exploring, discovering, reading, thinking or questioning. They have allowed politics to assume the role of lifelong fatherhood ruling with the delusory carrot of prosperity and the sticks of fear, panic and guilt.

Not surprising that the result is now that most people act and are very superficial. They copy and paste garbage from cell phones, amuse themselves with a never-ending array of audio-visual channels that feed illusions and absurd seductions. Most of the young generation has lost confidence in the future.

It is partly the uncontrolled capitalism that has destroyed these human values but it is also humans themselves who have lost the meaning of being human blinded by fear of today and tomorrow.

The endless greed for unlimited money has destroyed real life, especially among the young generation who still blindly believe the millions make you happy. Governments are unable to communicate with the people and understand their concerns making them ineffectual.

Like a poorly written stage play they only have one act: Punishing, exploiting, devaluing, humiliating, killing, subjugating, ignoring, and exploiting the treasury behind the scenes. They have honed this act to perfection for millennia and continue to act it out till today.

Whilst actual wars leave behind a pile of dead bodies the constant threat of resources shortages, famines, economic recessions, war mongering and pandemic scams leave a great many people mentally and emotionally traumatized and scarred for life.

The authorities have become either the deliverers of death or efficient trauma dispensers in the lives of millions of adults and children. Real peace is nowhere to be found.

The misery begins with leaders who have neither spirit, wisdom nor competence to offer genuine leadership. So, the hamster wheel turns and 80% of the masses never get out of their poverty, billions are exposed to archaic ways of life. They procreate without adequate resources. Global poverty is destroying the humanity, whilst many heads of state enjoy their ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ lifestyles.

Today, all systems are decomposed, corrupted, twisted and exploited. The gigantic greed for power is destroying humanity. Covid was an extremely dirty game. Unnecessary and unfortunately successful with thousands of dead, psychologically and mentally destroyed souls in the long term.

Who holds the authors accountable?

Who has the courage to challenge?

Who has the solutions?

The new Schellhammer Institute “Top Up Global Leadership Program” has been developed to deliver solutions for humanity

Chapter 4 – “Solving the problem”

For millennia, the rulers and systems have been repeating the same mistakes. The authorities cleverly lie to the people by mixing their lies with a little truth. Lies are covered with more lies until there is no truth just lies and more lies. People live in permanent fear of the lies: No one can trust anyone else. The authorities live in fear that the lies will consume them: Every human then become an enemy, the reflection of their own inner self.

It is the tragedy of 8 billion humans including all the authorities, that people have been waiting for a ‘Redeemer’ for 2,000 and 1,500 years, the Christians for the second coming whilst Islam and Judaism are still waiting for the first. But no one came or will come. People worship the wall. No one can go through the wall because there is nothing behind. Everything is in one’s own inner self, in the mind, in the soul, and in the efficient use of our 22 mental functions.

The world of humans can only redeem themselves. However, whilst in the past wise men even prophets, teachers tried to spread ‘human values’, today, all values are in danger of ‘decomposing’. This must not be allowed to happen.

But, what if a ‘New (and Unknown) Messenger for Humanity and a Modern Psychic-Spiritual World Development’ is already here to lead the people on the (modern) inner path?

Today, after 50 years of research on human education, I come to the conclusion that every person, depending on his age, periodically should perform a catharsis and restructuring of his way of thinking and attitudes. The brains of most heads of state are so malformed that frankly not even the deepest catharsis will help.

This brings to what I hope is a solution in the creation of Schellhammer Institute.

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