The Rulers From The Times of Colonialism

The Rulers From The Times of Colonialism

For centuries there was hardly any thinking process apart from some individuals and rulers.

The last 5-6 centuries have been characterized by subjugation, indoctrination, and religion.

The winner was mostly the Western World with suppression and the propaganda worldwide.

Politics and religion were dominated for centuries by sneaky, filthy, and brutal rulers.

People could talk basically and function according to the given rules of the rulers.

Always the rulers dictated everything: food, life, work, and culture also in Germany.

Since centuries and millennia, nothing changed up to today: “We live with 2 Mental Functions”.

Centuries ago, and up to today, all rulers operate with malformed mental functions.

The rulers in the past, and today, manage all issues with very limited mental functions.

They all kill others, lie to others, steal, rob, damage, hurt, humiliate, everybody and everything.

They operate with religious rules: “Ordered ways of living”, “To obey to a Godfather”.

The mental propaganda and infiltration, with the menaces, are as old as 10,000 years.

We could interpret: All wars and all religious practices serve the rulers for their imperiousness.

For centuries, any valuable thinking to promote the genuine being human, was devilishly.

The last centuries were dominated by brainwashing, and indoctrination of all kinds of dogmas.

The rulers determined for centuries politics, education, science, and religion for their aims.

People had to obey and follow without protesting to the “divine” rules of the chosen rulers.

Critical thinking and questioning were and is up to today not requested, and mostly punished.

The last centuries were dominated by immense technological progress and financial profits in favour of the rulers.

The rulers in politics and religion were never interested in the evolutionary development of humanity.

People had blindly to function according to the given rules of the rulers.

God in the church and the Bible, everywhere, is a projection, constructed from the rulers.

Today, I found out that all humans have 22 mental functions to responsibly manage their lives.

Still today people of all shape and culture try to solve all criticalities with projections and lies.

In other words: All authorities cannot communicate with elaborated 22 mental functions.

For millennia, and up to today most rulers are unable to really deal with criticalities.

I identified only a very small educated political party, and I see a lot of extreme infantilisms.

For millennia authorities did not develop any real rational, analytical, and emotional criticality.

The world suffered many wars because the ruler’s capacity remains on primitive mind level.

This primitive mind level, we identify today in the Ukraine, NATO, the USA, and the Western World.

Globally seen, they all must be re-educated and include a new understanding of being human.

People must put questions: From years back to today: How can I find inner fulfilment?

This monkey theatre with sanctions: Does this promote a new archetypal humanity?

How can people experience respect, love, care, good communication, supportive government?

The last 3000 years, did people evolve in their mind and soul? Did people really aim for peace?

Summarised: There are around 200 to 5000 top leaders, state leaders, presidents, etc., in power.

Today they reign the world with trillions of dollars. Change now, or you are lost in the Universe!

The time to operate with 2 mental functions must be replaced by promoting real human values.

And to the people: Think a lot before you talk; read valuable books, elaborate your inner being.

Turn to the self-education with a new archetypal foundation for a good future for humanity.

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