The Rulers From The Times of Colonialism

For centuries, critical thinking was a rarity, limited to a select few individuals and rulers. The past 5-6 centuries have been marked by subjugation, indoctrination, and religious dominance, primarily led by the Western world through suppression and worldwide propaganda.

Politics and religion, for centuries, fell under the control of cunning, ruthless, and oppressive rulers. People’s lives were dictated by these rulers, encompassing everything from food to culture, even in regions like Germany.

Centuries and millennia have passed, yet little has changed. We continue to grapple with a limited scope of mental functions. Rulers, both in the past and today, operate with malformed mental functions, resorting to violence, deception, theft, and manipulation, often invoking religious doctrines to maintain their authority.

Mental propaganda and intimidation tactics have been used for millennia. It’s possible to interpret that wars and religious practices have largely served the interests of rulers.

Throughout history, any attempts at genuine human development were often thwarted. The recent centuries witnessed extensive brainwashing and indoctrination, with rulers shaping politics, education, science, and religion to suit their agendas. Dissent and critical thinking were discouraged and often punished.

The rulers prioritized technological progress and financial gain, showing little interest in the true evolution of humanity. People were expected to conform to their rules unquestioningly.

The concept of God in religious contexts often served as a tool constructed by rulers to maintain control.

Today, it’s clear that humans possess 22 mental functions to manage their lives responsibly. Yet, many continue to rely on projections and lies to address critical issues. Authorities often lack the capacity to engage with all 22 mental functions, resorting to primitive approaches.

This primitive mindset is still prevalent in some regions, contributing to conflicts and misunderstandings.

Globally, leaders need re-education to foster a new understanding of being human, promoting respect, love, effective communication, and supportive governance.

Over the past 3000 years, have we truly evolved in mind and soul, and have we sincerely pursued peace?

In summary, a small number of leaders currently wield enormous power, but the time for change is now. We must replace the limited use of mental functions with a focus on genuine human values.

To individuals, I encourage deep thought, extensive reading, and inner development. Embrace self-education based on a new archetype for a brighter future for humanity.