Lost Humanity

Lost Humanity

Is the destiny of humanity to be nothing but servants, subjugated peoples, to the masters? Is human destiny nothing more than a corroded, perverted, abused, and delusional construct? People never learned to become aware about how rich their Body, Mind, and Being is.

The composition of a human is a mystery; we cannot reconstruct a human out of nothing. The human body with all the components and interactive parts is simply a mystery. Our being starts with our parents, in other words, with a man and a woman that had sex. Out of nothing, simply by having sex, one human can become the master of many humans.

Woman and man, having sex, are not aware of the scope of responsibility that having a baby represents. Many people, suddenly pregnant, do not necessarily want a baby; also, they are not prepared for it. One solution is to abort, others carry on with this unknown burden into an unknown future. The persons concerned must decide within 3 months to abort or rising to the challenge of parenthood.

We are not here to judge abortion. But a reflection on parenthood is required: Do you have the resources? Are you prepared mentally, physically, educationally, pre-postnatal, and the interactive life? The parents pay for years and in some societies, the governments provide all the care. Is it correct to force parents to pay and care for it? Is it correct for society to assume responsibility and provide for key elements of upbringing? The problem is: Both the pregnant woman, and the father, are not prepared for the future.

Once a couple procreate, means, create a human, it has lifelong implications for the baby. Millions of humans create a baby, many babies, but their creation is lifelong imprisoned. Stupid creators, a lifelong poverty, miserable education, poor in money and knowledge. What for is such a life good for? Probably up to 3 billion people reproduce yearly this misery.

Most couples do not understand the “nurturing” up to 18 years, a 24/7 job for years to come. Is it correct that parents pay long-term and grow with a poor mind and with magic thinking. The body of a baby delivers immense knowledge and development; but nobody understands.
Nurturing starts at the beginning in endless variations to become a human for a long future.

Studying the motives to procreate a baby is in most cases egocentric, infantile, self-obsessed. There is only one valuable motive to procreate: Resources, money, thinking capacities. We all have the gift to procreate as if we are “Gods”: But all people abuse the gift. A bitter life: egocentric, careless, stupid, poor mind; why are they allowed to procreate?

There are thousands of religious beliefs and spiritual concepts on this planet, all rotten to the core. In most cases all beaten into people for Millennia. It is understandable that the term “religion” must include questions. But when the answers are “believe and do not question” or “believe and God will provide” the door to an open mind, healthy body and soul closes.

Rigidity, ignorance, dominance, magic blessings, and dictatorship become the norm and as we know these are the focus of immense amounts of profit, and total subjugation by masters. What is the result of 20,000 years of religions? Nothing! Not much has improved since then. Humanity has not changed for millennia because there is no human created God, no truth, and no solution. Isn’t it the same with “Jesus” and many others? Did he really come back in the past? No, He did not. If these man-made religions would be beneficial for humanity, why then do we still have wars, poverty and destruction?

I have seen many people praying in front of a wall, asking for answers and forgiveness. But no God has ever answered. Abraham also did not answer. Because Abraham and all the other bible stories are a scam. Nobody wants to realise that God is not on or in this wall. Another interpretation is to say: The masses of people are lazy, greedy, stupid, magic worshiping megalomaniacs, and therefore easy to subjugate.

Humanity never learned to take self-responsible in all life matters to nurture lifelong all the inner and outer capacities during the entire life. Humanity has also ignored to take care of the many mental and spiritual resources. We all have by nature the divine gift of life but Greed and selfishness and ignorance have consumed this divine gift. Humanity received everything from creation to evolve into a genuine, very rich Human.

Go and find God inside yourself and enrich you being, and becoming a human.

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