The Dilemma of The Truth

Do you think that a new world will arise from political decisions, from any religion or magic thinking, from economic growth or from public education? Do you have any substantial idea about how a new world could be created?

People have not learnt anything from all the wars since 150 years, even since 3000 years. Jesus, Mohammed and any other prophet or Messiah could not prevent any of these dire disasters, a human made terrible suffering!

To teach people the truth about the archetypal human evolution is a basket case. 95-97% of the 7+ billion people are malformed in their mind, brainwashed, on a dark lost path. They can never see the truth. So the truth is a lost case.

What could Abraham, David, Jesus, Mohammed and other (true) prophets do to save the archetypal human evolution? The path of the archetypal human evolution could never be established. Only the “Warmonger God” survived.

How could these wise men (sent from God) prove their divine mission? They were not procreated and born with wisdom and knowledge. As an adult they had to learn and to grow during years with the guidance of the spiritual intelligence through dreams and meditation. They had to process all archetypal steps and to learn a lot from life and history.

The state of humanity, the world and the planet, including 3000 years of history, show us clearly: there is something wrong with governance, religion, and public education: the people are coded since prenatal time with a teaching, with practices and a social environment that have nothing to do with the archetypal human evolution.

Between holy books was a power fight during centuries; and still is. Some leaders stole the so called “truth” and “mission from God” from previous “holy books” and different origins. Then they reshaped, perverted, and abused again the so called new “truth”. Genuine prophets from different ages were disfigured. New religions banned previous religions and their worshippers during centuries and millenniums. Today the final titanic revenge is in full gear.

People are lazy, coward, greedy, opinionated, hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant, blinded, credulous, naive or helpless in misery and poverty, or in a dark labyrinth. They are shaped for obedience and submission to authorities until death. They are since ever endlessly cheated from fake or disfigured prophets and fabricated religious teaching.

See it like this: Everywhere you can read or hear billions of times: “… and Jesus said…” But nobody knows what he said. Therefore, everything starts with a lie and leads to a hubbub of thousands of more lies, impossible to ever unravel.

Is there a chance to reach a new world? No, there is not! Not today! Probably not even after a global Armageddon. And with 7 and soon 8, 9, 10 billion earth dwellers not even a true prophet with a trillion Dollars would have a chance.

Imagine, a man tells you that he is the new true prophet, the reincarnated Abraham or Jesus, or the reincarnated Mohammed – sent from God to save the archetypal human evolution. How would your reaction be? I doubt that there are people that would want to explore if it’s true; and in case it is true, to learn from this man. Above that to find out the truth one must learn a lot, and grow psychologically and spiritually up to complete wholeness and fulfillment.

Nevertheless, the age-old religious power fight about who were in the past and who are today the chosen folk (from God) is unveiled and could be resolved within 25 years. We can call this the “Millennium Salvation”.

But people don’t want to know and to explore the lies, cheats and all the hidden evil worlds. They don’t want to learn for themselves, for the future generations, and for a better world. They prefer lies, life lies, falseness, cynicism, laziness, misery, despair, injustice, brainwash, wars, contamination, the destruction of the planet and the human evolution.

Difficult truth: “Deicide” means “killing God” through the total destruction of the planet and the human evolution as a revenge for the lost mission. It shall also punish the thefts. It’s also a self-punishment to avoid uncovering all the holy lies and fabrications since ages with all the religious robberies and killing. Today politics is the tool for final deicide!

There are a thousand and more experts that say, that humanity will suffer already in 20 years immeasurable disasters. We can add 10,000 and more facts which lead through their dynamics and momentum to the same conclusion. There is obviously nothing that can hinder such disasters – at least today unknown. Could a new Prophet help us to get out of this mess? He should have something in his “marvel box” that is stronger than all nuclear bombs together. What could that be? Money? Power? Influence? Extra-sensorial forces? We assume he only has his words. But what words could have such immeasurable ‘mighty’ effects?

The Schellhammer Institute has the “roadmap 25Y” to find back to the archetypal (genuine) human evolution.