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From the Seat of the Holy Grail: Periodic ‘Messages for Leaders and the People


Must deliver “Critical Thinking and Questioning”. Must focus on: “a new humanity in peace”. Must offer substantial solutions. Must promote archetypal human development. Must provide explanations of the criticalities. Must promote meaning and genuine human values. Must discuss human factors. Must document and promote investigations. Must address key criticalities. Must present strategic thinking about solutions. Must demonstrate “critical analysis”. Must clarify the depths of meaning in life. Must justify the goals of the development. Must show the complexities of ‘human-nature’. Must be “nurturing” from prenatal to old age. Must discuss love, care, protection, responsibility, etc. Must promote global solidarity for a new world. Must critically unveil the destruction of the planet (with facts). Must denounce grievances (nature, social, poverty, stupidity, etc.). Must promote comprehensible “spirituality”, not delusions. Must document and denounce “negative externalities” (globally). Must discuss and explore new ways of living (lifestyles). Must promote evolutionary education at all levels. Must create awareness and responsibility about the rich inner world all humans have. Must provide elements for a new global public education Must critically examine academic education (social sciences). Must intelligently and creatively argue “objectives”. Must unify the world in the solidarity for a relative global balance. Must unify all leaders in the responsibility for the collective archetypal human development as the supreme aim of human fulfilment.

21.8. The ‘Seat of the Holy Grail’ declares in its forum that the ‘Lockdown and Pandemic Declaration’ together with the political lies, fabrications, insane measures, psychological damages on the people, and the malmanagement of the working world up to today and to expect continuing during the following years, even decades, will produce in the long-term far more economic and human damages than the Second World War. This is the worst and most perverse global political acting, together with the mass media, humanity has ever experienced in its history. It will be forever in the book of Humanity’s history.

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  1. “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
    Quote: “The Lord of the Rings” JRR.Tolkien

  2. 7.10.20: Just a quick reminder or correction: The ominous PCR test merely displays various fragments of other viruses and C-viruses. It certainly doesn’t show illness, infections or progression of disease.
    What really happens, what impacts have been taken against fundamental rights, freedom, integrity, democracy, culture, identity and sovereignty provided by the state against citizens; how many people suffer by the governments interventions and died by psychological terror and violence? Is this statistically, economically measured or discussed by media and politicians?
    Not to mention the high velocity economy and therefore the future is driven against the wall (2. wave)?
    The signs are in general the same as 1929 – 1945, economy crash and stock market crash, mass unemployment, dictatorship, social deprivation, currency devaluation, hunger, disorientation, illnesses, dead.
    Those who sleep during democracy, wake up in war!!!

  3. Why do we believe in Politics, Sciences, Economic Studies etc. without reflecting?
    Why do we not search for the real truth?
    Every individual human being can think, feel, reflect and dream about essential realities.
    You and I can take our life in our hands, with reflecting, feeling and dreaming about, what is really important in the inner and outer life.
    So, we do not have to believe blindly in institutions, sciences and authorities.
    You and I can change our life concentrating us on our inner experiences and dreams.
    You and I can meditate about critical issues to find an essential answer for our life on this earth.
    So, you and I can begin to create a living space for real evolutionary human life on earth for us and the future generations.

  4. In 2019, a total of 6.3 million children under the age of 5 died. If we set the age up to 12 years old, then we can estimate that 8 to 10 million children died this year. If we raise the age limit up to the age of 14, then there would probably have been up to 12 million deaths (babies, toddlers, children, adolescents). Has anyone ever bothered? Does this bother anyone today in 2020 compared to Covid-19 with around 1.2m deaths (a majority not even Covid-19-proven deaths) versus around a world population of 8 billion people. Unicef also says: “Without stepped-up measures, an additional 56 million children under five will die between now (2020) and 2030 – half of them new-borns”. According to the comparison, we have to add another 15-25 million child deaths calculated up to age 14 (as estimated here hypothetically); e.g. in total there are about 75 million dead babies, children, toddlers, adolescents up to the age of 14 during one decade. Does anyone care? Seen in this context, the Covid-19 story with all the dramas, hypes, and lies seems to be pure hypocrisy.

  5. Aren’t all the measures, limitations, prohibitions, scientific studies, vaccinations in relation to the corona pandemic a sign of helplessness, impotence and excessive demands because neither the politians, nor the scientists, nor the economists know what a human essentially needs for a qualitive good life?

  6. This is the Covid-19 lie with a classical example: End of January (WINTER!) governments declare: “The incidence rate of infection these days has gone over 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants in OUR TOWN, which is forcing the closure of all non-essential businesses”. Comment: Throughout Europe, during the winter until April an estimated 20,000 up to 40,000 or even more people (of 100,000) get the flu, some recover in 3 days, others take 1 week, some even 3 or 4 weeks, or, in case of a strong flu, some may be ill for more than one month. Some people get a light or heavy flu in March or April, even in May; others already in September. There are always also some deaths to mourn, preponderantly but not exclusively elderly people with previous health problems. Therefore, for decades, no government identified a pandemic issue nor a lockdown requirement, which means extreme restrictions, heavy emotional and economic damages. Now, do you get the lie? Global statistics have eliminated the term “flu”, used since centuries, and use now the term “Covid-19”, which practically has the same symptoms. Even people with lowest mental capacities should be able to understand the scam about the emotional and magic mask efficiency with all the humiliating side-effects, which prepares people for century long slavery to come. Stupidity, gullibility, naivity, and laziness allow the government to enslave all people with a simple scam. The same is true with religion. It is the result of the masses that never wanted to critically think or to ask questions, but always splendid and soulless delusions.


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